Lt. Gov Matt Pinnell is a now a trivia night host

Trivia nights aren’t a new thing. Hell, The Lost Ogle has been doing it for years, and we’ve got a free team trivia league almost every night of the week. It’s a fun way to justify your drinking and impress people with the esoteric knowledge you’ve stored up over the years.

Things get a bit weird, however, when the host isn’t Patrick or some rando putting together a list of questions for a free bar tab. Like, it’s especially weird when the person hosting the evening is your Lieutenant Governor.


Six months ago, the unthinkable had happened.

For the first time since the 70s, the USS Batfish was afloat.

In a Facebook Live video, the Batfish’s director was at a loss for words.

“We have one line left. It’s not gonna be bad. It’s gonna be okay right? Somebody tell me it’s going to be okay,” said Brent Trout, executive director of the Muskogee War Memorial during his live video from six months ago.

“My morale took a dive during a flood. If you watch during the Facebook Live, I look sick half the time because I’m thinking about how I invested my life there,” Trout said,

His prayers from six months ago are being answered. The sub did not float down the river, and tonight, Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell hosted a trivia night to raise money for the Batfish.

First off, let’s interject and mention how the Batfish is the weirdest and coolest name for a military vessel I’ve ever heard. I had to do a search to make sure it was an actual creature, and they are just as delightfully bizarre as they sound. The Batfish did not have to watch its parents be murdered on the streets and then turn to a life of vigilante justice versus the supervillains that stalk the waters, but they still look pretty cool.

Here’s more:

“Tourism is the front door to all the other economic development that we want. When people come to Muskogee to see the USS Batfish, they fall in love with the city and then they may want to relocate to Muskogee, this is all economic development,” said Pinnell.

Nobody is moving to Muskogee because they saw a rusty old submarine. Literally nobody. But it’s good to see that the local tourism department already has a tight stranglehold on our newest members of state government.

Pinnell says he is looking at ways to get the Batfish some state and federal support.

Of course some old fashioned trivia is not the only game raising money for the Batfish. There’s also a game you can play on your phone called World of Warships, and that’s doing very well.

An in-game Batfish donation gives each player a patch for their profile, and gives the cash to the submarine.

“We have our video game fundraiser which is well over $45,000 at this point. Today marks a week of that,” said Trout.

Add to that a t-shirt and a partnership with Muskogee Brewing to make a Batfish beer.

Trout says he thinks he can sleep easy for the first time in six months.

It’s cool that this piece of military history is being preserved in our backyard, but also very bizarre that the methods of preservation are, “I dunno, let’s host a trivia night and have an iPhone game throw in money?” Life is weird in 2019, but I hope this doesn’t give Pinnell and Stitt other ideas on how to maintain state services.

For instance, with the impending state question regarding Medicaid expansion, I could just see these guys saying, “Hey, we don’t need any federal help with health care. You’ve got cancer treatment? Just throw a trivia night! It worked for us! See if Candy Crush will slip a few bucks your way to cover your chemo.”

Anyways, remember to follow @LostOgleTrivia on Twitter for local trivia nights that do not preserve ancient war machines and instead gain you fun prizes.