Wait. Kate McKinnon isn’t playing Joe Exotic???

Just like everyone, I was excited to learn last week that SNL’s Kate McKinnon will star in an upcoming streaming series about the life and times of Joe Exotic. Joe Exotic’s bizarre life and story is worth a theatrical reenactment, and I can’t think of a better performer to play the role than SNL’s Kate McKinnon – a multi-talented star that plays male characters better than she does women!

Here are details via NewsOK.com:

The strange life and murder-for-hire trial of Joe Exotic, the former Oklahoma zoo operator, big-cat breeder and gubernatorial and presidential candidate, is being turned into a television series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal Content Productions is teaming with Wondery to adapt its podcast about Joe Exotic for television. Emmy-winning “Saturday Night Live” standout Kate McKinnon will star and executive produce along with Wondery’s Hernan Lopez and Marshall Lewy.

The project is in the early stages of development, so a writer for the potential series has not yet been determined and a network is not yet attached.

McKinnon is set to star in the series as Joe Exotic’s rival and intended victim, Florida-based big cat enthusiast Carole Baskin, according to the trade publication. Possible casting choices for Joe Exotic have not yet been announced.

Wait? She’s going to be the weird tiger lady Joe paid someone to kill? That’s weak! Based on her performances as Jeff Sessions, Lindsey Graham and Rudy Giuliani on SNL, Kate McKinnon would be perfect for the role of a homicidal, redneck, foul-mouth, eccentric, gay, tiger-zoo-operator-turned-gubernatorial-candidate who enjoys passing out self-branded condoms to children. Can’t they just have Kate pull a Tyler Perry and act out all the roles in the series?

If Kate can’t play Joe, I guess they could see what David Spade or Will Forte are up to. They seem like good fits. Or maybe Tom DeLonge from the First Date video? They could also keep it local and audition Brian Bosworth, Kristin Chenoweth or Van Shea Iven. They’d make great little tiger kings!

Of course, the best person to play Joe Exotic in a show about Joe Exotic would be the Tiger King himself  – Joe Exotic. We’re all about criminal justice reform in Oklahoma, so maybe some sort of work release program would get the job done. I guess we’ll wait and see.

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4 Responses

  1. Van Shea Iven. Lol!

  2. She is a comedic genius, although her Elizabeth Warren needs a little work.

  3. Will Prez for life Boren have supporting role?

  4. What about Tulsa’s own Bill Hader for the role of Joe Exotic?

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