7 Reasons to Go to Midtown Oktoberfest

Prost Maulwürfe!

This weekend, our friends at Fassler Hall are back with their huge Oktoberfest-themed party in Midtown. It’s creatively called Midtown Oktoberfest.

The FREE – yes, FREE – three-day event will take place October 4th, 5th and 6th underneath a huge tent outside of Fassler Hall’s Midtown location. It will have all the stuff you look for in Oktoberfest: German cuisine, giant liters of Oktoberfest beers, stein-holding and best-dressed contests, live German music, intoxicated people, hot girls in beer maiden outfits, etc. There’s even a Dachshund Race on Saturday!

Because we never turn down the opportunity to have a party, write a list or make a client happy, we thought it would be fun to list seven reasons you should go to Midtown Oktoberfest!

1. German Food

Ready for a sausage party? Fassler Hall is building a full-sized outdoor kitchen and serving Bavarian faves – including house-made bratwurst & sausage, schnitzel and pretzels. They’ll also have turkey legs and other Fassler Hall menu items, like duck fat fries. They’ll make you go quack!

2. Lots and lots and lots and lots of beer

Midtown Oktoberfest will feature 30+ beers on tap, including German import, American craft and other Oktoberfest classics. They may even have easy-to-drink brews like Miller & Coors. And be sure to drink them in your limited edition commemorative stein (while supplies last).

3. Dachshund Race

Life is better with dogs, beer and fresh air. Imagine how great it will be to have a belly full of beer, watching those adorable little wiener dogs run their hearts out in the Dachshund Race around 2 p.m. Saturday! To sign up, email Chad or stop by the registration table by the stage Saturday at 1:30 p.m.

Do weiner dog, no problem! Bring leashed pets of all breeds to party under the gigantic tent with our friends at Oklahoma Humane Society, who will receive a portion of event proceeds. If you have a mullet, you’re also allowed to bring a ferret, but, sadly, there will not be a Ferret Race this year.

4. Fun and Games

From Corn Hole and Giant Jenga with friends, to Stein hoisting, a Dachshund Race and “best dressed” competitions for prizes, Midtown Oktoberfest will have a slew of games and activities to keep you entertained between beers and bratwursts.

5. Great View

Rain or shine, Midtown Oktoberfest will take place outside, to the north of Fassler Hall. We’re closing off a street and everything! Whether you’re outside the tent in the beer garten, or way up high on Fassler’s rooftop patio, the view is better than anything you’ll find in Choctaw or Tulsa.

6. Football

Fassler Hall knows where college football ranks on any good Oklahoman’s hierarchy of needs. As a result, they’re renting one of those huge trucks to air both the OU and OSU football games. Now you’ll have no excuse to bail on your friends.

7. German Music

Practicing your polka moves? Ready to do a little chicken dance? Midtown Oktoberfest will feature live German acts like the Bohemian Knights, Polkatron, Masopust Polka Band and The Polkatimers. That’s a lot of polka, my friends! We also tried to book Ramstein but they told us, Du Hast! Either way, be sure to give a Like and Follow to the Midtown Oktoberfest Facebook page for the schedule and latest info.

Fassler Hall is a TLO advertiser, and we’re happy to help them get the word out about Midtown Oktoberfest. 

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