Oklahoma Congressional Candidate Mad About “Disgusting” Billboard That Promotes Islam

Last night, an Ogle Mole alerted us to a Facebook post by Oklahoma 5th Congressional District Candidate Michael Ballard. He’s a Derplahoman Republican from Tecumseh who’s apparently running on the traditional Oklahoma conservative platform of hate, hypocrisy and intolerance.

Check it out:

Yep, he thinks a billboard promoting a faith is disgusting. Considering all the Christian churches in this state that advertise on billboards, he must dry heave whenever driving down the highway!

Actually, I doubt Ballard has a problem with Christian churches advertising on billboards. More than likely, he’s just a small-minded, freedom-loving, anti-Muslim bigot who can’t stand to see followers of another religion practice the very same religious rights and freedoms most Christians have been afforded for centuries. It’s what we call around here the Derplahoman Double Standard! I’ve lived here my entire life and I’m pretty used to it.

That being said, do people like Ballard not realize how shit like this makes them look like stupid hypocritical idiots?

Even I – an agnostic atheist* who thinks all the religions in the history of human civilization are equally absurd, silly and dangerous – think humans should be allowed to freely express, follow and promote whatever religion or beliefs or myths that have been hammered into their head as true since they were impressionable young children, no matter how unbelievable or outlandish those beliefs are.

I feel that way whenever a person with a LifeChuch.TV sticker on their back car window cuts me off in traffic, and I feel that way whenever I drive by a rare billboard that goes against the grain, and promotes a different religion that is routinely vilified by people who promote the more mainstream and accepted version of God.

Naturally, Ballard’s post was filled with scores and scores of funny-if-they-weren’t true comments from angry Derplahomans who, being so blinded by their own religious indoctrination that they can’t see their own hypocrisy, couldn’t believe that a rival faith had the audacity to do what Christians do all the time and pay an advertising company money to try and recruit new members.

In the old days, I’d usually take screenshots of some of the more outlandish comments, make fun of the authors, and get a good hate-laugh out of it, but in 2019, what’s the point, especially when I have a lot of shit to do today. So if you want to kill some time, and maybe argue with an irrational Derplahoman who doesn’t have the ability to see your point, feel free to stop by Ballard’s Facebook page and leave a comment.

*Sure, there may be some higher power or collective consciousness out there controlling everything that happens in our infinite universes, and for some reason judging the actions and moral standards of a select group of carbon-based mammals on a rocky planet in one of the one-hundred-billion galaxies in the universe, but if there is, he / she / they – I’m not sure how God identifies – is way beyond our imbecilic understanding.