Hobbity YouTube Provocateur Disturbs Sleepy OKC Cop…

By now you’ve probably seen the countless generic fluff-piece stories from all the inspirational local news joints regarding the OKCPD officer who was caught “asleep on the job.” Here’s the video:

Now, I’ve never been one to be entirely behind the blue as a general statement, as there are many issues with our country’s overzealous law enforcement industrial complex, but this entire incident is just fucking stupid.

In case you didn’t know, the wannabe “journalist” who captured this earth shattering scene, isn’t new to stirring up issues with local law enforcement, nor does he show any indication of stopping.

In fact, the hobbitty provocateur who filmed the video, Patrick Roth, does shit like this all the time. He buddies up with the guy who take guns to parks, visits public facilities around the country, and stirs up shit to make himself a victim for his shittily edited Youtube channel because that’s his right. Don’t believe me? Just try to watch some cringe-inducing encounters he has, for some poorly thought out reason, decided to share with the public. Here’s one he uploaded a day or two ago:

Now we’ve established the lack of credibility of the guy who sounds like Dan the High Talker from Seinfeld and the ham-boned reactions he flings out at the drop of a hat. With that being said, let’s look at what did transpire.

This officer wasn’t even on-duty at the time; he was working a side-gig as a security guard.

As we all know, regardless of our beliefs and support for them, police officers work a ton of hours. It’s the nature of the job. Now on top of that, they aren’t paid especially great. I’m paid less than them by far but, much like them, I moonlight and have a side-hustle to make ends meet. It is exhausting mentally and physically for me, and I don’t even have one tenth the risk and responsibility these officers do, so I can only IMAGINE what that sleep-deprivation must be like as an officer moonlighting a security gig.

He was working as a security guard for Embark. This is not exactly high-danger, high-suspense or even high-activity filled. It, I’m boldly and correctly assuming, mainly entails sitting and watching.

With that being said, no shit he fell asleep. I think we’ve all watched enough heist movies to know that security guards sleep on the job. Why do you think the dwarves put Sleepy in charge of guarding Snow White’s treasure? On top of that, I’d wager that almost all of us have at least once fallen asleep at our second jobs. Shit, I’m sleeping now. It’s what happens to overworked humans.

Now imagine being a sleep-deprived human being awakened by a real-life Gremlin banging on your window with a camera aimed at your face. Now imagine him escalating the conflict and acting in accordance with his height, which is to say he acted like a nine-year-old who NEEDED to tell the teacher on you. It’s absolutely absurd to witness this manlet blubbering on about how he was injured, manhandled and abused by this officer.

Frankly, you were being an asshole and, while I wasn’t there, I can assume based off your documented past incidents that you entirely deserved a little attitude adjustment.

In conclusion: I’m no Blues Lives Matter guy, but this isn’t a reason to lash out at this officer and attempt to remove him from his position. This is just another pathetic attempt by Patrick (not my boss Patrick, who runs this site) to attain relevance in a world where neither his brawn nor his brain were sufficient to allow him to become anything more useful than the cockroach he is, which ironically enough, does kind of describe my boss Patrick.

And that’s all I have to say about that.