Edmond school tried to sneak “Live Nativity Scene” into holiday concert…

The War on Christmas / government-endorsed religious indoctrination – it depends on your point of view  – is getting started a little bit early this year.

According to KFOR, Edmond Public Schools have axed a live nativity scene from a performance at Chisholm Elementary School because of that pesky separation of church and state thing.


Edmond Public Schools officials said they have made changes to an elementary school’s annual holiday concert that depicts a live Nativity scene after the group Freedom From Religious Foundation said it was inappropriate.

According to a letter the Freedom from Religion Foundation sent to Edmond Public Schools officials, a member of the Edmond community told the group that third-grade teachers at Chisholm Elementary School are having students rehearse a live Nativity scene and then having them perform it during the school’s annual holiday concert…

Nativity scenes are for front lawns and churches. Not everybody has the same weird mythological beliefs regarding saviors and gods and all that, and putting those kinds of beliefs into schools makes shit weird for a lot of people. Put on a Krampus play or something that nobody around here believes in, that would be cool.

I grew up in a family with a weird religion that didn’t celebrate holidays or anything like that, and it sucked very bad during school things, but I didn’t ever give a shit about all of the milk-carton Christmas lights in our neighborhood, the ones that wrapped around green-sprayed lawns that displayed purchased plastic depictions of the birth of the Jesus. Usually, some snotty teenager would steal the Baby Lord, or peck out the surrounding donkeys with a BB gun.

It obviously makes sense that Edmond would be the place where an argument surrounding a nativity scene would happen, because it is Very White and Very Christian. It’s just nice to see enough push-back that the outsider kids don’t have to accept other people’s bible stuff as normality.