Attorney General Hunter wants kids to get booze the old fashioned way

Underage drinking is a right of passage for any teen. Hell, a few pals and I used to pay a friend in cash to go down to a liquor store in Yukon for the biggest, cheapest beer and booze he could find. Of course, it was still Oklahoma; that meant a ton of low-point beer, Four Lokos, and trashcan punch followed by mornings filled with silent regret. Even back in the early 2010’s, we used to dream about being able to buy all of it online discreetly.

Now that it’s available, some state-narcs are trouncing all the fun for the future Oklahoma delinquents.


An Oklahoma leader is calling on major sites like Facebook, Craigslist and eBay to make a change.

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter sent a letter to the websites, asking them to take more proactive measures to stop the sale of alcohol online.

The letter was part of a coalition of 46 attorneys general who are asking the companies to review current postings for online alcohol sales, remove illegal postings and develop programming to block and prevent users from violating state laws.

“This isn’t just about violating state laws, it’s about protecting the health and wellbeing of Oklahomans,” Attorney General Hunter said. “Illegally sold alcohol thwarts state licensing laws that ensure the substances aren’t tainted and are coming from a reputable vendor. The substances being sold illegally could originate anywhere and could contain deadly substances, like methanol. As we work with Facebook, Craigslist and eBay to crack down on this issue, I am encouraging Oklahomans to use extreme caution when purchasing alcohol online.”

Mr. Hunter, isn’t purchasing illegally sold alcohol the whole point of underage drinking? Or are you just wanting them to get alcohol the way you used to do it? C’mon, you remember being a kid here in this state, right? It can often feel like the Star Wars planet Tatooine except worse, because there’s no Cantina bands or Han and Chewbacca. Why not go full Footloose and ban dancing while you’re at it?

Here’s more:

Except for wine, alcohol cannot be purchased online or shipped in Oklahoma.

So, basically we’re looking for teens with the same wine problem as an Oklahoma mother of two?

Look, Oklahomans are going to find one way or another to get blasted drunk. You may be on the high of defeating the pharmaceutical companies, but you’ll never stop teens from finding booze.

I’ll extend an olive branch: we can get teens to stop purchasing alcohol online if you lower the drinking age back to 18-years-old. Sound fair? If teens are going to have abide by every backwards thinking law Oklahoma has to offer, the least you can do is give them a beer to cope with it.

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10 Responses

  1. Brandon, your “friend” fucked you over.

    Real beer (not 3.2%) has always been available in liquor stores. Samuel Adams. Sierra Nevada.

    Just not Bud Lite and Coors Lite, if that’s your thing.

    1. My home state was the same way. You could buy the 6 point beer at the stores but rarely at the bars. This is because of post Prohibition laws there that said 3.2 could be delivered commercially but nothing above. The bar owners could have the beer truck deliver 3.2 but if they wanted to serve 6 point, they had to haul it themselves from a licensed store or distributor. Same price either way but 3.2 was way more profitable, so easy choice to make. I remember once helping a friend who had a bar take his old station wagon to the store and load it up with liquor till it sagged.

      There were a lot of weird laws passed after Prohibition when everyone was trying to get a piece of the pie.

  2. Mike Hunter didn’t really do anything other than joining in with 45 other state attorney generals in this publicity stunt. He is yet another wanna be professional politician, appointed by Mary Fallin to replace the illustrious temporarily no longer professional politician Scott Pruitt as Attorney General.

    I think the bigger story would be who were the four state AGs that weren’t part of this program. I guess they didn’t need the publicity, or are busy doing the work that the AG does in their state instead of things they think will get them elected to a higher office.

    But that is the Oklahoma Standard, always campaign, be out of state at meetings as much as you can. Then you can announce you are the 6th most popular whatever office you hold in the nation.

    If you have a chance, check out Mike Hunter’s Wikipedia page. It appears he used his high school senior picture for his photo. There is quite a resemblance to David Walters.

  3. Where are you Scotty Pruitt? – we need a good dose of honesty in Oklahoma State Government again!

  4. Hunter is relying on Zuckerberg to “do the right thing”? Really?

  5. Let the free market sort it out,FFS!
    If a kid can do enough work to become an alcoholic then they are simply welcoming Jesus into his or her life as their lord and savior through the 12 step program.
    Vendors,healthcare and funerary providers make money and the taxpayer picks up the tab.
    Everybody is happy!
    Let’s get those stock tickers spinning like whirling dervishes,Alon Si!

  6. Once again they look like idiots. Over half of the state officials have at least one DUI, drug charge, or some sort of sex scandal. So, they need to focus on their elected jobs & clean up their own back yard..

    1. ABSOLUTELY! Well said ! 👍

  7. Half of the state officials have at least one DUI, a drug charge, or some sort of disgusting sex scandal on company time. So none of them are credible & need to do their jobs while cleaning up their own back yard.

  8. Uhhh the things we used to do to score a case of Milwaukee’s beast. I cannot believe we’d bong that 💩
    My parents should’ve taught me better.

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