Lost Ogle Trivia and Bingo comes to Plaza District!

Calling all fans of delicious burgers, drinks and trivial knowledge!

Starting next week, we are launching new Lost Ogle Team Trivia and Jackpot Bingo nights, presented by Anthem Brewing, at the comfortable and cozy New State Burgers in the Plaza District!

Here are the basic details for each event:

Lost Ogle Team Trivia • Monday Nights @ 7pm
Prizes: 1st Place – $50 House Cash; 2nd Place – $25 House Cash; 3rd Place – $10 House Cash

Lost Ogle Jackpot Bingo • Tuesday Nights @ 7pm
Tuesday Nights @ 7pm  •  New State Burger
Prizes: Free Food, Merchandise and House Cash. Jackpot: $250 cash (increases $10 a week until claimed. Then it resets back to $250.)

In case you don’t follow The Food Dude or date Greg Elwell, New State is one of the best new restaurants in town and has opened to great reviews. I’ve personally had lunch their several times, and even paid for it. That’s a sign I like it!

In addition to that, New State’s managing partner – Jay “Rearviewmirror” Iaquinta – was the M.O.D. that fateful night in 1999 when I was scammed out of $20 at Applebee’s! He was a cool boss. In fact, he once let me use his license to create a fake… You know what, I don’t want to incriminate anyone for crimes they may or may not have committed in the 1990s. Let’s just say Jay and I go way go way back!

As always, both trivia and bingo are free and fun to play. Trivia is a team based competition where you and your friends compete against other teams, while bingo is simply you, a bingo card and crayon competing against all other players.

And, of course, if Monday and Tuesday nights don’t fit into your schedule, we host trivia and bingo nights throughout the week at many other great restaurants. Come out and see us! Support local food, bingo and trivia!

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