Ed Shadid unleashes on Mayor Holt, MAPS 4 and OKC Plutocrats!

On this week’s episode of The Lost Ogle Show, presented by The Red Shield Fund, Marisa and I welcomed former Oklahoma City councilman Dr. Ed Shadid into our Bricktown Digital Media Studios.

In one of his first interviews since leaving office – and only a week after the Supreme Court denied his appeal to block MAPS 4EVER on the grounds it’s unconstitutional – Ed shared some charged and unfiltered remarks on the Oklahoma City “plutocracy,” Mayor David Holt, MAPS 4 and lots of other local issues, from gentrification to marijuana to the who keeps all the money at the fairgrounds.

Give it a listen!

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13 Responses

  1. This episode was AWESOME!! Ed Shadid is SPOT ON regarding Maps! LET ME VOTE on these projects individually! I will be voting NO on this vote!

  2. oh Ed… he’s come a long way with his shady medical practices and mistreatment of employees. So hard to take this guy serious when he tries to act like he cares about anyone but himself. A true Narcissist, and you guys eat it up.

    1. Glorp

    2. +1

  3. Need to have me on sometime. Would be fun.

  4. The Fairgrounds Trust is an official body that has to abide by the Open Records Act. I used to cover it when I worked for the Journal Record back in the late 80s. You can get their accounts.

  5. Definitely voting a hard No on this MAPS. David Holt has lost his God Damn mind!

  6. This podcast just get better and better. When I first started listening I assumed it would be funny, but it’s become a must listen each week.

  7. lIKE YOUR tourism ? YOU PAYED FOR IT , NOW THEY WANT YOUR MONEY FOR INFRASTRUCTURE, IS NOT THAT COVERED UNDER ODOT ? thought so . vote this down and make oklahoma give your pennies back.

    1. ODOT only builds State highways. Maps 4 is going to bring 800, million for street project around town. Its not all about Parks and Arenas. I personally hope to see some kind of revenue generator for streets.

  8. Did you hear the news … Oklahoma wants to take your tax dollars and invest in a NFL team , yap that’s right . we already have a ass wipe thunder, that costs this state 3 million dollars a year . and that means more increase and building another ,not needed stadium … talk about a since hole ……

  9. Wish there was an app that would edit out all of ol’ girls never-ending nervous laughter at fucking everything.

  10. What about the EPA COVERUP and them using our tax money and attorney general to keep covering it up. The court case was transferred to a federal court if you look on oscn. Its mike hunter, Inhofe, pruitt, mary Fallon, list goes on, oh and harold hamm who is living tax free in Florida, our ag filed a gag order on Oklahoma university to shut them up. How long are they going to censor our news. And MAPS 4 is funneling money as well, ask Mayor Holt. And who are the knights of Columbus and why do they have a private airport in Harrah Ok?

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