Public school narcs put “cool” vape sensors in bathrooms

Thanks to vape pens, it’s now easier than ever for mischievous high students – and burned out teachers – to get a quick nicotine or THC fix in the school bathroom.

Naturally, the fun police at one Oklahoma school district is aware of this, and thinks it has a solution. Via

An Oklahoma school district is hoping to prevent vaping in its bathrooms by installing new sensors.

The Thomas-Fay-Custer school district installed 16 sensors in the district’s junior and senior high school bathrooms. Two sensors were installed per bathroom.

It’s making a huge impact.

“We needed to take a stance, kind of like what we do with tobacco,” said Rob Royalty, Superintendent of the Thomas-Fay-Custer School District.

The “Halo Smart Sensor” can detect anything from vaping, air quality, chemicals, and sound in the event an altercation takes place in the bathroom.

For reference, this is what the monitoring device looks like:

The Halo Smart Censor – Reminding students that, much like God, the public schools are always watching you… even in the bathroom.

Now, kids will have to resort to smoking in the parking lot with the other teens and burnt out Oklahoma educators. The school system should be thrilled the kids are showing up in the first place.

Here’s more:

When a sensor is triggered, administration will immediately receive a text and e-mail with details on what triggered the sensor.

“There is a lot of information in the news right now about the harmful effects of it (vaping),” said high school principal, Roy Oaks. “I think we need to guide our children, being an administrator, being a father, to you (children) need to make better choices for your health.”

Settings continue to be fine-tuned to the district’s new sensors.

The Thomas-Fay-Custer School District encourages other districts to check it out.

Administrators are supposed to keep their phones on them at all times in case this sensor tattles on kids? Not only are we not paying them enough, but now we want them to be the vape patrol? Do they get special badges? A K-9 unit? It’s sure to make for the lamest Live OK PD episode yet.

Regardless, good luck to the future vape patrol. We wish better luck to Oklahoma students sneaking whatever is considered contraband onto campus.