City of Moore changes name of “Trail of Fears” Haunted House…

You would think that, in a state that houses the spirits and souls of the thousands of Indigenous people that were murdered by the U.S. Government on the Trail of Tears, Oklahoma would have far more respect for Natives and their history—at the very least, enough respect to never turn their agony and sorrow into a cheap Halloween scare-show.

And, to be fair, most Oklahomans do—but apparently not the city of Moore, the Toby Keith suburbia that, since 2014, has widely promoted their “Trail of Fears” in Little River Park, a bloody backwoods play-on-words that supposedly featured “terror lurking around every corner” for Halloween obsessives:

While I never made it down to Moore for this autumnal celebration of terrible masks and even worse make-up, the woefully offensive name leads me to believe that it was specifically made for the dude that believes his Harley-Davidson shirt that features an Indigenous skeleton wearing a war-bonnet and riding a motorcycle with an American flag behind him is a suitable enough tribute.

But, thankfully, someone with enough of a sense of shame decided to finally change the name to the far less hateful (and far more festive) Trail of Horror. With the spooky subtitle of Camp Deadwood, instead of normalizing the deaths of Natives for familial laughs, this year the City of Moore fictionalizes Little River Park as a haunted campgrounds where campers were supposedly killed years ago.

That sounds properly Halloween-y, doesn’t it?

I’m not sure what the Trail of Fears was exactly, but I hope that Moore had enough sense to not feature such truly haunting images as an emaciated mother holding her dead baby or a group of frost-bitten elders huddled together under a blanket, kept in line by the cryptkeeper-like Andrew Jackson and various demonic members of the U.S. Calvary, all armed with sharp swords that mortally jab the side of any “godless Injun” that can’t keep up with the rest.

Sure, those examples are (thankfully) fictional, but the truth is there is a lot of historical pain around the Trail of Tears that Oklahoma still hasn’t fully dealt with and, until we get Indigenous leaders that aren’t afraid of angering the bought-and-paid-for politicians down at the capital, probably never will. But I do have to ask…how much trouble would Moore be in if they referenced one of their own more recent tragedies, like the 2013 tornado?

If we’re making light of the 5,000 plus Indigenous people that died on the Trail of Tears, what’s wrong with having a fearful laugh or two traversing through the “EF5 Path of Horror,” where ticket-buyers wander around decimated homes and destroyed businesses, with bloody zombies and puking demons rising from the rubble…I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Luckily it never came to that; thankfully, this Halloween, good taste and common sense won out on a holiday that’s typically not known for it. So good job Moore on the name change—it only took about five years in the 21st fucking century.


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59 Responses

  1. Another click bait stupid take.

    1. Fish like you are easy to catch!

      1. Your desperation is getting sad.

  2. Louis, I used to really like reading your articles…but as the guy said yesterday you really are coming across as an Eeyore whiny ass. Stop beating the same horses and move on ….for your own closure and happiness…geez

    1. Nobody at TLO will ever be happy. They are what they hate. Until they realize that and start fixing their own issues in their personal lives, they’ll continue to spew their disdain for people who are actually successful. Trolls.

    2. They didn’t send him on a restaurant beat, so he was extremely hangry while writing this.

    3. “…..but as the guy said yesterday you really are coming across as an Eeyore whiny ass…”

      Was that the closeted gay guy that came out right there while beating up on Louis?
      I mean, it would have been brave if not for the macho posturing bullshit.
      Gay guys are not usually such assholes either…

  3. And another win for the Snowflakes! Woo hoo! Geez. Schools having to change mascot names that have been around for 100 years, towns having to change the name of a Halloween event, etc . What’s next? Shame on the City of Moore for letting the whiners ramrod you into doing this!

    1. seriously?

      what the fuck is wrong with you white people?

  4. Oh no!

    A play on words.

  5. “this year the City of Moore fictionalizes Little River Park as a haunted campgrounds where campers were supposedly killed years ago”

    So now we’re going from degrading Trail of Tears to making light of the Girl Scout Murders?? Atta boy Moore!!
    Jesus tits Louis find something that happened in the last 20 years to whine about would ya?

    1. Something that happened in the last 20 years? Oh you mean like the “EF5 Path of Horror” he suggested? It would be pretty hilarious to have a tornado themed Halloween scare path in Moore, right? That would be almost as funny as having an indigenous peoples genocide themed scare path in Oklahoma. Man, snowflakes these days will whine about literally anything amirite?

      1. They call liberals snowflakes. But let just one student government organization stop saying the Pledge of Allegiance, and you’d think the Ruskies had parachuted into the Belle Isle Walmart.

  6. if only people would stop using natives as a mascot and belittling horrible events in native history because it seems cool, natives could have closure and “move on”. louis talks about these things cause they mean something to him, not “beating a dead horse” ( sad phrase btw but that’s a different post) i’m happy he writes about topics that make people think about their actions. just because it’s “always been that way” doesn’t mean people cannot change their way of thinking and learn 🙂

    1. Yes, because people need to be lectured and constantly walk on eggshells! Outrage culture is creating a very boring world to live in. Soon enough we’ll all be PC robots walking around seeing who can be the least offensive. I’ll let you and Louis have the moral high ground once I have documented proof that neither of you have ever said or done anything wrong. Typically, the ones who get the most offended are the ones who have a lot of things to apologize for.. By your own rules.

    2. You are very correct, Jennifer.

  7. agree.
    Wasting time bitching about things you can’t change shows a lack of creativity and an unwillingness to move forward.

    I have relatives like that- a miserable lot.
    Life is too short.

  8. +1000

  9. Most of us don’t notice micro-aggressions that aren’t aimed at our own group. It never occurred to me that a play of words on “Trail of Tears” would offend Native people, so I appreciate Louis’ explanation.

    How about “Valley of the Slaves” for next year’s Halloween theme, with blackface ghosts? Or “Concentration Camp Confidential”? Or an experience of ICE agents hiding behind trees jumping out and saying “boo!” Are some of these recent enough for you? Too outré for you?

    Y’all who are bashing Louis over this article are credits to your race.

    1. Well put.

    2. nah. Louis needs to take a better look at himself. He’s clearly unhappy, and this just serves as a distraction from his feelings about himself and his own character. If you find things like this to be outraged about, then you can avoid the terrible things in your personal life that you can actually control.

      1. Where did you get your PhD in clinical psychology? Especially in diagnosing people you have never met?

        You seem more unhappy with Louis than he did about his own topic. What’s the deal with that?

        1. Who are you, his publicist? Relax Howard Bragman.

        2. Wow.
          You are the expert at stating opinions about people you’ve never met but you actually don’t see the irony in your post?
          Just wow.

          Still a dick.
          At least you are consistent.

          1. Welcome to the internet. Buckle up

    3. And sometimes it’s all in their head…

    4. Micro-aggressions?


  10. As a card carrying, proud Choctaw, I can say it doesn’t bother me. I don’t need “closure” from the Trail of Tears or anything that occurred 180+ years ago . I look at it like if those things hadn’t of happened, I wouldn’t be here. Sure, the name was in bad taste, but it didn’t affect me one way or the other. I know I have enough issues and responsibilities of my own that I sure don’t have enough time worrying about things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

    1. Chris – That is extremely well put.
      A reasonable response –

      Well done

    2. Just goes to show that not all Native people think alike.

      Nor should they.

      1. captain obvious.
        What’s the opposite of your statement?
        That all native people think alike? I think anyone with a modicum of intelligence could tell you that is not correct.
        But you are one of those people who just LOVE to hear yourself talk and fantasize that your opinion is meaningful and insightful.
        Nope – still just a dick

  11. Oh my God, just shut up. The pearl clutching puritanical left is insufferable.

  12. Louis you better get down to Camp Deadwood and make sure they’re not falsely accusing Gene Leroy Hart. Moore has already showed their true colors, right?

    1. If he has to answer for Gene Leroy Hart, then what’s your answer for Tim McVeigh, Dylan Roof, Robert Bowers, James Fields, etc., etc., etc. ?

      1. He won’t have an answer.

        1. You never have a real answer – lib it up!

  13. And what do you mean 5 years into the 21 century? That’s solo 2005. Eat a snickers Louis.

  14. you dislike the title? then, don’t go. why do we have to complain about everything???

  15. I think all you righties who are so triggered by Louis’s PC snowflake musings (i.e. pointing out Okie dumbasses like The Lost Ogle has always done ) might want to think about moving on to another website. Maybe Breitbart or better yet Stormfront.

    1. Legally” being the key!

  16. excuse the halloween-ish pun, but my kickapoo dad is rolling over in his grave and rolling his eyes at the the supposed outrage…………….

  17. South Robinson there was an early comment referencing the Girl Scout murders thus my comment about Gene Leroy Hart. Not suggesting anyone needs to answer for an innocent man.
    Wrong again El Ojo.

  18. I had never heard of it until now, but I’m not from the OKC area. I’m Cherokee and am fairly up to date on what my fellow tribal members are up to back in Oklahoma, but haven’t ever heard anything about this. It probably wasn’t really on a lot of Cherokee people’s radar since the tribe is based in northeastern Oklahoma and a lot of the members probably aren’t all that connected to events in Oklahoma City. Cherokee are often divided on the mascot issue anyway– my hometown had a terrible mascot that was created by Cherokee students, and people were about 50/50 on whether to get rid of it [it stayed.]

  19. Bullshit. People are trying to find reasons to bunch their shorts. Stop being butthurt pussies.

  20. Here Louis here’s your next thing to bitch about
    The office has been open and going strong in Ardmore for years, used to be one in okc

  21. Weary of wondering why people who claim to hate TLO spend so much time here letting it irritate them, I decided to check on the day’s baseball scores. Here’s something pertinent to the discussion — if it were a discussion. The headline is “Cardinals’ Ryan Helsley calls Braves’ use of tomahawk chop ‘disrespectful.'” He’s a Cherokee:

    1. Glad to see him speaking out!

    2. Here’s an update — and what a serious discussion resembles — under the headline:

      Braves take Cardinals reliever Ryan Helsley’s concerns about tomahawk chop chant ‘seriously’

  22. Sir, you are a dick.

  23. Louis – Most people have real issues to worry about.
    Dude – you were given a second chance and you’re wasting it on worrying about this shit and being a beta male instead of enjoying your life??
    We all only have a short time to be on the planet. And this is what you choose to spend your allotted time on??

  24. I call the article a success if it caused this many replies. Agree or not, we all read it, formed opinions,and used their forum to discuss it…He did his job. Louis gets paid either way.

    1. I for one hope Louis takes it as a swift kick in the booty to quit moping and get back to his fabulous food reviews … maybe take up a healthy food options

    2. That type of success can only last a short while. People soon tire of the poor me attitude and move on. It does get s little trite.

      I hope Louis gets past whatever funk he seems to be in.
      I really have enjoyed his food reviews and he seems like a truly intelligent person. He also seems to let a lot of things – real and perceived – bring him down and lessen the quality of his life.
      That’s unfortunate. It’s a waste of the time he has left.
      I don’t know the guy but I wish him happiness and peace.

      1. I wish him all the happiness too. Life is too fact, Louis lets meet and I’ll buy you lunch/brunch? How bout it?

  25. Coming to you direct from The City of Lost Hope and Crushed Dreams! Good vibes…..

  26. Any one else wonder if Louis even reads the comments on his writing?

  27. I doubt the organizers had purposeful intentions to trivialize a sad chapter in our history. They were probably ignorant of the details of the removal. But once anyone have been informed I’ll hold them to a much higher standard. We have politicians that glibly compare things today with the Nazi concentration camps. In their cases they really should know better.

    Louis uses a technique that reminds me of “reduction to the absurd” to help the reader understand that the name the organizers used is not as cute or clever that they thought it would be, but makes light of a group of people’s suffering. He did it well with a side of humor.

  28. “Louis: Your lack of tolerance for our intolerance is really bumming our brain dead right wing okie asses out!
    Pleas go back to reviewing the area’s shitty restaurants so we can continue to attack you there instead of posts pointing out what a racist fascist shit hole this state is becoming!
    (The usual gaggle of Trumpist moron commenters)

  29. I’m gonna take a wild guess and say most the replies by people that Louis triggered are from the same IP address. I’ll go one step further and say that IP is someone who is somehow connected to the haunted house. 🧐

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