Sovereign Citizen wrongly believes Oklahoma cops can’t arrest him…

In college, a couple of my roommates claimed to have “tricks” to get themselves out of speeding tickets. One roommate claimed she was blessed with a chest that could help flirt her way out of any interaction with law enforcement. The other roommate claimed that she had burst into tears each time she’d been pulled over and subsequently never been written a ticket. Looking back, their so-called tricks seem ridiculous. But not as ridiculous as this guy’s attempt to get out of his citation.


OKLAHOMA CITY – A swarm of police cruisers was involved in a bizarre standoff that shut down major metro roadways near Northeast 23rd and Martin Luther King Monday afternoon.

Air Comfort Solutions was overhead after a man allegedly refused to pull over, or even get out of the car because he claimed he’s a sovereign citizen.

A man claiming not to believe in police authority was arrested by none other than Oklahoma City Police.

“He was upset with us for taking him into custody. He is just not happy with the Oklahoma City Police Department,” said Lieutenant Carlton Hardman with Oklahoma City Police.

Police say Monday afternoon the suspect was speeding and refused to stop for officers.

“He didn’t believe the officer pulling him over had the authority to pull him over,” said Hardman.

Whoa, hold up there. You can’t just start making bogus claims about “authority” to get out of your traffic violation. It’s not like you are the cop’s kid caught hot-rodding in small town Oklahoma1

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Sovereign Citizen Movement, according to the FBI a “sovereign citizen” is someone who believes that though they reside physically in the US, they don’t believe they have to answer to any governing authority, including law enforcement. You, on the other hand, may believe the sovereign citizen argument is a crock of crap. And in this case, you’d be correct.

The man only agreed to get out of the truck after calling Oklahoma County Deputies to come on scene where officers finally put him into custody.

“We didn’t want to use any kind of force, so we just used some time. De-escalating the situation and just waited for him to come out,” said Hardman.

The man refused to sign the traffic violations, so he was arrested and brought to the Oklahoma County Jail. He also had a gun on him during the event, but his charges are unknown at this time. His name has not yet been released.

My half-assed googling also didn’t reveal the identity of the arrestee or what charges he was arrested on. That can mean one of two things: 1. The information hasn’t been released by law enforcement yet or 2. The whole “sovereign citizen” spiel worked and he was never charged. As doubtful as the latter is, you still shouldn’t get any wild ideas and claim sovereign citizenship. Unless you want to be a part of a movement identified by the FBI as being a domestic terrorism organization, I’d say pull over and pay your speeding ticket.

Hayley has never been pulled over. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek

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22 Responses

  1. “We didn’t want to use any kind of force, so we just used some time. De-escalating the situation and just waited for him to come out,” said Hardman.

    Well done, OKC police! It’s not hard to imagine a scenario in which this poor deranged soul would wind up dead from fifty bullet wounds – which has happened at too many other times in too many other places. The dude even had a gun, so a fatal incident might even have been deemed “justified” by the police department and the DA.

    Several decades ago, arguments similar to the “sovereign citizen” nonsense were being used frequently by people seeking to avoid paying income taxes. Actor Wesley Snipes fell for this nonsense after the tactic had been failing spectacularly for years. Snipes wound up spending a couple of years in jail for his stupidity, and in the end avoided no tax debt at all.

    You don’t tug on Superman’s cape. You don’t spit into the wind. Those things aren’t quite as stupid as the kind of stupid it takes to believe yourself to be a “sovereign citizen” immune from the law.

  2. when the guy goes to court, use the “alternative facts” defense…

  3. I’m not understanding the “Air Comfort Solutions” part of this story?
    Spell it out to this slow mind.

    1. TM, I think its the Channel 4 helicopter. Like Channel 9’s is the “Bob Mills”

      1. Yes, I believe that’s correct. TV stations don’t waste an inch of ad space so they find companies to “sponsor” their helicopters and cover them with ads. Flying billboards.

  4. For a fun afternoon, search for Sovereign Citizen videos on YouTube. These are a hoot.

    1. Only if they get tazed or beaten severely in the end of the video. I have watched several, and if there is any case where I support police violence against unarmed people… it’s with these fucksticks

  5. How about making jerks like this guy pay restitution to all the people who’s time he wasted while the police “waited him out”.
    Can’t get those minutes back and it’s unfair for someone to waste them for their own selfish statements.

    1. Can you get the minutes back that you spent posting this?

      1. I chose to use my minutes in the way I did.
        Even using minutes posting this response to your dick-head response was my choice.

        The people the sovereign dude inconvenienced weren’t given the same choice. He made that choice for them.

        Try to keep up.

      2. Dusty, thanks for helping to fund all those wasted minutes the cops spent talking down the “sovereign citizen.”

        Option a’s post didn’t cost you anything except the time you wasted responding to it.

        1. Meaningless post – as usual.
          Not sure how dusty funded anything…

          If you’re going to waste time posting at least make it somewhat logical/intelligible/relevant.

          You have made a profession out of posting about conversations that don’t concern you and expressing your opinion about literally everything. Everything. Whether you know anything about the topic or not.
          We used to call guys like you “big time”.
          Has anyone ever called you “uncle Rico”?

          Seriously man- life is too short – get a hobby or something.
          I’m sorry you have no more meaning in your life than this.

        2. Trolls gonna troll.
          I feel dumb for taking the bait.

  6. well done opt a! this person seems to need to comment on every subject ,as a expert on all subjects! lol about getting a hobby!! have seen others on him for his excessive ,boring post, must be sad guy!

  7. Space Dog?

  8. Unpopular opinion… They should have saved everyone’s time and gave him a pavement facial and been done with it

  9. Hayley, you forgot Option 3. “Once the suspect is positively identified as a member of the Sovereign Citizens Nation they’re immediately remanded to the custody of the Sovereign Citizen Police Force. ” These fine folks run a the black sites in Bulgaria, the Philippines and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. So far the few Sovereign Citizens who have served the time for the crime often ask to be reinstated as regular servile citizens of the United States.

  10. For further reading (going down this rathole), wiki has a good overview and history.

    Timothy McVeigh co-conspirator Terry Nichols was a adherent.

    The county sheriff angle comes from, “… sovereign-citizen movement as consisting of individuals who believe that the county sheriff is the most powerful law-enforcement officer in the country, with authority superior to that of any federal agent, elected official, or local law-enforcement official…”

    The police were wise to be wary. Followers are considered to be among the most violent domestic terrorists. “In surveys conducted in 2014 and 2015, representatives of U.S. law enforcement ranked the risk of terrorism from the sovereign-citizen movement higher than the risk from any other group, including Islamic extremists, militias, racists, and Neo-Nazis.”

  11. “We didn’t want to use any kind of force, so we just used some time.”

    Know how I can tell this was a white guy?

    1. Wait. Perhaps I’m wrong here. Cops not declaring open season and turning the truck into a colander? Particularly when a person of color is involved?

      Maybe there’s hope after all.

    2. Bud not everything has to be about race now I do not know if the guy is white or black or Hispanic but I do know that area is majority African American but believe it or not most cops are not racist just because a few are it makes the rest of them look that way just like I could say one African American car jacked someone so they all do it or I could say that one hill Billy beat his wife so all white men beat their wives but we both know that’s not factual

  12. I had never heard of this sovereign nation thing until I saw it on Live PD a while back. Didn’t work for that guy either.

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