Our Lawyers Have Hired KOCO Meteorologist Shelby Hays as Their New Marketing Director

Way back in 2008, when running and writing for this website was a hobby and still fun, we were contacted by a sleepy little law firm out of Edmond that wanted to advertise with us. That law firm was Evans & Davis, and they booked this beauty of an ad for the bargain bin price of only $100 a month.

The ad obviously paid off for the firm. A few months later, we hired them as our official attorneys of record. They helped set up our LLC, operating agreements, and corporate structure. They even asked us to bring Cardboard Jim to their now legendary Christmas parties!

Although we’ve had to occasionally hire other attorneys to help us with specialized matters, like the time we hired the copyright attorneys who specialize in copyright law at Dunlap Codding to defend us from Aaron Tuttle, or used the services of the ACLU in our lawsuits against Mary Fallin, Evans & Davis has always been a trusted legal advisor to The Lost Ogle, and in turn, we’ve been nice to them.

As a result, when I heard last week that the firm was hiring KOCO’s Shelby Hays to be their new marketing director, I decided to set on the story until it became official, and loose potentially thousands of pageviews from terrified KOCO viewers.

Check this out:

Yep, that’s right. The Lost Ogle’s attorneys have hired one of Gary England’s former severe weather babes as their Marketing Director. This world is way too small and weird and strange. Next week, expect Patricia’s to announce Lacey Swope as their new Director of PR.

But in all seriousness, this is cool news, and a smart decision by both parties. From what I’ve gathered, TV news is a terrible field to work, so you can’t blame Shelby for heading to the nearest corporate safe room. Plus, law firms are always looking to get a leg up on the competition, and the ability to provide potential clients and customers with accurate and detailed weather forecasts will help accomplish that.

“Mr. Gentry, would you like to stop by this Thursday at 9am to sign the documents?”

“Sure thing, I’ll put it on my calendar.”

“Great! And just so you know, it may be a bit chilly in the morning with a chance of showers, so don’t forget that raincoat!”

Anyway, I’m not 100% sure how this will affect Damon Lane and the KOCO Weather Team. It’s pretty much a requirement now that local TV news channels have at least one weather babe on staff to make their viewers feel sunshiney and happy in the morning, and I think we can all agree that Jonathan Condor is a bit too intense for that job.


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12 Responses

  1. Riveting…

  2. Shelby Hays always looked like she enjoyed being on TV about as much as animals enjoy the vet’s office, so I’m happy for her.

  3. She has always been more social mediaologist than meteorologist, so this should be a good fit. Congrats!

  4. Best to both Shelby Hays and Evans&Davis. They are a wonderful firm, and genuinely nice people.

  5. Appears they are already advertising for her replacement


    I’m sure she was very glad to leave that cesspool that is the OKC local TV market.

    1. Hear Hear!

  6. Fun. Kind of like the story about Ed shadid lawsuit on Channel 9 the other day. It featured my friend Ed, my lawyer buddy who represented me in my Supreme Court case, and Karl torp who did my Super Bowl sneak in the story in Jacksonville 13 years ago. Almost as cool as your story. I’m trying.

    1. I think my unicorn just shat itself.

  7. Gotta commend such journalistic restraint. Setting on such a story like this must have been unbelievably difficult.

  8. I love this article! This is seriously an enjoyable read. Thanks, Patrick. It’s good to see you getting back to your roots when this website was a fun little hobby and you focused positively on out local news people.

    I struggle with the following question: Is Shelby hot?…I say yes.

  9. good for shelby. don’t want ch 5 in the AM anymore since her exit. is she hot? she’s cute like your best guy-friend’s little sister…………………

  10. I loved Shelby Hays every morning! What a darling. But, Evans and Davis are our attorneys, too, so a great hire for them. We love Evans and Davis.

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