Oklahoma Congressional Candidate Mad About “Disgusting” Billboard That Promotes Islam

Last night, an Ogle Mole alerted us to a Facebook post by Oklahoma 5th Congressional District Candidate Michael Ballard. He’s a Derplahoman Republican from Tecumseh who’s apparently running on the traditional Oklahoma conservative platform of hate, hypocrisy and intolerance.

Check it out:

Yep, he thinks a billboard promoting a faith is disgusting. Considering all the Christian churches in this state that advertise on billboards, he must dry heave whenever driving down the highway!

Actually, I doubt Ballard has a problem with Christian churches advertising on billboards. More than likely, he’s just a small-minded, freedom-loving, anti-Muslim bigot who can’t stand to see followers of another religion practice the very same religious rights and freedoms most Christians have been afforded for centuries. It’s what we call around here the Derplahoman Double Standard! I’ve lived here my entire life and I’m pretty used to it.

That being said, do people like Ballard not realize how shit like this makes them look like stupid hypocritical idiots?

Even I – an agnostic atheist* who thinks all the religions in the history of human civilization are equally absurd, silly and dangerous – think humans should be allowed to freely express, follow and promote whatever religion or beliefs or myths that have been hammered into their head as true since they were impressionable young children, no matter how unbelievable or outlandish those beliefs are.

I feel that way whenever a person with a LifeChuch.TV sticker on their back car window cuts me off in traffic, and I feel that way whenever I drive by a rare billboard that goes against the grain, and promotes a different religion that is routinely vilified by people who promote the more mainstream and accepted version of God.

Naturally, Ballard’s post was filled with scores and scores of funny-if-they-weren’t true comments from angry Derplahomans who, being so blinded by their own religious indoctrination that they can’t see their own hypocrisy, couldn’t believe that a rival faith had the audacity to do what Christians do all the time and pay an advertising company money to try and recruit new members.

In the old days, I’d usually take screenshots of some of the more outlandish comments, make fun of the authors, and get a good hate-laugh out of it, but in 2019, what’s the point, especially when I have a lot of shit to do today. So if you want to kill some time, and maybe argue with an irrational Derplahoman who doesn’t have the ability to see your point, feel free to stop by Ballard’s Facebook page and leave a comment.

*Sure, there may be some higher power or collective consciousness out there controlling everything that happens in our infinite universes, and for some reason judging the actions and moral standards of a select group of carbon-based mammals on a rocky planet in one of the one-hundred-billion galaxies in the universe, but if there is, he / she / they – I’m not sure how God identifies – is way beyond our imbecilic understanding.

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63 Responses

  1. What a Jackhole.

  2. Can we talk about the billboard on the east side of 235 about a mile south of there that has a picture of a 6 month old baby with the caption “I could hear at 16 weeks?”

    Because the propagation of unscientific bullshit offends my sensibilities.

    1. https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/pregnancy-week-by-week/in-depth/fetal-development/art-20046151

      “Eighteen weeks into your pregnancy, or 16 weeks after conception, your baby’s ears begin to stand out on the sides of his or her head. Your baby might begin to hear. The eyes are beginning to face forward. Your baby’s digestive system has started working.”

      Yeah, ya know that Mayo clinic, full of “unscientific bullshit”.

      1. “Begin to hear” not understand words. Which apparently you can’t either.

        1. Yeah, that one’s a loser.

          “Can we talk about the billboard on the east side of 235 about a mile south of there that has a picture of a 6 month old baby with the caption “I could hear at 16 weeks?””

          Please tell me what part of your statement I’m missing? At no point does the billboard or your statement say anything about “understanding words”.
          Your guttural reaction to anything challenging you, must be clouding your sensibility. I’ll admit, I have difficulty understanding words that are omitted from a statement.

      2. Did vH overlook the word MIGHT? Oh – he did!

        The little brain MIGHT also be working out some mysteries in quantum theory. Who knows?

        1. I really don’t care about your feelings on the abortion issue, nor do I state any of my own. I simply point out that MH’s statement about “unscientific bullshit” is emotionally driven, hyperbole ( MH’s comments descend into a string of profane babble and personal attacks) , as is your typical and not unexpected response. If the evidence doesn’t alter your stance on abortion, so be it. It’s irrelevant to the point. The anti-abortion billboard to which MH refers is making a statement supported by unbiased (the Mayo clinic and others), 3rd party research. Choosing to ignore evidence you don’t like doesn’t make it go away. That’s called zealotry and is exactly what the purpose of the original post (Michael Ballard) is justly criticizing.

          1. Sometime (not here), I WOULD be interested in knowing your view of the ideal state of legal restrictions on abortions. None? Total? Mostly total with exceptions? Surgical vs. pharmaceutical? How late in term?

            Because some of the most hard-core abortion opponents are a lot more “flexible” than they like to admit.

            1. Just get rid of abortion clinics. I have no problem with a medical procedure whose necessity is decided by the dr and the patient, but the abortion industry that promotes it as an anonymous form of birth control. I think if you go to your primary care dr for an abortion he will inform you better of the medical issues and recomend alternative birth control.
              I think there are situations where abortion is a necessary evil and laws are clumsy devices.
              I just dont believe it should be used as birth control or celebrated.

    2. So your offended by promoting prolife and murdering babies which hearts are beating? There fore supporting planned parent hood who is being federally changed with crimes for saling baby parts for money? The same company that gave Dem Harris 81,000 for her campaign.at which point she ignored their crime and targeted the people investigating the company breaking the law? Wow, maybe we have stupid people running in OK because.of the stupid people in Oklahoma.

  3. Intolerance is why the Roman’s fed them to the lions.
    Apparently it did not work since 2000 years later they still consider themselves to be God’s chosen.
    Except God’s chosen people are the Jews.
    Yep,the people who do not believe Jesus was the earthly incarnation of God.
    It would be the colossal joke of all time if the ignorance was not one of the great human tragedies.
    But,Republicans,what can you do?

  4. This spineless, cockless, flaming pile of horseshit blocked me on social media in under 2 minutes for commenting “thank you for reminding me to set up a max monthly reoccurring donation to Kendra Horn”

  5. “Freedom of religion is wrong! Vote for me!” Perfect slogan in this effing state.

  6. “Might begin to here”



    1. lovely

    2. At what point do you believe that the ears begin to work (Hear?)…Birth?

      I make a reasonable deduction that when the ears develop…They work.

      1. I can tell you when they STOP working very well!!!!

    3. *hear

      1. and try some goddamn decaf, for fuck’s sakes.

    4. You are off your meds again. You bi-polar people can’t seem to get your act together and KEEP it together!

  7. My husband thinks it is a conspiracy from the derplahomans to be able to identify and target people of other faiths…..In my head I read the and the fish from star wars started screaming at me…”Its a trap!”

    1. I agree with you, your husband, and Admiral Ackbar that this billboard could be a trap. Call the 877 number, and on the other end, get an operator that instead tells you all the evils of Islam and why Evangelical Christianity (and as a bonus, Donald Trump) is so much better for you.

      1. I actually called the number (877-949-4752) and listened their spiel. It sounded legit to me – I heard nothing critical of Islam at all – only basic info that I believe to be accurate about some of the more benign beliefs of Islam. Nothing about jihad, infidels, virgins for martyrs, and the other distortions often claimed by the likes of Ballard.

        I would not have been surprised to find that the billboard WAS a false-flag trap, perhaps paid for by Ballard’s campaign, to help him introduce itself to voters as a good ol’ Christian culture warrior. We Okies love to elect that kind of guy, right?

        Wonder if Ballard has any more sensible issues to campaign about. Transgender bathroom issues, perhaps

  8. This is what they want to put against Kendra? Hard pass.

  9. On his website, Michael Ballard claims to be a “True Constitutional Conservative Republican.” He also states “I will always defend peaceful religious beliefs, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for all citizens.”

    Now since freedom of religion and freedom of speech is in the Bill of Rights, what is the point of him announcing he is “beyond disgusted” about a billboard? I thought he said he would defend peaceful religious beliefs?

    Freedom comes in many costs, and one of the easiest to pay is in being tolerant of other people’s beliefs and opinions. I’m not saying you have to agree, but you should at least be willing to listen. Everybody should listen to opposing views, but someone who is running for public office, this is even more critical.

    If this billboard sets this guy off, he is unfit for public office, as how could he bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution? That is part of the oath he would take on becoming a Congressman.

    This guy isn’t alone, both the left and the right have some nutjobs, but somewhere in the middle we can all live together. We just need to stop electing extreme candidates on either side, they don’t cancel each other out, they just create more problems and division. This “Oklahoma Standard” has really corrupted the political process. A “conservative” in any other state would probably be considered a liberal in Oklahoma. Keep convincing nuts like this to run for office, and Kendra Horn can keep her office until the end of time.

    Steve Russell was anointed by the party, but the district went with moderate Kendra Horn. Perhaps voters were “offended” by Steve Russell. Horn couldn’t have won had not a lot of registered Republicans voted for her. Those running the Republican party in Oklahoma just haven’t seem to figure that out yet, and need to modify the “Oklahoma Standard” with some moderates, or they will soon be the minority party. This will of course change in the next purge when the Oklahoma Democrats get as arrogant as the Fallin and current regime.

    1. Very intelligent post, rare for this site….

    2. You know “Former” that lots of us really are “Centrists.” Over 60% nationwide. It’s just that every time you make a Centrist sound you get attacked by either the crazy right or the crazy left and it’s the crazy end of both parties that command the attention of the press. Crazy sells.
      Driving a Dodge and picking up dog shit in the back yard just doesn’t cut it anymore.

  10. Just as with the Bible, these self-righteous hypocrites pick and choose the parts of the Constitution they like and ignore the rest. What First Amendment?

  11. maybe it was an emotional reaction to the images he saw of 9/11 yesterday.
    I know a lot of people who still harbor some bad feelings about losing loves ones and would probably have an equally visceral reaction to seeing the large ISLAM sign on the anniversary of their deaths.

    not defending the guy – I don’t know him – just a thought about the timing of his post.

    1. I am one who still “harbors some bad feelings” about 9/11. But it never has occurred to me to blame all of Islam for it. Even George W. Bush felt like me, in spite of some of his very dubious subsequent actions.

      Ballard is a bigoted jerk.

    2. Thank you people everywhere should take note of when the billboard appeared. It’s sad that all these years later their religion is accepted and everyone else is an infidel I guess even to people that don’t support religion they support Mohammad. Christians have had religious freedom here because it was protected from day 1. Today we watch Christians all over the world tortured, beheaded, and set on fire. Let’s avoid that peaceful practice here is all he’s probably saying and why on the Anniversary of 9/11. I’m guess ogle was a child when it happened and can’t remember how our nation was rocked off its feet that day.
      I’m fine with them celebrating however they choose as long as they allow others in America to live how they choose and not expect us to change our way of life for them.

      1. GreenB, don’t act so superior. Don’t many Christians believe that only their sect is “saved,” and that everyone else is going to hell?

        Haven’t Christians tortured, beheaded, and set on fire those they considered heretics or “infidels”? Why yes, they have, and not so long ago.

        1. Christians have always treated everyone with respect and have never taken advantage of any perceived “heathen” , ever. Just ask the Indians.
          Signed: donald trump Jr.
          Attest: Soapy Smith

      2. You evidently went to school in Oklahoma because it is impossible to determine exactly what you are saying. However, your most unambiguous six words are “Christians have had religious freedom here.” Do you really mean that only Christians have religious freedom? Have you ever read the Constitution? Do you even know what America stands for or why it was founded? ” I’m guess ” you missed class that day.

        1. To GreenB…..exactly how much $$ were you soaked for, to attend the Donald J. Trump School of Critical Thinking? And, did you ever get a refund? (Answer: no.) I even tried running your comment thru an online Vulcan translator site….it caught fire.

        2. Most Oklahomans attend school at “Epic Charter Schools” and move on for their MBA at Trump University.

      3. I’ve seen that billboard (or an identical one) for months now on 235, so I really doubt this one went up on 9/11.

        Muslims all over the world are tortured as well, and in some countries it’s Christians doing the torturing. All religions have angry and violent zealots. Christians have a very long history of committing atrocities in the name of religion as well. What we don’t do is automatically write an entire religious group off because some people are violent. If we did, there wouldn’t be any religions allowed at all.

        Christians don’t have religious freedom because they were here on day 1. They have it because the constitution grants freedom of religion, not freedom of Christianity. It’s not up to you and other Christians to determine what counts as a religion and what doesn’t.

        Everything you have said is wrong.

  12. Anybody ask him to specify what is disgusting? Give him a chance to express his racist bigotry and willingness to defy a defining principle on which this country was founded.


  14. Islam is a religion of peace, kindness and tolerance. Be-headings and terrorism are only minor inconveniences that we must put up with…..those and little things like flying airplanes into buildings and killing thousands of citizens. We should welcome them with open arms. All they want to do is be accepted for who they are and not assimilate into American society.

    What the hell is wrong with you deplorables?

    1. If you’re going there, then let’s judge Christianity by the Crusades. Nothing like a little rape, torture and murder for JC.

    2. Or dropping atomic bombs on civilian targets.

    3. You may want to doddle on over to the memorial in OKC…

      1. WHAT????

    4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord%27s_Resistance_Army

      We don’t judge entire religious groups because of the actions of overly violent zealots.

    5. Say what you want Mike but Muslims understand math: Bin Laden spends a few million $ and a 20 some souls and the U.S. spends God knows how many trillions of $ and lives trying to beat back a religious ideology. Our lesson learned you ask?
      A few folks spend a million $ on a few drones and donald says “we’re locked and loaded.” Here we fucking go again. Sure hope none of your kids are within 20 years of reaching military age cause if they are you’re in trouble. My last one graduated in 2002 and almost joined to go to Afghanistan. We’re still there and there’s more Taliban than when we arrived.
      This America, love it or leave it mentality combined with the propaganda of our “homeland” being attacked by a religious ideology with no Air Force is the work of madmen.

  15. Shame on you, Mike. You know better.

    1. Yeah, but I like to stir the pot a little.

      Listen up all you Islamic Muslims – why don’t you folks come on out to The Kings of Leon Concert in Scissortail Park in a few weeks and blend in with the fun times being had by all. I do think you folks will find the celebration to your liking.

      1. Tell me Mike, since you’re so fucking smart, are there Muslims who aren’t Islamic?

        1. Brian ………..Brian Bates, is that you again. Get back to your John TV and focus on the the things you know something about – you know perfectly well what I’m talking about. Good to hear from you though as I thought you were dead (maybe just between the ears!)

          Ta answer your specific question, the answer is yes and no. but is to complicated to explain to an idiot such as yourself. Nonetheless, thanks for the compliment – much appreciated.

          1. I’m listening Mikey. Impart your knowledge. Are there Muslims who aren’t Islamic? If you don’t we will all know who the idiot is. Put up or shut the fuck up.
            By he way, why do you know so much about what goes on on South Robinson?

            1. There are Muslims who are not Islamic, but it is a complex and dangerous situation for them. That is why I stated it is a yes and no answer.o your question.. It is a complex question with complex answers . Do some research for yourself. This is NOT the place to kick the issue about.

              Having said that, I know a Christian missionary who has served in the Middle East over 20 years (a dangerous endeavor that you would no nothing about). Muslims who are not Islamic are in constant danger of being killed as are their families and as are missionaries in the area. You do know that Christians in the Middle East are being exterminated, don’t you?
              You can research this yourself and learn about same. I will not argue on the Lost Ogle with an idiot such as yourself who delights in denigrating others but I will call you what you are -AN IDIOT who “thinks” he is smarter than the rest of us. In other words, I do not turn the other cheek , rather I respond in kind.

              Anyone who lives in , or has lived, in the OKC area knows what goes on on South Robinson from those such as yourself. You have done a fine job with your Video Vigilante work and are to be condemned -whoops, commended – for bringing the salacious aspects from your namesake to the general public.

      2. Ah yes, all the good ol boys will point those Aks and ARs in the air and let loose a few thousand rounds in celebration of our glorious leaders! Everyone will feel right at home.

  16. By the time the Republican primary for the 5th district rolls around next year hopefully there will be a dozen or so wannabes running to take on Congresswoman Horn in November.

    I say hopefully because that will force a runoff between Senator Bice and Biznesswoman Neese where they’ll blow through big bucks trying to out-conservative each other to get the nomination. Then the survivor of that goat rope will say she didn’t really mean all of the claptrap she promised to be nominated but she still supports President Trump who reminds everybody he DOES still support all that claptrap.

    Then the voters of the 5th district will display their flexibility by keeping both Trump and Horn in office but only Horn will be around in an elected position in 2021 going forward.

    Trump? He gets beat by any one of five or six leading Democrats because (a) he never wanted the job in the first place and has showed it; (b) he has worked hard to alienate almost every segment of America’s society; (3) he cannot learn because he thinks he knows everything already and thus does not listen to anyone; and (d) he treated the most important job in the world just like all the others he’s had – transitory, part time and as a profit center for himself and his family members.

    Our current joker-in-chief has maxed out the usefulness of The Presidency for all things Trump so why would he want to stay longer? And once he’s gone try to find a single Republican senator who will say anything good about him. You won’t be able to because they too are just enamored with their own title, not the possibility it offers to make a positive difference for the common folks they represent.

    Now say the name Henry Bellmon and what comes into your mind? Now do the same with Jim Inhofe and James Lankford?

    See the difference? I knew you would.

  17. Not all Christians. I’m super exhausted that people feel like they have to tear down Christians to defend Muslims, with whom a lot of us Christians feel a kinship with. Also, the whole “ Life Church/Fish bumper sticker cutting me off in traffic” trope is old. Find a better way of saying us Christians are only human. I love Muslims, I’m pro choice and as left as you can get. And I love the Lord.

    1. Peace be unto you bro.

      But honestly I just gotta ask… like when people rag on Muslims for being terrorists and then someone points out that there are a billion Muslims and only some thousands of them are terrorists it begs the question, “why don’t the majority of peaceful Muslims do something about the radical ones?”

      Same goes for Christians. Folks like you, liberal lovers of Jebus, have an inherent responsibility to defend your faith from the TV evangelists, LGBT haters and other assorted nutbags doing harm to the world in the name of ‘God’. Don’t you think?

      I mean I’d do it myself but like Patrick I’m an atheist and they won’t listen to me.

      1. The honest answer is, a lot of them do (both to the Christian and Muslim answer). They denounce their points of view, they counter protest, they do sign up to oppose them if their violent.

        But radicals get more attention than non-radicals in every situation, and if people like you and Ballard never care to listen to them, then non-radicals aren’t going to be heard.

    2. Carrot great points all and most people are happy for those who find a way to make it through the day without sex, drugs, or rock and roll.
      That being said the only thing I argue with is the fact that I’ve never banged on your door to try to instill in your family the virtues of pot. Nor have I ever seen a giant 200 ft. joint next to I 35 and come to think of it I’ve never even seen a 200 ft fifth of Vodka either? Why would that be?

  18. There are about 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. A small extremist sect commits terrorist acts. By your logic, all Christians should be held responsible for the acts of David Koresh, Anders Brievik (Norwegian mass shooter who murdered 77 people in the name of fundamentalist Christianity) and the FDLS Mormon sects that abuse underage girls. Seriously, your xenophobia and ignorance of history and just general literacy on what goes on outside your tiny bubble in the world is stunning.

  19. RichM Jebus? Really? So how are you any better than Ballard for marginalizing and ridiculing my faith? I won’t dignify the rest of your islamophobic and otherwise insulting post with a response. Sad.

  20. HOLY SHIITE!!!!

    1. As Larry the Cable Guy said, “I don’t care who you are, that’s damn funny”!

  21. My favorite part of this whole thing is the candidate photo, which looks like it was taken from a high school yearbook circa 1965. Did he borrow his dad’s suit?

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