McIntyre Law Lip-Synch Video Ignites Controversy With OU Sensitivity Police

Last week, the OU College of Law held its annual “OU Giving Day” fundraiser – a “campus-wide campaign that provides direct funding to OU Law’s general fund and annual giving societies.” In an effort to help raise money and awareness for the event, OU law students, alumni and faculty were encouraged to share awful, semi-embarrassing lip-synching videos on […]

8 Things you experience at every Oklahoma country music concert

As I’ve said before, growing up in Elk City, America I was surrounded by the cowboy culture. Even though I’ve never considered myself to be as “country western” as a lot of my friends, or even my sister, I’ve always enjoyed the music I grew up listening to. This weekend, I had the privilege of […]

Close Encounters: Okie Bloggers Head to Alienfest (Formerly Storm Area 51)

America is in an absolute state of turmoil. Undocumented immigrants are being indefinitely detained, it’s punishable with jail time to protest pipelines, and heavy-duty guns are killing our children in record numbers; so what are the people with the most power in the United States—white people—going to do about it? Storm the fuck out of […]

Former CEO of Oklahoma company accused of bribing a FEMA director…

One of the first lessons my emergency management professor taught our class was the importance of making connections in the field. She explained that it is impossible for cities to be completely prepared for every disaster. So it’s best that emergency management specialists build rapport with administrators of other agencies in many different districts, so […]