News 9 Helps Cop Buddies Drive Fear About Criminal Justice Reform…

Every now and then, I like to remind our readers about the super cozy, buddy-buddy relationship between the local TV news media and the law enforcement establishment.

At its simplest, it works like this – TV new folks depend on law enforcement officials and their PR teams to supply a steady stream of fear-mongering crime stories (and occasional feel good propaganda) to air on TV each day. In return, the cops depend on TV news folks help indoctrinate the public, and promote and advance a pro-law enforcement agenda and narrative.

Although it may occasionally get muddied by a law enforcement scandal or two, the relationship works pretty well. For example, check out this story that ran last week on News 9.

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Says Law Is Causing Spike In Burglaries, Forms New Taskforce

Investigators have formed a taskforce to tackle a growing problem.

According to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, since the start the year, thieves have stolen more than half a million dollars in property in Oklahoma County.

According to the sheriff’s office, the numbers have spiked since Oklahomans voted in favor of State Question 780 in 2016.

According to the latest OSBI numbers from 2017-2018, larceny crimes in Oklahoma County increased by more than 7%.

First of all, kudos to QuikTrip for being ahead of the game on this. Second…

Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband! Larceny crimes have increased 7% over two years in Oklahoma County and it’s State Question 780’s fault! Who cares that crime stats can be easily manipulated, or that an increase (or decrease) in thefts could be attributed to wide variety of socioeconomic factors, or that the long-term gains of criminal justice reform will offset any associated short-term crime spikes, we know 780 is the problem because the cops and their media buddies told us it is.

Here’s more:

Under 780, some low-level drug and property crimes were reduced from felonies to misdemeanors.

“The threshold has been lowered as far as concerning thefts. For a felony it used to be $500, and now it’s a $1,000,” said Meyers.

Meyers said criminals have taken note.

“We’re also finding inmates or criminals we’re speaking with are bragging about it. They understand the law and even take calculators with them to make sure they are stealing less than $1,000,” said Meyers.

There are lots of good things to come out of criminal justice reform in Oklahoma – people being reunited with loved ones, drug dealers going back to work, etc. – but one underappreciated aspect is the boom it has created for the local calculator industry. In fact, calculator sales have gone up 7% since 780 passed!

“Okay, Sal. Between the Amazon packages, catalytic converter and all stuff we found in that kid’s backpack, it looks like we’re up to $843.12. That gives us about $156-bucks to play with.”

“Did you include the copper?”

“Nope, let me put that in the calcula… ah crap, I accidentally hit CE.”

Since News 9 spent the first half of the story regurgitating the conclusions made by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department as irrefutable fact, this is obviously the part where they talk to an unbiased expert to put that stat in proper context.

Haha. Yeah right.

“MASE” or Multi-jurisdiction Anti-crime Support Effort will crack down on crimes, similar to a burglary bust in January that spanned multiple counties. It resulted in the recovery of tens of thousands of dollars in stolen goods and led to multiple arrests.

“They are sharing resources, information, working with each other on similar cases, determining if they have similar suspects,” said Meyers.

The task force meets twice a month.

Whew, what a sigh of relief. When I voted “Yes” on 780, I did so hoping that a multi-county jurisdiction would soon be formed to crack down on larceny and other misdemeanors to help put more people in jail! We have to hold on to the number one spot in the world-wide incarceration ratings at all cost! With local media continuing to push the narratives of their friends in law enforcement, it may just happen.

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41 Responses

  1. from experience with all three, I can verify that you never want to see how laws, sausages, or criminal justice data made.

  2. Living in a rural area east of Okc, I can verify crime is WAY up out here Meth users looking for ANYTHING to steal from hard-working people. They now know they aren’t going to get prison time. I’m all for justice reform but thieves NEED to pay the price for their crimes.

  3. Who is ANTI-law enforcement? I guess the lawbreakers, including a sizable percentage of our legislature, but I’m still trying to figure out why pro-law enforcement is not a good thing.

    1. The problem is when the narrative becomes “if you’re opposed to police accountability or want the criminal justice system reformed, you’re anti-law enforcement!”

      Very few people want no police presence. They just want the police presence to work better and for prisons to be less full of people who shouldn’t be there.

    2. Anyone who has even the most tepid criticism of our criminal justice system is clearly one of them long-haired pinko commie dope smokers. And if we incarcerate more of our citizens than any other state, it just shows how wonderful our law enforcement, prosecutors, and legal system must be.


  4. Lib Blonde, the solution to your problem is YOUR 2nd amendment rights! And I do agree with you about east ok county

    1. Or we could do what a number of other countries have done and begin treating drug addiction as a public health issue rather than a criminal justice issue.

      Think about it: It costs less to provide treatment than it does to put people in prison. And when a person comes out of rehab you get a person who is clean and sober and ready to hold a job. When they come out of prison, you just have an ex-con who is going to be looking to score a big enough hit of his or her favorite drug to make up for lost time.

      1. Yeah, but what do you do about the addicts who refuse treatment, or the ones who come out of rehab just looking for more drugs? That’s a fairly common scenario. In fact, just last week I was talking with a waiter at one of our fine restaurants who had gone down that very road. His parents had spent $thousands on rehab, and it never worked. What he said changed him was the humbling experience of jail, and for that he decided to quit- been sober over two years. Of course, everyone is different, and their mileage may vary… But, until addicts quit drugs someone has to pay for them. And meth, coke, and heroin aren’t cheap.

        The problem with 780 was the authors didn’t negotiate preferred pricing with the drug cartels. Instead, they just upped the felony theft threshold to free up some drug money and fooled the Oklahoma Brain Trust into thinking they were voting on decriminalizing marijuana. That, and the promise of all the “savings” going to rehab, a lot like how horse racing was going to fix education….

  5. Fuck. That’s why they stole my TI Advanced Calculus Model THX-1138. That sucker cost me $25O when I bought it in 1975!

    1. I guess you should have stolen it.

  6. They’re trying to tell us that methhead burglars are carrying calculators to the crime scene to be sure that the value of the stuff they steal doesn’t exceed $1,000?

    I’m calling bullshit.

    Law enforcement at all levels can be depended upon to oppose anything that they think takes away some of their power. Nothing really to see here, but there is air time to fill.

    1. I heard that some of the more advanced burglars are taking CPAs with them instead of calculators.

      1. That’s right, the State needs to figure proper section 197 depreciation and amortization on purloined property.

        Also, need moar guns.

    2. And isn’t the biggest audience for local TV news the easily-frightened elderly folks (when they aren’t watching Fox News Channel) … ?

    3. We have a winner. And I call bullshit so often, I’ve had to put it on speed dial.

  7. Once again the Really Lost Ogle comes down on the wrong side of an issue. Imagine that!

    1. Please grace us with your counter-arguments, if you have any.

      Or are you only here to troll after a late night of indulging?

      1. I beg your pardon – – – don’t drink, don’t do drugs, don’t smoke pot, etc. – a clear mind indeed….and you’re dopey self?

        1. My mistake. Perhaps you’re merely an insomniac.

          Your counter-arguments, if any?

          1. As I have pointed out before – off his meds.
            Nobody can be that stupid.

        2. Don’t drink. Don’t smoke. What do you do?

          (Subtle innuendos follow)

    2. Once again, Mike has an opinion!!! Go back to reading Breitbart news and give up the trolling….

      1. I’ll read that and much more – thanks for the suggestion —-and mine is an informed opinion, yours?

        1. Then inform us. Why is TLO on the wrong side of this issue? What’s wrong with criminal justice reform?

  8. Indoctrination…its all left-wing academia and faux journalist do…you constantly disparage American traditions and any religious based program…while promoting warped life styles and coastal city trends…yet ignore the abhorrant disfunction of these liberal socialist cities whose productive populace are fleeing in droves only to be replaced by illegals…so no consequences for politician.

    Yup, OKC ain’t perfect for hipsters…but nothing ever is for this class of weak kneed, do-nothing but complain, keyboard soldiers…who can”t make it in a REAL City so they hate on the easy…how cowardly and predictable.

    1. Bingo…….we have a winner!

      1. You liked that, eh? Of course, since it’s another fact-free rant.

    2. Republican-led states tend to be the poorest, least educated, and least healthy states in the union, who by and large take the lion’s share of federal welfare.

      Liberal-run states tend to be dirtier, crowded, and more expensive.

      I don’t exactly see how either side gets to trash the other.

      1. As my libertarian friends are so fond of reminding me, high prices are a function of high demand.

        It’s expensive to live in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles because people want to live there.

  9. I have a friend that manages a large clothing store. He said since the law change, shoplifting has increased a hell of a lot more than 7%. It just doesn’t get reported, since the police will not respond to calls. He said the thieves will look them in the eye while walking out with arm loads of merchandise. No major company will let employees pursue them.

    1. Another winner!

  10. It’s quit refreshing to see that not everyone on The Really Lost Ogle is a left-wing, liberal idiot.

    Speaking of left-wing, liberal idiots, I see that if elected , Bernie Sanders will have a”very, very important role” in his administration for Alexandria Ortiz-Castro (whoops, Cortez) – GO Bernie.

    More dimocrat stupidity!

    1. More name-calling? How tiresome.

      OK – I’m through feeding this troll. Who is with me?

      1. Most people never start feeding trolls.

      2. The Darlings of the Dimocrat Party -ACO, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley – are with you, Pocahontas is with you, Adam Schitt is with you, Nancy Pelosi is with you, Chuck Schumer is with you, Harry Reid is with you, Joe Biden is with you, Bernie Sanders is with you, and last but not least, obama, is with you.

        They feed you and you eat it up!

  11. I heard that burglars are just walking up to store owners and demanding products for free! And because of 780, the shop owners have to give them what they ask for! If the owners complain or call the police, the police actually make them apologize to the burglars and give them even more! Its the law!

    1. I heard that too! And they can reek of marijuana and the cops can’t touch them because of 788.

      Society is going to hell in a handbasket, I tell ya. Just watch the local news and what else can you think?

    2. How many people you know that manage clothing stores? Maybe you should ask them how much theft they have witnessed.
      I would guess you know none, but are just spouting out about stuff you have zero knowledge.

  12. The uncomfortable truth is that just because you lower the penalties for criminal behavior that doesn’t magically make the criminal behavior stop. If the focus of criminal justice reform is to empty jails and prisons so you won’t be number one in incarceration the easy solution is to just stop arresting people. And then, when the crime rate goes up you blame the victims for complaining and call them backward thinking, and claim the police have got their numbers all wrong and are in league with the media. Unfortunately, while city fathers save money not building proper jails and cater to left leaning sensibilities for investment opportunities, and coastal reformers move in to stay relevant fighting for criminal rights, the people who end up paying are the working class who lose their property to theft. You want real criminal justice reform, well fix the problems that cause states with high incarceration rates to also have higher crime rates.

    1. Of course raising penalties for crime hasn’t made criminal behavior stop either.

      Agree that there is something about Oklahoma that leads to a high crime rate. Let’s figure out what it is and fix it.

      1. Actually, for the most part it did. Crime rates had been on the decline the past couple decades.

        Then we got smacked up side the head and learned just how evil we were compared to the rest of the world thanks to our danged incarceration rate. Heck, even a paradise of economic freedom like Guatemala has an incarceration rate a tenth of what we suffer here. And then there’s our friends the Saudis, whose incarceration rate is a fifth of ours. They truly know the value of a hand (or a head) when compared to the horrors of pulling chain in a for-profit prison.

        On the other hand, once our governor succeeds in releasing all the people in prison for a “first-time low-level drug offense,” he can begin work on the majority that are left. You know, the violent ones.

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