OU students ditch Pledge of Allegiance for the sake of wokeness

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…” You know the rest. It’s burned into our brains the minute we step into elementary school. We don’t think about the pledge much once we’re not required to recite it every morning. For some legislators-in-training, they never forgot. In the age of wokeness, […]

Local seafood restaurant shames woman for allegedly not paying her bill

We can go back and forth about whether or not internet outrage and shaming culture is a good thing. Personally, I think it does more good than bad, because if you’re not doing creepy/illegal/assholish things, there’s not much to worry about. But sometimes there’s a situation where someone didn’t do anything wrong and catches the […]

Oklahoma Lawmaker Rants About “Silly” Women Wanting to Go Topless…

The guy pictured above is Oklahoma State Rep Jim Olsen. Like most evangelical Oklahoma Republicans, he’s a churchy, tough-on-crime lawmaker from Sallisaw who apparently spends his afternoons thinking about topless women. We know this thanks to this Facebook post that’s been making the rounds in both the local left-wing and right-wing Oklahoma echo chambers. It […]

TLO Restaurant Review: Café Do Brasil

I recently had a successful brunch date at Café Do Brasil, 440 N.W. 11th—successful in that, when she excused herself to use the restroom, she didn’t make a run for it through the kitchen’s backdoor—and, even though I am, for the most part, against the aging hipster ritual of weekend brunch, it was a beautiful […]