Attorney gets slap on wrist for ripping off state…

The happy guy pictured above in Greece on either a vacation or “business trip” is Steven Snyder.

Last year, Steve was fired from his $130,000-per-year gig as executive director of the Oklahoma Police Pension and Retirement System – and charged with six felonies – after he was apparently caught categorizing personal trips as business expenses, pocketing over $26,000 in bogus reimbursements.

Here are details of the allegations from a March 2018 article in The Oklahoman:

[Snyder] was fired after coming under criminal investigation because of an anonymous tip about his travel…

The tip was that “Snyder was engaged in excessive travel for personal business and being reimbursed with state funds,” Agent Thomas Helm wrote in a request for a search warrant.

The Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services conducted a travel claim analysis because of the tip.

It found he had submitted 21 travel claims for reimbursement between Feb. 7, 2015, and Sept. 29, 2017.

“Nine of the reimbursements, totaling $26,265, were found to have been made surrounding Snyder’s personal travel,” Helm wrote in the search warrant affidavit. “He … would arrange for impromptu meetings with investment firms to justify travel expenses.”

Trust me. I have no problem using “impromptu meetings,” “R&D” and “travel articles” to justify writing off a “business” trip on your federal taxes, but doing it on your employer’s dime? That is stealing, and it’s wrong. Obviously, state prosecutors agreed and made sure Snyder’s punishment fit the crime.

Hahaha. Of course not. Earlier this week, prosecutors worked out a sweet plea deal for Snyder, who just happens to be a former assistant attorney general. Check this out:

Prosecutors have dismissed a fraud charge against the former head of the state agency that manages the $2.5 billion pension fund for municipal police officers in Oklahoma.

In exchange, Steven K. Snyder agreed to never work in state government again, to complete 200 hours of community service and to pay $5,867 in restitution to the Oklahoma Police Pension and Retirement System.

The compromise with the attorney general’s office is known as a deferred prosecution agreement. It was finalized Thursday. Afterward, the criminal charge against Snyder was expunged from court records.

The state owed Snyder 480 hours of accrued leave at the time of his termination but will pay him for only 440 hours because of evidence he was “unjustly enriched by failing to properly account for his absences,” according to the agreement.

Yeah, take that Snyder! You only get to cash out 440 hours of accrued leave, as opposed to 480. You also can’t work for the state again, so no more pocketing $26K in illegitimate reimbursements for you! That will show you!

This may seem like a weak punishment, and it is, but on a positive note, at least we get to shame Snyder for being the sleazebag who still emails pornography to his co-worker buddies:

The investigation also found Snyder sent inappropriate emails to a trustee on the pension fund’s board in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017. One of the 2012 emails had 43 photos of a nude woman in bed. Many of the photos showed the woman posing in sexual positions.

You can read more about that stuff here.

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11 Responses

  1. “Afterward, the criminal charge against Snyder was expunged from court records.” Whoohoo boy , that sure showed him that crime don’t pay!

  2. I wonder what his ex-employees think of this outcome?

  3. So, he steals $26k and has to pay back less than $6k? I want a deal like that on my student loans!

  4. The bar association and Supreme Court probably will not be so understanding. They can levy any type of punishment they see fit, up to and including disbarment. They probably won’t but it’s not over for this asshole.

    1. You mean like Julia Ezell who did a Cleavon Little and faked death threats on herself and faced felony charges? She too got a slap on the wrist this week, plead guilty to misdemeanor charges, receiving five years probation. I’m sure that will teach her also.

      She is of course still practicing law in Oklahoma, including frivolous ones against her former employer, the State of Oklahoma. I’m sure the bar association would think even a strongly worded letter admonishing her would be cruel and unusual punishment.

      1. The bar association normally doesn’t take action until the criminal matter is disposed of. Now that she’s convicted, she’ll probably be immediately suspended; that’s the rules. Then, they’ll institute a formal disciplinary proceeding to determine final punishment. It may take some time but it’s probably not going to end well for her.

    2. I surely hope that it isn’t over for him. He got off exceptionally easy. It’s likely that his law license will be suspended but not entirely revoked.

      Do you suppose that non-governmental pension funds are lining up to hire him?

      A petty thief, AND someone who sends smutty pictures to a board member for whom he works.

      Where does Oklahoma find such horrible people to work for the State? My sense is that they are over-represented in state government.

  5. Can’t work for state government? I see a federal job in his future.

    1. Next ACTING chief of staff for Donnie Dipshit!!

  6. they want to send Lori Loughlin to prison for 45 years and compare Lori’s crime to what this guy did.

  7. Meanwhile, over at OLERS, $4,200,000 is missing…

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