Kevin Stitt encourages Oklahomans to bask in glory of his popularity…

It looks like the only thing thicker than Kevin Stitt’s eyebrows is his ego.

Over the weekend, our Governor celebrated yet another accomplishment in his quest to arbitrarily make Oklahoma a Top 10 State.

Yep, move over obesity, teen pregnancy and female incarceration. We’re now a Top 10 State in… gubernatorial popularity.

Check it out:

Wow. I feel so blessed and fortunate to know that Governor Stitt is choosing to share with us this glorious honor. May we all bask in the limelight of his popularity! When the economy picks back up, we’ll definitely have to throw a parade in His Holy Eyebrows’ honor!

In other news, I’m not 100 percent sure that’s how this whole “Make Oklahoma a Top 10 State” thing is supposed to work. It’s nice and everything that Stitt’s enjoying his honeymoon period, but what does being a popular, newly-elected governor have to do with Oklahoma being a Top 10 State? That just means Stitt has had less time to screw up and lose the public’s trust like the governors in other states. Wake me up if he’s in the Top 10 in a couple of years.

That being said, I’m kind of glad Stitt flexed some ego. Egotistical businessmen-turned-politicians bragging about their popularity on social media is all the rage right now. Their narcissism provides great content! Maybe next week he can call out the fake news media and insult Kendra Horn?

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35 Responses

  1. Almost entirely white kids. What are the chances?

    1. so you’d be all warm and fuzzy if stitt was posing with the kids from the south side? as far as i know, white people still (emphasis) make up the majority of demographical makeup of this country. on another note, how does it feel being such a racist piece of shit?

      1. Who is the racist piece of shit?

        1. don’t know which one of you guys is “the” most racist one around this obscure blog, but South Robinson is easily in Top 5.

          1. “I’m not the puppet, you’re the puppet, you’re the puppet.”

          2. Why? Seriously asking what your reasoning is…

  2. Pretty big leap from Fallin’s #50 to his #6. Glad to see some movement somewhere.

  3. After following Mary Fallin I think Charles Manson would have made the Top Ten.

  4. He’s getting his idol, the Bonespur Cadet’s ego.

  5. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that Governor Pyle hasn’t given us a reason to be nationally embarrassed yet.

    1. As Curly from the movie City Slickers remarked, “Day ain’t done yet.”

    2. When you’re at # 45-50 on everything good and 1=5 on everything bad where else can you go?

  6. What change? Did I miss somerging?

  7. What a maroon. What a jerk. Anyone would look good after Mary Fallin. Guess he doesn’t realize that.

    But Stitt DID sign “constitutional carry” into law as his first bill, if you’re into that. Nothing could be more Top Ten, right?

    1. what’s wrong with red colors now?


        Try to keep up.

        1. touche. the gray in your beard got me this time.

    2. I forgot about constitutional carry, dammit. I take back my statement about not nationally embarrassing us yet. This is what it feels like to live in the fantasy world of a 10 year old hillbilly.

  8. I see the source of this honor is from a consulting group that claims they call 5,000 registered voters every day and asks their opinions of the Governor of their state. Looks like an additional 5,000 spam calls going out every day for this click-bait survey. You have to wonder if the list is only of Republicans, lobbyists, and oil company employees, at least in Oklahoma. The top 10 Governors are all Republicans. Also the 10th most unfavorable Governor has a 45% favorable vote. Statistics can give you any conclusion you want, but evidently Oklahoma just loves the new Guv.

    Looking at the results, Stitt received a 59% favorable nod, which tied with 3 other Governors. But since the bar for a favorable opinion for an Oklahoma Governor would probably be set so low that only an ant could limbo under it, this still is an improvement over Governor Cougar.

    This guy has his sights set on Washington, probably when Inhoff retires. Since Senator Inhoff will be 85 next month, and has been in DC representing Oklahoma for 32 years, Mr. Stitt just might get to move to Washington soon.

  9. Apparently 5000 people polled in undisclosed locations get their information from real news sources like Fox and friends instead of the fake independent news with yellow journalists.
    So the question that has a little meat on the bone is this:
    Since the Governor is a strong supporter of the current POTUS; What is his opinion of the POTUS’s decision to leave American Troops behind on the battlefield?
    Maybe the esteemed Governor should follow the President’s lead and issue a strong letter of disapproval?
    Good job,Great job!

  10. And in other news EMSA was dispatched to the Governor’s Mansion today to treat a broken arm by the newly elected Governor Kevin Stitt. EMSA spokeperson, speaking under anonymity said the broken arm appeared to be the result of the Governor breaking it while patting himself on the back.

    A spokesman for the Governor denied the report blaming the broken arm as a result of a football game the Governor was playing with a large group of underprivileged students. The Governor said he frequently holds these impromptu games to help them succeed in life. He then showed numerous selfies that he claimed to be underprivileged students, and asked if everyone knew that it had just been announced he was the #6 most popular Governor in the country.

    1. +1

  11. So Vix is suggesting that one would need to go to the southside to see something other than white-faced children? Or was the suggestion all southside children don’t have white faces?
    Pretty sure that makes you the racist piece of shit Vix.
    And no I’m not overly fond of Stitt and if he has any future political ambitions he had better get busy trying to kiss and make up with the Native Americans. He chose the wrong fight to make a name for himself.

    1. Did you miss the fact that I was responding to somebody calling out a picture’s lack of diversity, while ignoring the fact that white people still make up the majority (refer to my link) of our population? Open a map and see where majority of “South Robinson” is, and my comment will be perfectly clear to you, I hope.

      1. So why does that make someone racist? I fail to see the dots connecting in your logic.

  12. His biggest accomplishment so far, is generating lots and lots of advertising revenue for the various media outlets in the state.

    Way to go Kev!

  13. I don’t know Vix. When you start posting links to census reports to prove your point that the U.S. is still predominantly white it doesn’t seem to help your argument that someone else is racist .
    That and I don’t need a map to know where S Roninson is but your remark was about southside children like they are all of the same heritage. Stereotype much? Let me give it a try. How about you keep your cracker ass in Edmond. Was that broad enough brush for you to get the feel of it?

    1. Yup, quoting statistical facts is racist… Honk honk Gary’s on his way into Top-5

      1. And the “majority” of people in Europe prior to WWII were not Jewish, so they can be ignored or worse? By the way, it is projected that between 2041-46 the United States will be a “minority/majority” country. What happens to your argument then, “you racist piece of shit”?

        1. Did you just compare genocide to Stitt taking a picture that showed proper demographic population makeup? I’m done here.

          1. No – I’m comparing your statements to pre-nazi attitudes in Europe and pointing out that your “majority white” wet dream is fading fast. By the way, do you actually think that the ethnic make up of the kids shown in the picture with Goober match your stats? But you’re done here and thankfully you will never respond.

            1. It’s not a wet dream but statistics. Let me quote your initial post verbatim: “Almost entirely white kids. What are the chances?”

              I’ve provided the “chances” by posting official .gov statistics in my reply. Looking at the picture, there are 15 or so kids. 60% should be white (census combines Hispanics into white category, btw), so about 9. 13% black, so about 2 (I see an African-American boy there). 5.9% Asian, so one kid (can’t spot one in that picture). 18% Hispanic, so about 3 kids (there are several that could fall into this category). Again, what was the point of your first post, other than to race-bait?

          2. It didn’t look like a planned photo-op as much as him taking a selfie with some kids who happened to be there, probably either a school field trip or home school group or something. If you grab a random group of kids touring the capital, you’re probably not going to get the typical token diversity of a Saturday morning cartoon.

            I don’t agree with ViX on a lot of things he posts here in terms of economics, but technically speaking he’s not wrong here, and I don’t see racism in his comment. South Robinson asked what the odds were that the crowd would be predominately white, and the answer is pretty high considering the demographics. Turning this into a racism thing is a really far reach to me.

  14. Won’t let me reply to ViX’s post directly, so apologies for this maybe looking out of context/order. For the *third* time, ViX – why does what South Robinson (and others) have said make them racist? You keep using that word, but somehow I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

  15. I’m glad my friend Kevin is popular and I know why. Mary Fallin, Republicans and Democrats who raised taxes and left him a pot of gold to distribute. STITT ANNOUNCED HE WOULD HAVE VETOED THE LEGISLATION……HB1010XX.

    Stitt’s popularity is just a reflection of the short sightedness of voters and even the OEA whose leaders lauded the governor’s popularity because their members received generous pay raises. I repeat: Stitt was against the revenue raising measure that made the raises possible. I saw this year after year where legislators ducked the hard votes, or voted no, on the money to pay for things and then ALWAYS showed up for the bill signing ceremonies or ribbon cuttings at roads and buildings. Such behavior is as old as politics themselves.

    We’ll see what Governor Lucky is really made of when the next big crisis comes along in the budget. He may learn Oklahoma can’t print money unlike his pals in Congress that he thinks are doing such good jobs…….Trump, Inhofe, Lankford, etc.

    Oh well. Same oh, same oh.

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