Lost Ogle Fall Trivia League starts this week!

Attention nerds, brainiacs, alcoholics, geeks, elitists and those arrogant SOBs that think they’re smarter than everyone else – the $1,500 Lost Ogle Fall Trivia* League presented by Anthem Brewing starts this week!

Before we get to that, here’s a photo of the champions from our Summer Trivia League – Angela Merkel’s Boner:

Okay, that’s actually a stock photo that I chose for marketing purposes. Here’s the real team photo:

See why I chose the stock one?

Anyway, in its simplest, least-confusing form, The Lost Ogle Trivia League is basically a loyalty-rewards program. Play trivia, and your team gets points. After 12 weeks, the 15 teams with most league points – plus three wild card drawing winners – earn an invite to a special $1,500 Championship Match that will be played in December at Top Golf.

“That sounds awesome, Patrick! But tell me – where can my friends and I play Lost Ogle trivia?”

Funny you should ask, Internet Reader! We now host six trivia nights a week across the North OKC metro!

Here’s our weekly schedule:

• Tuesdays: Top Golf at 7pm; Fassler Hall at 8pm
• Wednesdays: Cock O’ The Walk at 8pm
• Thursdays: McNellies at 8pm; Anchor Down at 8pm
• Fridays: Buffalo Wild Wings at 9pm

Here’s a fun fact – We give out over $400 in prizes and gift cards each week! Plus, Anthem will be on hand at some of our trivia nights this fall to give away swag, gear, glassware, brewery tours and other fun stuff. Follow @LostOgleTrivia on Twitter to get more details!

If you’re a regular Lost Ogle trivia player, or thinking about becoming one for league purposes, you probably have some questions, like…

How Long is the League Qualifying Period? It runs for 12 weeks from September 10th through November 30th.

How does my team earn and accrue league points?

Teams can earn points in the following ways:

• Play any trivia night: 1 point
• Finish in top half at any trivia night: 1 point
• Finish in 2nd place at any trivia night: 2 points
• Finish in 1st place at any trivia night: 3 points

Can the same team play at multiple venues? Yes, teams can play and accrue qualifying points at any trivia venue. The more you play, the more points you get!

How do you track qualifying points? You’ll need to register a League Name for your team, and then submit it to your host each week, so we can track it.

What are the Champions Match Prizes? It will be a 50/50 split of Cash and House Cash from Lost Ogle trivia venues and sponsors: First Place: $600; Second: $450; Third: $300; Fourth: $150.

How many players can be on a team in the Champions Match? Teams are only allowed six players for the Champions Match.

I have other questions! Ask your hosts when you come play trivia night!

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  1. Twitter link broken…

  2. Angela Merkel’s Boner – little wonder they won. Looks like a team of wizards.

  3. “See why I chose the stock one?” Yes

  4. looks like a sausage fest!!! no thanks

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