7 Oklahomans to Be Thankful For…

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone! Families across the state will soon be gathering together to share in thankfulness for their hearty Thanksgiving meal, gratitude for the joy the holidays bring, and relief that their racist great-uncle finally kicked the bucket. Though the giving of thanks isn’t scheduled to take place until tomorrow, we wanted to make sure nothing was forgotten during the annual Thanksgiving prayer or whatever. So here are 7 people Oklahomans should really be thankful for!

Blessed Mother Reba McEntire

This Thanksgiving it is important to be grateful for our Blessed Mother Reba McEntire. Without her, there would be a few too few ginger drag queens and not enough music to drink to while recovering from your second divorce.

“Woman Yelling at a Cat” Lady

The woman in 2019’s meme of the year is TRHWOBH star Taylor Armstrong. Before becoming a famous chemically imbalanced California housewife, she lived in Oklahoma and graduated from Tulsa Union as Shana Hughes. We should be thankful she left Oklahoma to cause destruction on a coast. We have enough disasters here.

Kendra Horn

After years of Republican rule, we’re thankful to see that Oklahoma City is finally being represented by a politician who’s more concerned about being re-elected than taking a stand on important issues.

Matt Damon 

We are thankful for honorary Oklahoman Matt Damon for giving Oklahomans the chance to be famous for something other than our back-asswards laws and meth-fueled antics.

Emily Sutton

With class, sass and scientific accuracy, Emily Sutton inspires Oklahomans to wake up early, take global warming seriously, and not f*ck with her on twitter.

Robert Moose

From chasing ‘naders on the ground for KFOR, to tweeting live feeds from emergency scanners, Robert Moose is your one-stop for vital information being broadcasted in real time from across the metro. Without Mr. Moose, how would we know which convenience stores in the metro are the least protected against beer heists…or how stupidly common it is for Oklahomans to engage in mailbox vandalism or scream at Popeyes employees.

Bricktown Rob

The Lost Ogle Show wouldn’t be the same without him.


Hayley is grateful for her cats. They don’t know politics. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek

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16 Responses

  1. Honestly thought that yelling lady has been Cameron Diaz this entire time.

  2. No Dean Blevins?…List is compromised…

  3. I saw my first Anti-Kendra commercial the other day. I don’t think she will win re-election.

    1. Let me guess:

      The commercial featured one or more of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Barack Obama. And nothing at all about Kendra.

      1. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez. Financed by Dark Money group.

      2. Close. You failed to mention AOC.

      3. Ah yes! How could I have forgotten the freshman congresswoman and her Gang?

        I don’t suppose that the commercial mentioned any actual policy positions of AOC which Republicans find particularly scary. That might be too deep for their target audience.

    2. Stephanie Bice is shameful; saw an article earlier this year in which her flack spewed all the usual pro-Trump garbage, i.e. lies. I might’ve considered her at one time, but now? The GOP is Trump’s party through and through; and when it’s buried, the line to pee on its grave will be longer than the line of crushed Adderall Hair Furor snorts every morning.

  4. What the Hell? Are you seriously going after Kendra? You are losing it

  5. Nobody cares about Matt Damon

  6. Kendra Horn is supposed to be a Democrat she is trying to cater to the redneck Repubs. About as shameful as Mike Turpen and his dumb loud ass.

    1. Dan Boren recording an ad from up in a tree with his hunting rifle, showing how pro-gun he is? That was pretty shameful too.

      Sadly, pandering to Republicans is a losing strategy for Democrats. How did it work out for Joe Dorman, trying to sell himself as even more pro-gun than Mary Fallin?

      The only way to get a Democrat elected in a statewide contest in Oklahoma is to appeal to the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party. Then maybe they would turn out at the polls.

    2. When she was running, you had to get to the fourth page of her website to even see the word “Democrat” — and then it was mentioned by someone else.

      I dunno about the other. Turpen actually stumping for and contributing to GOPers is tough to beat for party treachery — and other “big name” Democrats were stooping with him.

  7. Where is the grand poobah, the darling of the Deepstate, Sooner Pride, Prez for Life ! The one and David “the great” Boren.

    1. Been having those troubling dreams of him again, Sooner?

      1. I think DB is the inspiration for his masterbation.

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