5 Underappreciated Oklahoma Holidays

Ever since we turned our calendar to November, I have seen a feud play out on social media between the Thanksgiving advocates and Christmas enthusiasts. It’s like a person can’t hang a pine tree-scented air freshener from their rearview mirror without some holiday-purist complaining that Christmas cannot be celebrated until after Turkey Day. Well, here’s the thing: Thanksgiving isn’t the only overlooked holiday in our state. So, here are five more holidays that deserve more notoriety in Oklahoma.

1. OKC Big Trash Day

It may sound like a boring day, but the sweet relief OKC’s Big Trash Day brings is equivalent to popping a pimple or finding a bathroom on the Kilpatrick Turnpike. It’s not necessarily a glamorous or fun occasion, but it’s something we all need at one point or another. Without big trash day, your garage would still be full of Amazon boxes from Prime Day 2017, a dead Christmas tree, and your college-era futon.

50-cent Corndog Day at Sonic

Move over, Thanksgiving. This is Oklahoma’s true holiday for the celebration of gluttony.

Opening Day of Deer Season

More Oklahomans observe the opening day of deer season than they do President’s Day, so which do you think should be considered an official holiday?

BC Clark’s Anniversary Sale

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale should be the state’s favorite holiday because 1) It’s non-denominational, 2) It’s already been a tradition since 1892, 3) it’s already got its own carol that everyone knows.

Braum’s Eggnog Season

Generally celebrated on November 1st by the Braums establishments across the state, the first day eggnog is available for purchase is a nostalgic and exciting day that really gets Oklahomans in the spirit of the holidays. That is, until they pour their first and only serving of the creamy substance, get burnt out on the taste before the cup is empty, and leave the rest of the jug to expire in the back of the fridge until around January 4th.

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