Janet Barresi registers potential Mick Cornett for Congress web domains…

As we discussed last week, unpopular politician / evil step-mom cosplayer Janet Barresi announced she is going to seek, and likely not get, the Republican nomination for the baby blue Oklahoma 5th Congressional District.

Overall, she’s one of many angry Republicans looking to challenge whiskey connoisseur Kendra Horn in the 2020 election.

One person not in that field is my adopted father – Mick Cornett.

Although he told Channel 9 he will “likely not venture back into politics” after getting out business-manned by Kevin Stitt in the 2018 gubernatorial primary, and instead spend time updating his 1973 Topps PSA 9 baseball card collection, rumors are still swirling that he may toss his Yankees cap into the field.

Janet must have heard these rumors like a kid crying after being hit with a paddle.

In April of this year – just after she completed construction of a cottage made of cake, lollipops and other confectionaries located deep in the woods outside Edmond – she registered the web domains CornettForCongress.com and MickForCongress.com.

We know this because she was either too cheap, or too dumb, to register the domains as private.

Check this out:

I blurred out Janet’s address and phone number, but was able to verify they belonged to her. Here’s the other one:

That’s pretty funny. One of the first things they teach you in Web 101 is always pay the $10 fee to make your registrant information private. This will keep hackers, creepers and the thousands of third graders you wanted to flunk during your reign as a diabolical State School Superintendent from knowing your private contact information.

Of course, the great irony is that Janet did use private registration for her own domain – Janet2020.com.

Well, at least she was able to click private on that one. She should probably do the same thing if / when she registers Mick2020.com. It’s currently available.

Editor’s Note: Literally a minute or two before I hit publish, The Oklahoman has reported that Mick Cornett will not seek the 5th Congressional Seat. Obviously, this is because he couldn’t score those coveted domain names.

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27 Responses

  1. Screwing things up is kind of her brand. I’d be disappointed if she didn’t.

  2. Great job, Patrick!

  3. Why won’t she go away?? the ONLY thing that Republicans and Democrats agree on in this state is the fact we all despise her…. You can’t fix stupid!

    1. She is worse than merely stupid. Clearly she intends to engage in misleading and deceptive tactics to dupe gullible GOP primary voters into voting for her rather than for non-candidate Cornett. This gal is a real piece of… work

      Russia proved in 2016 that this kind of stuff works. If the leader of the GOP and sitting GOP congresscritters believe that any and all tactics in pursuit of winning are OK, why shouldn’t Janet?

  4. will the insanity ever calm , he wont be my vote for congress .

  5. I would love to hear her explanation as to why she registered websites that one would assume Mick Cornett would want if he planned to run for Congress. Perhaps she has a new business, that of registering websites in hopes of selling them to people who want them. Perhaps she planned on using the website as a fake Mick Cornett campaign site, or to use the email address the day before the election making it appear that Mick was endorsing her.

    Sadly we will never know, but we do know she is an Oklahoma Standard candidate, ends justify the means, dirty tricks are fine as long as it gets you to win. I’m sure Mary Fallin is so proud.

    I hope somewhere in the campaign this is brought up. It is almost as pathetic as when Tom Guild (her opponent) was caught on camera stealing her campaign signs around town. Oklahoma politics are so wonderful.

    1. Well said!

    2. I thought Oklahoma had a law against using another’s name in a web domain. Does it only apply if she had registered MickCornett.com? That domain does exist and was used for his 2018 gubernatorial campaign — you can still contribute there!!

  6. That is freakin’ hysterical. It’s so stupid that I’d almost bet she WILL be the Republican candidate. Go KENDRA!

    1. No way! As tacoJesus said above, even Republicans agree with Democrats on this item. She has no chance in Hell. It may surprise most of you, but I did not vote for Fallin, not Tom Cole when I lived where I had the opportunity, nor good ol’ Todd Russ where I now reside and had the opportunity to do so!

      1. Bet you didn’t vote for their Democratic opponents either! If I’m right, that’s a pathetically weak protest. Who would you vote for: in the general: Barresi or Horn? 😀

        Whether Barresi wins the GOP primary depends in part on the primary voters’ memory, which is often very short.

        That primary is likely to be won by whoever clings most tightly to Trump, and most enthusiastically bashes progressive ideas and their messengers. (SOCIALISM!). I’m guessing that Barresi will excel at both. She has already shown that she doesn’t plan to try to sell us on her honesty and integrity.

        1. Sure did – I vote for the person that would do the best job. Sorry to disappoint you, but I cannot recall ever voting a straight ticket. And would vote for Horn in a heart beat over Barresi. Cannot imagine Barresi coming out in the primaries, but strange things do happen. Too bad the dems have such pitiful people in national leadership positions. It hurts the party, but the party is now so full of libs it deserves to be hurt. Later

          1. How could I have misjudged you so badly?

            1. There is a slim, very sim, chance it could have been something I posted.

          2. Mike I hate to inform you but that statement is a massive oxymoron.
            I vote for the candidate that would do the best job? donald?
            Your statement holds 0 oxygen.

  7. I can’t wait for your take on the NBA and China.. I didn’t miss it, did I?

  8. I can hardly wait for her humiliation !!

  9. Isn’t there some federal law about pirating domain names?

    While we’re on the subject of the 5th district, I like Kendra Horn but who is she? I can’t find any record that she has a residence in the state, much less the district. She just sort of appeared out of the mist and beat Steve Russell. The trumpistas are coming after her with all the dirty tricks Russian money can buy. She barely squeaked by in 2018. And, have you noticed how she’s one of the few Dems not backing the impeachment effort? She knows it would be the death of her re-election.

    1. You got that right – Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains to keep the plains “clean”! And it cleans the repubs out as needed.

      1. If we could only think of a way to keep the corrupt repubs out of office in the first place!

        1. Then we’d be overrun with corrupt dems – it’s basically a lose lose proposition.

  10. Patrick; any comment from Mick? You know him/have had contact with him?

  11. I see the opening pic and I think to my self….. Howdy Doody meets Opie

  12. Kendra Horn is winning me over. She is too smart to be a run of the mill dem!

  13. Still being sneaky…..Go crawl back in the hole you came out of Janet!

  14. The only thing that keeps democrats from faring better in Oklahoma in this day and time is the radical, idiotic, extreme far left leadership and their minions at the national level. Oklahoma democrats, for the most part, are no where near the level of the idiocy that takes place at the national level. You folks know precisely what I am talking about, but won’t admit it. Kendra Horn is a voice of reason, but even her re-election is harmed by the national leaders of what was once a great political party.

    1. It’s still a great political party, Mike. Explain the suffering of your 401k under President Obama?
      If you’re involved in agriculture cry about the new all time highs made in the meat and grain complex under President Obama?
      The Democratic Party is a Party that’s getting ready to flush donald and his entire crew.
      Hell they’re even figuring out, finally, that donald and his crew are, in fact, scalping the S&P market.

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