Sovereign Citizen wrongly believes Oklahoma cops can’t arrest him…

In college, a couple of my roommates claimed to have “tricks” to get themselves out of speeding tickets. One roommate claimed she was blessed with a chest that could help flirt her way out of any interaction with law enforcement. The other roommate claimed that she had burst into tears each time she’d been pulled over and subsequently never been written a ticket. Looking back, their so-called tricks seem ridiculous. But not as ridiculous as this guy’s attempt to get out of his citation.


OKLAHOMA CITY – A swarm of police cruisers was involved in a bizarre standoff that shut down major metro roadways near Northeast 23rd and Martin Luther King Monday afternoon.

Air Comfort Solutions was overhead after a man allegedly refused to pull over, or even get out of the car because he claimed he’s a sovereign citizen.

A man claiming not to believe in police authority was arrested by none other than Oklahoma City Police.

“He was upset with us for taking him into custody. He is just not happy with the Oklahoma City Police Department,” said Lieutenant Carlton Hardman with Oklahoma City Police.

Police say Monday afternoon the suspect was speeding and refused to stop for officers.

“He didn’t believe the officer pulling him over had the authority to pull him over,” said Hardman.

Whoa, hold up there. You can’t just start making bogus claims about “authority” to get out of your traffic violation. It’s not like you are the cop’s kid caught hot-rodding in small town Oklahoma1

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Sovereign Citizen Movement, according to the FBI a “sovereign citizen” is someone who believes that though they reside physically in the US, they don’t believe they have to answer to any governing authority, including law enforcement. You, on the other hand, may believe the sovereign citizen argument is a crock of crap. And in this case, you’d be correct.

The man only agreed to get out of the truck after calling Oklahoma County Deputies to come on scene where officers finally put him into custody.

“We didn’t want to use any kind of force, so we just used some time. De-escalating the situation and just waited for him to come out,” said Hardman.

The man refused to sign the traffic violations, so he was arrested and brought to the Oklahoma County Jail. He also had a gun on him during the event, but his charges are unknown at this time. His name has not yet been released.

My half-assed googling also didn’t reveal the identity of the arrestee or what charges he was arrested on. That can mean one of two things: 1. The information hasn’t been released by law enforcement yet or 2. The whole “sovereign citizen” spiel worked and he was never charged. As doubtful as the latter is, you still shouldn’t get any wild ideas and claim sovereign citizenship. Unless you want to be a part of a movement identified by the FBI as being a domestic terrorism organization, I’d say pull over and pay your speeding ticket.

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