Edmond school tried to sneak “Live Nativity Scene” into holiday concert…

The War on Christmas / government-endorsed religious indoctrination – it depends on your point of view  – is getting started a little bit early this year.

According to KFOR, Edmond Public Schools have axed a live nativity scene from a performance at Chisholm Elementary School because of that pesky separation of church and state thing.


Edmond Public Schools officials said they have made changes to an elementary school’s annual holiday concert that depicts a live Nativity scene after the group Freedom From Religious Foundation said it was inappropriate.

According to a letter the Freedom from Religion Foundation sent to Edmond Public Schools officials, a member of the Edmond community told the group that third-grade teachers at Chisholm Elementary School are having students rehearse a live Nativity scene and then having them perform it during the school’s annual holiday concert…

Nativity scenes are for front lawns and churches. Not everybody has the same weird mythological beliefs regarding saviors and gods and all that, and putting those kinds of beliefs into schools makes shit weird for a lot of people. Put on a Krampus play or something that nobody around here believes in, that would be cool.

I grew up in a family with a weird religion that didn’t celebrate holidays or anything like that, and it sucked very bad during school things, but I didn’t ever give a shit about all of the milk-carton Christmas lights in our neighborhood, the ones that wrapped around green-sprayed lawns that displayed purchased plastic depictions of the birth of the Jesus. Usually, some snotty teenager would steal the Baby Lord, or peck out the surrounding donkeys with a BB gun.

It obviously makes sense that Edmond would be the place where an argument surrounding a nativity scene would happen, because it is Very White and Very Christian. It’s just nice to see enough push-back that the outsider kids don’t have to accept other people’s bible stuff as normality.

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69 Responses

  1. Ah yes the plight of a Jehovah witness.

  2. Nothing really new to see here. It’s common knowledge that the Really Lost Ogle Crowd is against “motherhood, apple pie, and the flag” so throwing Christianity under the bus should surprise no one!

    In the meantime, myself and millions of others are going to enjoy all the people across America working again as employment numbers reach historic highs, historic unemployment numbers for all races, historic stock market highs, historic lows in welfare dependence, the rebuilding of the U. S. Military, and on and on and on.

    Meanwhile dimocrats are focused on a fake impeachment and you can bet that a dimocrat in the white house will reverse all the positive goings on in the U. S. including employment, stocks welfare, etc!

    God Bless America and Frankenberry!!!!! Sse my reply to your asinine comments Frankie-boy on Markwayne Mullin thread)


    1. Crapped all that out with a straight face eh? Lol
      Unprecedented presidential bullshit is what you missed there lol

      1. As usual, Mike’s comment contains no actual relevant reasoning. Only silly epithets and nicknames, and stuff about the Other Side hating mom and apple pie.

        Is he merely lazy, or is that all he’s got?

    2. Right comrade!


    4. You’re wrong about that. I really like pie.

    5. Basic economics is not your friend.

    6. yeah, Trump fortunate to inherit a robust economy from Obama that continued on the same trajectory it’s been on for years in spite of the chaos he sows in everything he has touched in his life. republicans no longer lying about the economy now that the black guy is gone. Unemployment is low because people are working 3 part time jobs that don’t pay a living wage and zero benefits. Not really conducive to high quality of life measures. If people are stupid enough to do something blatantly unconstitutional, they deserve ridicule.

      1. If you “think” obama’s economy was robust, you are a DIMWIT!

    7. Hey, I’m a big fan of motherhood and apple pie.

      But I’m more into Count Chocula than Frankenberry.

    8. yeah, Trump fortunate to inherit a robust economy from Obama that has continued on the same trajectory been on for years despite the chaos he sows in everything he has touched in his life. Unemployment #s low because people are working 3 shit part time jobs that don’t pay a living wage and zero benefits. Not really conducive to high quality of life measures. If people are dense enough to do something so blatantly unconstitutional they deserve ridicule.

      1. Another dimwit who “thinks” obama’s economy was robust – what a laugh!

        1. What is a laugh is your inability to comment without name-calling.


          In other words – if you like Trump’s economy, you should have been awfully fond of Obama’s economy.

          What is your factual basis for believing otherwise, if you have one? (Try to avoid “alternative facts” that are so popular at the White House.) 😀

    9. LOL.
      Your god his getting turned out as the traitorous criminal he is on all the networks today! By actual patriots (career state dept. diplomats who have served their country their entire lives)
      Get back on your meds…

    10. Wow. I leave and go travel the world for like 5 months and come back to still find Mike out West is still just the same dumb rooster lollipop he was when I left and really suffering from an extreme case of the proven Dunning-Kruger effect. Mike, you poor dumb chickenshit, just bc Trump says it’s true doesn’t make it so. But being a American I can respect your right to go through life as a moronic dumbass, that’s well within your rights.

      1. I think you may have brain damage from fighting with your cocks too much. I see 5 months of “world travel” hasn’t opened your eyes and made you more accepting of the view of others.

  3. Merry Christmas to all of you.

    1. Yes Merry Christmas to all! I’m so tired of all this political correctness BS!

      1. Nobody cares if you say Merry Christmas. Nobody cares if you say Happy Holidays. What I don’t like is government endorsement of a specific religion, which in this part of the country is not only Christian, it’s Southern Baptist. Have your tree at your church or your house or even at your mall, but leave the nativity scene out at school.

        1. Agree

          1. Agree. I once knew a Rabbi who was forced to play Joseph in a school Christmas program in elementary school. Not everyone believes in the virgin birth.

            1. I transferred from a Catholic school to public school in 3rd grade in the 60’s. Was forced to lead the class in the morning recitation of the Lord’s prayer on my first day. Protestants’ final verse – “for thine is the kingdom, etc….”- was not known by this former altar boy. Had to spend an hour standing in the trash can facing the wall. So get over it Edmond (lifechurchistan)”Christian” snowflakes

            2. Jesus was a rabbi.

    2. And also with you.

    3. Hail Satan!

  4. Well, I’ve always said Edmond’s motto is “Home of Uptight White People “.

    1. Wow, you’ve always said that? That’s very racist.

      1. Yeah, but what part of what Pattye said is wrong?

        1. The racist part

          1. And exactly *why* is it racist? Have white Edmondites been discriminated against in any way while trying to buy a house, get a job, apply to a university, etc.? Do you even know what racism means?

  5. Well… of course they did… its what radical religious nuts do

  6. I say this as a Christian, if school plays are going to have nativity scenes, then they should also have scenes celebrating other winter religious events. if you isolate one over the other, then you’re not adhering to the law.

    And despite what pundits say, no, it’s not really religious persecution for the predominant religion in a very religious region to be told that putting their religion in a school play doesn’t comply with the law.

    1. Agree!

  7. There is no devil. It’s just God when he’s been drinking.

    1. That’s profound. And God needs to smoke more kush.

    2. God is an alcoholic and a mean drunk? That would explain a lot.

      1. And He personally hates me.

      2. Stay classy

  8. Nice try Edmond Schools. You should know better.

  9. Maybe Edmond could balance this out with a celebration of the Muslim Eid Al-Fitr? Actually no, BECAUSE THE LAW SAYS YOU CAN’T USE OUR COLLECTIVE TAX DOLLARS TO PROMOTE A RELIGION!

  10. But if Edmond children aren’t exposed to the Nativity in school, where CAN they be exposed to it? Oh…wait… https://www.churchangel.com/WEBOK/edmond.htm

  11. Edmond should have learned a lesson when they lost their butt in the Edmond City Seal federal case.

    1. City leaders standing up for God with other people’s money. The strategy is objectively stupid, but it may be a winner when they run for re-election..

  12. So how were they trying to *sneak” it in?

  13. I’m sure that y’all who are ok with taxpayer-funded nativity scenes would be equally ok with a similar representation of some pivotal event in the history of Islam. Right?

    The good devout and patriotic people of Edmond surely wouldn’t mind either. Because all religions are treated equally in America, most especially in our only-recently-great America of today. That’s somewhere in the Constitution, or so I hear.

    So Merry Chanukah, Happy Christmas, Blessed Kwanza, blessings on the Prophet, Cheerful Festivus, Hail Satan, or whatever the hell it takes to float your boat.

    For myself, I won’t be offended by whatever holiday cheer you choose to send my way. And I will keep saying “happy holidays” to strangers to cover all bases.

    If “happy holidays” pisses Sean Hannity off or pisses you off, then get used to it – and go **** yourself.

    1. My mom was an elementary school teacher and paid for most of the decorations and games that she kept in her classroom. She also helped to build sets, that were paid for by her and other teachers, for school plays. According to the article, the third grade teachers are the ones who put this play together…

      So what makes you think any of this was funded by tax payers?

      1. So you’d be cool with a satanic display as long as the teacher paid out of his/her pocket?

        1. I would actually find that hilarious. However, that wasn’t my argument. I was simply explaining that there was almost a zero chance that taxpayers flipped the bill for a 3rd grade nativity display.

      2. Who pays for the teacher and her classroom?

        1. Teachers put a lot of their own skin into the classroom. The idea that it’s ultimately the same as tax dollars is flawed to me.

          That said, I still don’t think it should be in a school play. Public school teachers are ultimately government employees and can’t favor one religion over another.

        2. Are you saying teachers are owned by the public? How unenlightened.

          1. They are paid by the public and work for the public. But what they do at home and on their own time is nobody’s business.

            They can even set up a huge, lighted nativity scene in their front yards If they want. Better there than at work.

    2. Stay classy

    3. I miss missed this place. Been too long since I had time to lurk. haha

      In some of my past research on religions I found even more supporting evidence that the vast majority (99%) of religious people have no idea about the origin/truth of the religion that they espouse. I especially found the Gnostics to be extremely enlightening on the subject of the “Abrahamic” trio – Islam, Judaism and Christianity. If you haven’t read anything on the Gnostics (which I would hazard that you already have, GC), then Google the Nag Hammadi Library, or even better Graham Hancock’s Psychadelics in Society (video on prime). His explanation (scientific) gives some serious insight into what the Gnostics believe that the “trio” are supporting. Pretty intriguing stuff!
      – Always the student

      1. “Faith is believing what you know ain’t so.” – Mark Twain

  14. One tine someone told me what a friend of a friend told them. When I repeated in court what was told to me, guess what was said by the opposing attorney AND the Judge……..

    DIMwits and DIMocrats, one and the same.

    1. Mike:

      If you related your hearsay to one of the attorneys in a court case, outside the context of a trial…

      …and if the attorney then investigated what you said and found first-hand supporting evidence for it…

      … and if then they introduced that evidence (no longer hearsay now!) into an official proceeding…

      …then the fact that your initial knowledge was hearsay no longer matters, does it? However, the evidence developed from your hearsay definitely does matter.

      At this point in the proceedings, you (the initial whistleblower) no longer matter. What would be the point of calling you to testify, even as an attempt to discredit you because you (allegedly) have a grudge against the party that your hearsay evidence disadvantages?

      This stuff isn’t very hard, Mike. Think about it for a few seconds and I think you might see.

      But I doubt that you will do that.

      1. Why don’t you cut to the chase oh wordy one? You cloud every issue by going on and on and on, a long tired method of obfuscation! (or trying to impress others)

        Hearsay IS NOT admissible – end of discussion, i.e., your B/S!

        1. Hearsay is not admissible in a criminal trial, but impeachment proceedings aren’t criminal trials. Assuming that’s what you’re talking about, but no idea why you would be doing that in comments for an article that has nothing to do with impeachment.

      2. Why in the f*ck are we talking about the impeachment proceedings here?

  15. Mike out where ever you say you are.,
    1. Where, just out of curiosity, do you get your information? Financial Times, Washington Times, Commentary, WSJ? Let me know if this is too fast, I’ll type slower. I wont get into a battle of words with you because I don’t pick on those who can’t defend themselves. Seriously, I know you’re trolling with the folk here and your entire existence revolves around coming back to see how many pinks have replied to the clever bon mots you have offered up against the red/pink/purple/rainbow menace that confronts you. I love you Mike, seriously, when can we talk. I love the big, silent type. Real silent type. I think that maybe you. …Relax you big lug, I’m just f*****g with ya. You can take a joke right? It’s weird times bro’s…

  16. Hell yeah I can take a joke……………The Really Lost Ogle itself is a joke! I get my information everywhere, across all realms of print media and news outlets, coffee shops, ballgames, back alleys, even some from hangers on around the Tidal Basin on rare occasions as well as hearsay originating at a Starbucks near Dulles Airport. What I glean from these trusted sources, I periodically bring to The Really Lost Ogle to set the record straight. Don’t fret over those who can’t defend themselves because I sure don’t!

    Bugs, you are a straight shooter, a rarity on The Really Lost Ogle which is over populated with lefties, some of whom find it a necessity to comment on each & every thread and pretend they know a lot about everything. Not me, I stick to the things I know a lot about!

    Take these so called Impeachment Hearings, or whatever they are called. They are very lacking in substance and aren’t playing well with the American public. Oh their playing well inside the Beltway and with the Lost Ogle bunch, but these are microcosms when compared to the whole of our society.
    Take it from me, what someone was told by a friend of someone who overheard someone telling someone something or other is nothing to base anything of substance on. It is in fact weird times!

    1. About 47% of the American public thinks Trump should be impeached, so I’d think the proceedings are playing better than you think.


      1. You believe those false polls taken and publicized by the same folks that said Hillary was a shoo-in. How dumb are you?

  17. At risk of giving up my background, you didn’t answer the question, which was relatively easy. Where do you get all this information you cite? I read all of the conservative media I gave you a choice of. I am a firm believer in knowing how the other side thinks, because they may be right. That’s what used to be called the American way. Evidence gathered from both sides to make up your mind. I know you Mike, been surrounded by you in my near 60 years in Oklahoma. I know how you think and for the most part, don’t think. You react to what ever blows your skirt up the most any given day. Therein lies the problem and this axiom can be spread across the state. I’ve taught and coached your children for almost 30 years, and it’s given me a perspective on you and the parents. You are flattened by a life with little meaning. You’ve become reactionary, increasingly pressed by a life that you have little control over, infuriating, and one that you have little sway on and will be over very soon. No. 1, the first amendment disallows an official gum’int religion. Sorry, forefathers had background of decades of religious wars in England, didn’t want to repeat that. No.2, the economic facts that you dish like so many playing cards tend to be juxtaposed to information provided by the conservative Financial Times, WSJ, WASHINGTON Times, et. al. I love arguing, but without facts, you have little stroke mate.Facts deny your entire Obama thing, office of the neutral CBO, would make that apparent. Your ad hominem attacks are, well, ad hominem attacks, a favorite of the current occupant of the White House. Your time is short my brother, might suggest a zen Buddhist path for you. This will result in less available time to decompress through rant, and allow you to enjoy the life experience while you can. A smarter man than me said, ” a rising tide lifts all boats. ” In juxtaposition, Sam Walton said all rising boats should be shot with extreme prejudice. Cheers mate.

  18. I read the sources you mention and many others, watch news I am sure you watch as well as those that don’t fit your taste, listen to many commentators you probably don’t, and talk to contacts regularly that I have worked with and who live around the country. I have not lived in Oklahoma all my adult life and thankfully have had a diverse work life working all over the U. S. and in Washington D. C. gaining an up close look at reality. You certainly don’t know me, or anyone like me, for that matter. I would visit with you in person about whatever, but The Really Lost Ogle and it’s liberal minions is no place for a real conversation about conservatism or anything else. It is saturated with those with an agenda to make Oklahoma a liberal stronghold.

    I’ve been on the Really Lost Ogle long enough to know that any specific sources I would list would be ridiculed, told what was wrong with the sources, and on and on. I know the liberal crowd that runs this site and caters to the left wing liberals of our day. You do seem different than the regulars on here and would I would like to engage you in a different venue. See you at a HS basketball game and we’ll chat up a storm. Cheers to you.

  19. Mike, if you are so opposed to the “Liberal folks at the Really Lost Ogle” then why bother with all these comments? Are you setting the “facts” straight bc you have some sort of hero complex? Like do you think that you’re going to change anyone’s mind here? Last time I checked both Republicans and Democrats are still just American citizens, que illegally registered Democrat voters comment, that have slightly opposing viewpoints but are all still in the same boat. What I do not understand is your defense of Trump. If he has done nothing wrong then he has nothing to hide, correct? If he is as rich as he says he is then he should be proud of his tax returns, right? And if this is just another “witch hunt” then it should really make the Democrats look silly, huh? So really it’s a win/win for you. Your champion of morality will be exonerated, well aside from the hush money payments to porno stars, the out of court settlement to Trump University students, the Polish construction workers he illegally contracted and then never paid, the failed casinos and let’s not forget Trumps steaks or the sleazy Ms. Universe pageants. But hey, I’m sure you’re right and he is completely innocent of any wrong doing because he has been doing things so right his whole life, like the multiple infidelities he has committed regarding his marriage’s. Truly anointed by God for all his truly Christian acts of kindness and his love of his fellow man. Let’s also not forget those songs Woody Guthrie wrote about his father being such a great man..

    1. You’re right of course – I will change no one’s mind, but I might irritate the hell out of em as they do me with their left wing drivel! And as I have stated many times, Trump is not my idol and he has made many mistakes in his life – as have many politicians,who knew how to sweep their mistakes under the rugs! He is the President and never in history has an elected President been maligned as he has. Nevertheless, the number of employed Americans is at or near all time highs, unemployment is at all time lows for all races, the stock market is at all time highs, welfare roles are way, way down etc., etc., etc., etc.!

      There is no joy in Mudville ….only hatred and disharmony. But then, I’m not headed to Mudville-just a basketball game for little ones followed by the big kids later. Have a good afternoon and evening bashing Trump you Really Lost Ogles…….

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