2nd Amendment “Auditor” Doesn’t Seem To Know Laws He’s “Auditing”

Well, we are officially two weeks into the “constitutional carry” law coming into effect in Oklahoma, but approximately 0 days without incident. I don’t know what the purpose was for loosening our state’s gun laws. But by how things are going so far, I’m assuming it was to make it easier for law enforcement to identify and arrest reckless gun-nuts.


OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A gun rights activist accused of illegally taking a rifle into an Oklahoma City restaurant is facing a felony charge.

Timothy A. Harper, 52, was arrested Tuesday after he violated a state law that bars possessing or carrying a rifle in any establishment where alcoholic beverages are consumed, authorities said.

Harper told another activist in an online interview on Monday that he took his rifle into Twin Peaks Nov. 2 in celebration of Oklahoma’s new ‘permitless carry’ gun law, which went into effect Nov. 1, The Oklahoman reported.

Police reported recovering surveillance video from the restaurant that shows Harper, of Choctaw, walking in “with an AR-style rifle slung to the front of his body.” Police noted that he was asked to leave the restaurant, but he initially refused.

Good God, this second amendment “auditor” doesn’t seem to know the laws he is actually “auditing.” Look, I know that the SDA concealed carry course I took for my own handgun license was basically a blow off Saturday where I got to eat French fries with my buddy while watching a PowerPoint presentation, followed by shooting 50 rounds into a silhouette just to make sure I knew which way the gun should be pointed. But at least our 2002-era PowerPoint had a slide that informed us where people can and cannot legally carry a firearm. And as it turns out, you cannot carry your firearm into a facility where the main purpose is alcohol sales. You also cannot bring your firearm into a privately owned-business that prohibits it. Maybe my blow off class wasn’t that much of a blow-off after all! So, how did it all turn out for Harper, anywho?

The affidavit indicates prosecutors have agreed to charge Harper. If convicted, he faces up to two years in prison and a $1,000 fine. He’s being held at the county jail. No bail has been set.

Harper often livestreams himself openly carrying a rifle or AR-15 pistol in public places and being confronted by police. He has said his goal is to educate the police on gun laws and make the public more comfortable with seeing legally armed citizens. His critics contend he just wants the attention and makes money by posting his videos on YouTube.

Earlier this year, he drew widespread criticism for openly carrying an AR-15 pistol in Edmond’s Hafer Park as children played nearby.

On Nov. 6, the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association sharply denounced Harper for his “continued antics” after a run-in with authorities outside the Israel United in Christ Church in Oklahoma City. The gun rights group said he has been permanently banned as a member.

In an October interview, Oklahoma City Police Chief Wade Gourley complained about “people that like to create drama and want to create a situation that they can put on YouTube.” He did not mention Harper by name.

Wow, you must be the nuttiest of the gun nuts if even a pro-gun rights organization is calling you out. Here’s the thing, I know that requiring a handgun license to carry a concealed firearm wasn’t the perfect way to keep “bad guys” from carry a weapon. But it at least deterred a few untrained, vigilante assholes from carrying their weapons in public out of fear of getting slapped with a felony. Now that constitutional carry is in effect, those vigilante assholes can start carrying without going through the hassle of a background check and overview of state law. What’s more is that the research suggests that introducing a gun into a situation not only increases aggression, but it can also turn a neutral situation hostile. I know these vigilantes think they are making the world safer by carrying their gun.  But in Oklahoma’s case, I have a feeling that a higher gun presence is going to make it much more dangerous.

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61 Responses

  1. With these kind of nuts running around, we should invest in the company that makes the
    “firearms prohibited” stickers for the entry doors of businesses.

    1. Good idea

  2. Good grief. Does the insanity ever stop? One right wing gun nut fiasco after another.
    I have lived in 4 red states in my life and insanity never stops here. Must be something in the water.

  3. This guy must be compensating for “short hands.”

    1. That’s funny.

  4. If it goes to trial and he’s convicted, then he won’t be able to carry anywhere legally anymore.

    1. He wouldn’t even be able legally to OWN a gun as a convicted felon.

      THAT is letting the punishment fit the crime!

  5. I feel a lot safer knowing that patriotic gentlemen like Mr. Harper are walking around, locked and loaded, “auditing” the health of our Second Amendment rights. Smart and thoughtful ARMED men like him (it’s always men, isn’t it?), knowledgeable about the Constitution and State law, are protecting our freedoms and Making America Great Again, and making us all safer as well.

    (That paragraph is snark, in case you are wondering. I made another snarky comment recently that left some doubt in at least one commenter’s mind.)

    1. Snarky comments are kind of your thing. You are the TLO fluffer after all.

      1. I agree with a lot of what Graychin says, but I do like the term “TLO fluffer.”
        Which effluvium do you fluff for, friend?

      2. Yes, snarky comments are kinda my thing. My wife will agree with you.

        I may have my “fluffer” rep because I praise what I like in addition to bitching and moaning about what I don’t like. Several of our commenters do much more of the latter than the former, so perhaps that makes me unusual here.

        1. Back in my Edmond days, “fluff” was something that smelled pretty bad.

          Course things have changed since then. By God, we hope considering how long ago that was.

          That was around the time I didn’t know what my grandma’s sativa garden really was. Much less if it was legal. 👵🏼

    2. Yes, it’s always *white* men. People of color can’t open carry and live to tell the tale.

  6. Just baffles me that these idiots that think they have an unfettered right to carry a gun anywhere anytime and it’s been their right since the Constitution was created are so completely wrong. It was only after Scalia’s massively f-ed up reading of the 2nd Amendment (that pretty much no lawyer, judge or legal scholar thinks was appropriate) just a few years ago is responsible.


    1. Ahhh…I see you cite a Washington Post opinion piece on the 2nd amendment, by an English and Linguistics professor. Couldn’t be any bias there. I’ll take it for what it’s worth. My bird cage awaits.

      1. Feel free to post a well-thought-out, well-reasoned, educated rebuttal. In the meantime, here’s more that shows Scalia was wrong:









      2. It’s more than most people cite here, and given that the entirety of the second amendment debate is based on opinion, it’s not like quoting an opinion piece is too out of line. A Washington Times opinion piece would have the same amount of weight.

        It is worth noting that interpretation and defense of the second amendment has taken a larger shift to the right than it originally had.

      3. Oh, and if a fellow Supreme Court Justice says this about your opinion, you f-ed up bad:

        “District of Columbia v. Heller, which recognized an individual right to possess a firearm under the Constitution, is unquestionably the most clearly incorrect decision that the Supreme Court announced during my tenure on the bench,”

      4. vonH will remain poorly informed if he rejects out of hand any news items from an “unapproved” source – like the “fake” Washington Post or the “failing” NY Times.

        I hold Fox News in very low regard, but if they break a story that seems improbable, I check with other sources before I dismiss it. Sometimes their stories even check out!

        If vonH is a thinking person, don’t the WaPo et al deserve the same attention from him?

      5. Yup, no doubt, the only answer to gun violence is more guns I have always argued that the only way to fight wildfires is more matches, for everyone. Everyone should be required to have a matchstick holder on their belts full with matches I know I would feel safer from the harm of fire. Only logical…right?

  7. I have my own way of dealing with this. I’m not shopping anywhere that refuses to put up a ‘no weapons’ sign on their door. I refuse to shop in fear of nuts like this guy.

    1. There’s about 18 flaws in that logic.

      1. Feel free to name one or two of them. Until you do, you’re only blowing smoke.

  8. The audit revealed to him that it is illegal for him to carry his firearm into a bar. So I’d say his audit was successful.

  9. Now hold on a second people just because of one mans mistake you can’t go calling everyone who carries a nut and as far as the person who said you won’t shop in a store that doesn’t have a no weapons sign let me tell you a little secret. If I’m a bad guy and I know that a establishment has one of those signs on their door well it just became a target for me to pull off a robbery. I sure wouldn’t try and rob a store that welcomes persons who carries in fear that I’m out numbered by your so called gun nuts who is going to more than likely shoot me! So just remember that when your at one of those establishments that bans guns on there property. The criminal doesn’t care that it says no firearms he’s a law breaker remember.

    1. Well, but now, Greg, I can see that some potential robbers might prefer to walk into an establishment while they were carrying. They are, after all, planning on using that piece, and now, if anyone sees them going in while obviously carrying, they won’t be reported. When they walk in, people won’t immediately call the police, and they can get right up to the cash register without anybody cocking an eye – hell, they can commence to firing at will, like some berserkers from the right seem to be lately fond of. Some guys will calculate that even though the law now allows anybody to walk around with a loaded gun, most will continue to opt out of that tiresome option, and therefore the establishment may at that point be free of any limp dick dipshits that think carrying a gun makes them bad, so bad. And so they might reckon there’s a good chance that they will be the only ones in there, a least for a few glorious minutes.
      Just another way to look at it, bud.

      1. The flaw in that logic is that they may have the gun to rob the cash register but while the suspect has his gun pointing at the clerk but he’s got ten other people pointing guns at him… That’s if you want to play what if

    2. Honestly, if I’m brazen enough to rob a place, I’m probably actually just going to target the dude walking around with an AR over his shoulder when he goes out to his car, because that AR and his sidearm are probably both worth a lot more than whatever I’d get out of the register. If he’s normalized to seeing people walk around with guns, even better, he wouldn’t think twice about me openly carrying then, in all likelihood. As long as I pointed at him before he pointed at me, I’m probably safe. If everyone was carrying, it’d be different, sure, but open carriers have actually been robbed before for the very reason that they’re brazen enough to carry in public. That’s why I feel concealed carry is just a better option.

      I’m not afraid of guys like this, I just feel like it’s particularly silly to walk around like you’re in a central american militia. Now if the shooting does break out, I’m hiding from those people as much as possible because you’re more likely to be caught in the crossfire, if they even know who the real bad guy is in the first place. Using a firearm for protection really only works best when you know whoever else you point at is a bad guy.

      1. Especially if he’s carrying a long gun like an AR-15. I can raise my .45 and simultaneously block him from raising his rifle. Win-win.

  10. I looked up the state law and this nut has a very good case. But then I don’t think the DA would pursue a case that he knows he is going to publicly lose. Maybe I am missing something.

    Apparently he had a rifle and a sidearm. When asked to leave, he left and put the rifle in his car and came back in with the sidearm. Maybe this where the charge is. I dunno but it will be interesting see how this goes.

    A. It shall be unlawful for any person to carry or possess any weapon designated in Section 1272 of this title in any establishment where low-point beer, as defined by Section 163.2 of Title 37 of the Oklahoma Statutes, or alcoholic beverages, as defined by Section 506 of Title 37 of the Oklahoma Statutes, are consumed. This provision shall not apply to a peace officer, as defined in Section 99 of this title, or to private investigators with a firearms authorization when acting in the scope and course of employment, and shall not apply to an owner or proprietor of the establishment having a pistol, rifle, or shotgun on the premises. Provided however, a person possessing a valid handgun license pursuant to the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act may carry the concealed or unconcealed handgun into any restaurant or other establishment licensed to dispense low-point beer or alcoholic beverages where the sale of low-point beer or alcoholic beverages does not constitute the primary purpose of the business.

    1. I read somewhere on a blog this morning that he left and came back but can’t find any confirmation anywhere so maybe he didn’t.

  11. Well said, my friend. Always being opposed to any open carry, I have always appreciated that small layer of protection provided to us with the training and background checks concealed carry permit added. I never understood why our legislators and governor were so adamantly in favor of the Constitutional Open Carry. I know myself and many neighbors and other citizens wrote our senator and representative asking for them to oppose open carry; however, both voted for it. I don’t know of anyone contacting any legislator asking for them to support it. Even former Governor MF was smart enough to veto it. I support the 2nd Amendment, but never thought requiring the concealed carry permit infringed upon my 2nd Amendment rights. However, my meth-head, rebel flag waving, toothless, 2nd Amendment Rights advocate neighbors around the corner love the open carry. While they’re walking around protecting the neighborhood, no one knows and no one is going to see if they’re legal.

    1. Actually this law allows you to both open and concealed carry I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to grasp this. Read the entire law please

      1. We know what you are saying S.J., we know that. What we are saying is we opposed to”the law” that allows people to open carry without a concealed carry permit. We think it is very dangerous to our state to allow people to open carry without at least some training and a background check provided by the concealed carry permit.

        1. From what I understand brother is that the background check that the permit class provides is the same as the background check you do when you purchase a firearm at the FFL dealer so in that way I find it redundant but just because we have a few different views doesn’t mean that either one of us is right or wrong and that we can’t have respect for each other and our views

          Now I know Oklahoma has a work around when it comes to private sales of guns that doesn’t require a background check that to me is more troubling then the permitless carry law the only time I bought a gun off someone in a private sale was from a trusted friend every other gun i have bought was from a gun store because I wouldn’t trust buying from a random person I don’t know if they committed a crime with it and don’t want to get caught with it.

  12. Perhaps instead of “auditing” breastaurants he should audit a gym or a spin class or something? He looks like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.

  13. If a guy like that were to walk into a restaurant dressed like that with no law enforcement badges, some people would react by throwing chairs or tables at the armed individual… just saying

    1. At the very least I would give him the major stink-eye.

    2. And you would be charged with assault.

      1. Not if I “reasonably feared for my safety” – I’d just be standing my ground.

  14. I do not condone what he does I find it completely moronic and just shit pot stirring and could mess up a good thing for other people like myself. I have looked up all the laws and understand where to carry how to carry and when and when not to un-holster my sidearm and yet I’ve never been to a ccw class but some people would say that without that class i wouldn’t have the proper knowledge of firearms but what you wouldn’t know I have been using firearms since I was 8 years old then I joined the Army at 18 where they pound firearm safety in your skull from day 1 up until you the day you leave. So I ask if I keep up with the laws regularly and have millions of hours of of training (not that it would hurt) what is 8 hours of power point and a shooting session going to do for me

    1. Thank you for your service, S.J. You are an exception and we appreciate you. If I had written the law, I would have written it where anyone with honorable discharge from any military branch would be exempt for any training requirements. I know it’s only an 8 hour powerpoint with limited practice, but it’s at least something, plus the background check gives some security. The argument always was a felon cannot purchase a gun. My point is we have a severe drug problem in Oklahoma. I have it in my neighborhood. We have a group of meth-heads living around the corner. I don’t know if they are felons, but since November 1 they been up and down the streets with their open carry. We’ve reported and can get no help because our police are saying they are legal. I know I definitely don’t want to infringe on your right as an honorable citizen and veteran, but as you mention about the moron and I mentioned about my meth-head neighbors, we need checks and balances for those not of your standing.

      1. Frank thank you for your respectful comment.

        I am not knocking the training course that it provides at all and I would never shame anyone who wants to get more training
        But what I am saying is that some people believe that no matter how much experience someone has with a firearm it doesn’t matter unless you have a ccw permit .

        However I believe you and I know that isn’t always the case and I also believe you should never need to ask the government’s permission to practice a constitutional right that we were all born with now that being said in regards to the meth head neighbors open carrying if they do have felonies I hope they get caught but we all know that criminals don’t care about the law and more then likely have been packing heat well before the law changed and will continue to do so until they get busted and when they get out of prison they will go back to doing it again and I wish I never have to use my firearm to defend my family and I wish you never need to do the same but this law allows us to.

        Myself I do not agree with openly carrying a firearm especially how this Timothy Harper guy did it now I have no problem with AR-15’s I own one and I’m planning on building one in 300 blackout but the extent of them being carried should be no more then a truck gun or for target shooting, hunting, and last resort for home defense and I don’t care what someone on the news says about the Ar-15 being a military assault weapon it’s not just because it looks like one and is the same caliber the capabilities and the quality is not as good as the M-16/M-4

        But what this guy purposely did was a disgusting display if ignorance and I am a firm believer in the 2A but some people need to realize that guns are not just a right but a responsibility and if they can’t be responsible with one they need to either get as much training as they can or make the decision not to own one.
        Sorry for the long reply

      2. Oh and Frank how I see it to be at a standing you would put me and my fellow veterans at is work hard to take care of your family and responsibilities no matter what your job me and you may not have walked the same path but we are equal to each other

        1. BTW Tim McVeigh was a veteran.

          1. Okay what does carrying a handgun without a permit like the second amendment intended and some nut job who used fertilizer and other ingredients to blow up a building have to do with each other? Oh wait he didn’t use a gun

  15. I’m more concerned about these “auditors” driving while live streaming on YouTube. Many of them are driving in heavy traffic reading and responding to the live comments being posted online. Talk about an accident waiting to happen.

  16. Given the Laws of Probability I’d say accidental discharges will over the course of years greatly lessen the number of 2nd Amendment auditors while amply expanding the entries for a Darwin Award.

    1. Lol sir you win the internet today

  17. At great risk of being misunderstood, I am unsure whether more people with more guns are the answer to gun violence. I own guns in my home. Again, I defer to experienced veterans when it comes to the use of weapons in a crisis situation. Such a person could testify to the value of training . As a lifelong citizen of Oklahoma, I don’t feel safer knowing the average citizen can openly carry firearms. No offense to anyone, however, the average disposition of said citizen does not lend itself to the safe use of guns. Myself, I couldn’t imagine being required to hit what I’m aiming at in a life or death situation. While else would one carry a gun, psychology aside. Personally, I feel less safe knowing anyone in this state can carry a gun. As I have stated elsewhere on this site, it is like fighting wildfires with more matches.

    1. Bugs I am not saying that more guns is the absolute end all be all solution but I have been following the news even more since the law has passed and I have noticed a big drop in reported shootings and violent crime in Oklahoma however I am not 100% sure if the law that passed has everything to do with it but I do believe that it is the criminal not knowing for sure if his intended victim is armed or not has something to do with it
      With that being said just like everything else in life training is a personal responsibility even though I have a lot of firearm training I stay on top of it and go to the gun range as well as using snap caps at home and practice my draw when the wife and kids are not home I also don’t allow my kids access to my guns not until they are at a age to understand the responsibility of using a gun and lots of training before I even hand them a firearm even under my supervision

      1. The law has just gone into effect, so there probably isn’t enough time to really determine whether there’s any correlation.

        But violent crime rates have been going down for years now regardless.

        1. Krakatoa that’s why I said I’m not 100% sure the law has much to do with it but would people having permits to carry make a difference in violent crime and murders as opposed to allowing permitless carry open(I do not suggest it) or concealed(I do suggest that) I mean if I were to rob a bank/store or go murder someone would I go oh no oklahoma has a permit law I can’t bring this gun to do that it’s illegal. No a criminal gives no second thought to braking the law so why should i have to pay And have government permission to protect my family as best I can while we are out and for the most of us have been around guns since we could walk the only reason why most people think “we need permits and a 8hr training class and 1 single range trip to carry” is because someone from the government told you that it’s necessary that you do so they can bring in more money to the state and violate our rights and we fell for it hook line and sinker back when it was first passed in to law

    2. And just one thing I would like you to have in the back of your mind. (For every 1 Timothy Harper there is 100,000 responsible gun owners like us)

  18. No mention of this man’s involvement with The Proud Boys?

    1. Not that I know of but the OK2A has banned him for life from being a member and I also know from reading other articles he did have a permit for the hand gun he had on him during the shenanigans he pulled so that tells me he knew better but did anyway

      1. According to a Hate Trackers profile on the Proud Boys operating in Oklahoma, Mr. Harper is a member of the group. Instigating violence and getting arrested are ways the members can rank up in the organization. They are a very dangerous bunch of people.

        1. Yeah going out to cause trouble and get arrested just to rank up in some made up fantasy of some homosexual like para military group sounds like fun where does one sign up 😄😄😄

  19. WTH is an AR-15 pistol?

    1. The AR-15 pistol is a work around to a short barrel rifle due to the ATF’s rules but you don’t need a FFL to own one like a SBR but unlike an SBR you cant have a but stock or a forward grip on the AR-15 pistol even though they have what is called an arm brace on the back and they have the same rate of fire as the SBR and full length AR-15 I would say a AR-15 pistol is a range toy more then anything because you can’t easily conceal them im sure its not impossible but I wouldn’t use it for hunting like I would a full length AR and I wouldn’t openly carry it like a complete tool would

  20. After a couple of unpleasant experiences with guns (someone else’s unfortunately) I know if I’m in an establishment and someone walks in carrying a weapon, I just hope they don’t see me bc I’m heading out the door furthest away from them.
    Yes, I realize I need to get my issue with guns worked out. I’m trying, at least. 😔 (TG for online shopping)

    Y’all stay safe and out of harms way. ⭐️

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