Mayor Holt plots defense of MAPS 4EVER!

A few weeks back, former Oklahoma City Councilman Ed Shadid came on The Lost Ogle Show and unleashed on Mayor Holt and the upcoming MAPS 4 election.

In the spirit of equal time and more podcast downloads, Marisa and I thought it would be fun to have Mayor David Holt on the program to get his thoughts on everything, and even take a patented selfie.

We talked a lot about MAPS 4EVER, some of its specific projects, and the Mayor’s claim that OKC is still in a “Renaissance.” We also hit on OKC’s nonexistent ethics commission, the OKC Boulevard, and most importantly — his favorite Tex-Mex restaurant.

Check it out:

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6 Responses

  1. Not dead.

  2. Regarding endowments, how will $1.2 million/year per make a dent in operations for these individual projects. How will innovative programming be developed, where will maintenance $ coverage come from for the new capital improvements, salaries for hiring those who will be responsible for maintenance. If properly funded, each of these projects should have serious sustainable operational dollars- not drop in the buckets endowments.

  3. I’m not sure how high Patrick was during the podcast but he was asking the wrong questions about the state fair arena. The argument is not about destroying a piece of history. The argument is why we should be giving money at all to the State Fair Board. This is a group in which the public has no knowledge of their finances. We don’t know how much money they have or how they spend it. If you visited the state fair this year you would be questioning this. Why should we give money to a group that can’t maintain the buildings, infrastructure, or park structures that it currently manages? This is the same group that received money to build the Bennett building. Have you been inside it? It was poorly designed and already has maintenance issues despite being open for only a couple of years. The completion of the building was delayed over two years because of issues with the contractor that they hired to build it. One of the issues was that the contractor used the wrong paint on the building so it had to be stripped and repainted. Why should we give more money to the State Fair Board to build an arena when they weren’t able to construct a quality exhibition building in a timely manner?

    The multipurpose stadium is another conundrum. Who will be responsible for the booking of events to it? Will it be Prodigal – the same group that owns the Energy and have been the major pushers for this project to be included on Maps4? Will the Energy have priority booking for the stadium over other bigger events that could be held there? It wouldn’t make sense to allow one group whose product has a limited attendance in the 1000 range have the authority in denying larger more attendance producing events being held there for the sake of their business. The term “multipurpose” seems to be a misnomer anyway because everyone knows that the specifications for the stadium are to meet the requirements for soccer first and anything else second. If this stadium is built, it will be interesting to see in the first year how many major concerts and events will actually be booked for it or will it stand empty most of the time.

    It was interesting to hear Mayor Holt say that the social programs will still be funded by their regular sources and not from an ongoing fund from Maps. If these groups require funding from our state legislature, prepare to see cuts made to them because your local representatives will believe the services already received their “share” from the city. There’s also the fact that the GPT that the state so desperately relies on for its budget is on a downward cliff fall with the lack of oil production currently in the state.

    Don’t feel ashamed that voting no means you don’t “love” your city or that you have disgust for social projects. Voting no means that you do care about your city and that you’re concerned with whom is running it from an election standpoint and who is influencing it from the shadows. The monetary influencers are receiving incredible handouts at the expense of the public and the interests of everyone that lives here. Demand that Mayor Holt and the council to do better and be more transparent with the process.

    1. Very well said.
      All of these proposed expenditures should be put before the citizens individually, and pass or fail on their own merits. People who are convinced that our city leaders know what’s best might want to head downtown on a Sat night and watch just how many people hop on those MAPS3 streetcars – even now that they’ve announced free fares in a desperate attempt to increase ridership numbers. Maybe after that they can walk over to the MAPS3 $45 mill whitewater boondoggle, and the $2 mill surf park they’re now putting in as a perfect demonstration of the old “good money after bad” adage.
      For a city that trumpets the glories of free enterprise, we sure practice a lot of socialism for the well connected.

    2. AMEN!!!! THAT is why I’m voting NO!

  4. This will be my first NO vote on a MAPS project.

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