Free Queso Podcast: Ep 1 w/ The Pump

Welcome to the grand opening of the Free Queso podcast!

Last week, Judie and I had a soft opening show, and now we’re officially ready for business. We’ll be bringing you guests every other week from the service industry. There’s a slate of brewers, chefs, coffee professionals, and all sorts of others in the near future. But we wanted to come out of the gates with a party, so who would be better to bring in than some of the fun and talented staff from The Pump – Hailey McDermid, Meghanne Hensley, and Becky Ginn came to the TLO Bricktown studio and things got wild:

In this episode, we touch on topics like:

  • Drinking Smirnoff Ice
  • Sexism in the bar industry
  • Polishing turds and preserving historic buildings
  • Remembering your daily cocktail specials
  • Pig nipple soup and horse sashimi

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