Outdated blood drive rules refuse gay male students at OCCC

If you ever participated in a blood drive, or were foolish enough to give them an email, then you understand that these places are in constant need of blood. They’re the only organization willing to give people free food or an oversized t-shirt in exchange for your life-force. Yet they serve a need to help those in dire straits; an effort most can get behind.

Unfortunately, there are a few outdated rules that have limited some willing to give.

Via OCCC Pioneer:

During a recent blood drive on campus, gay sexually active males were barred from donating blood  because of what some call an outdated policy of the federal Food and Drug Administration. 

They were also barred from earning prizes that all other students allowed to donate were awarded. 

The Oklahoma Blood Institute hosted the drive, Aug. 27 and 28 in the General Dining area and gave away incentives for donating, such as T-shirts, Whataburger coupons, and entries into a raffle for tickets to a theme park. The blood drive was open to anyone willing to donate.

Well…clearly not.

I never thought that a medical service could be less woke in this post-modern, PC world.

According to the Oklahoma Blood Institute, their rules dictate that a gay male who has been sexually active over the past 12 months cannot donate blood. A rule so stuck in the 1980’s or the 1990’s should not be the standard. This would be like saying fanny packs are the high point of fashion.

Here’s more:

The policy is in place to reduce the risk of HIV and other virus transmission through donated blood, even though blood from all persons is screened for HIV. 

OCCC donors were required to complete a questionnaire before they could donate blood and receive the prizes. Any male students who indicated they had engaged in sex with another male in the last 12 months were turned away. 

Horne said being refused the opportunity to give life-saving blood can be harmful to students or others who may just be coming to terms with their sexuality. 

So you can accept gay blood only if they’re virgins? Is OBI operated by druids or something? I understand wanting to limit the transfer of HIV and perhaps there’s a cost to testing all the blood for the virus, but at last check, I think anyone can have HIV or any other sort of blood disease regardless of sexual orientation.