Harold Hamm is hosting a big fundraiser today for this guy…

The guy pictured above and to the left who looks like he enjoys frozen yogurt is Oklahoma 5th Congressional District Candidate David Hill. He’s one of many Republicans looking to challenge conservative Democrat Kendra Horn in the 2020 congressional election.

Hailing from House Kimray, Hill is running on a traditional trust fund Republican platform of doing what’s best for rich people and his rich friends. As a result, he’s scored a big fundraiser from one of Oklahoma’s most successful kingmakers / puppet masters – Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm.

Check out the invite that an Ogle Mole forwarded us:

Wow. Usually when I think of “suggested contributions,” the first things to pop into my head are donating $5 to support a charity at a company potluck, or tossing a couple of dollars into the blender jar to support the “DJ fund” at a strip club. This political stuff is out of my wheelhouse. In other news, you can make a $2,800. $1,000, or even $500 suggested contribution to the TLO Fund today.

From all accounts, Hill looks like he’d be a good Republican nominee. In addition to his gender, skin color, and tax bracket, it’s pretty easy to see why Hamm is supporting him. Check this out:

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Did you hear that? Remember that toxic blend of salt water and chemicals the Oil Overlords injected deep into the Oklahoma crust? You know, the liquidy stuff that lubricated old fault lines and caused lots of earthquakes? Well, they’ve figured out a way to evaporate that sludge instead. And guess what? It’s totally safe! Well, at least it is according to the guy being backed a greedy billionaire who helped Trump dismantle the EPA.

Anyway, now that he has Harold Hamm’s support and bank vault behind him, I think it’s safe to say that Hill is the favorite for the GOP nomination. At the very least, it should secure him a spot in a runoff. That’s a bit surprising. After Kendra Horn rode the blue wave to a purple victory, lots of people figured the Oil Overlords would find a woman to run for the 5th. Then these women emerged and, well, now it looks like they’re going back to old-reliable generational wealth white dude. We’ll see how that works out for them.

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32 Responses

  1. Why do all the GOP candidates look like some computer generated generic white guy? Even the women.

  2. Met a bunch of these white rich wannabes at a GOP chili cook off last month. Hill was by far the whitest and most likely to have an extramarital sex scandal of all of em. I know, say no more and hand me the ballot!

  3. Thank you for saying Hill is safe to be the Republican nominee.

    I don’t think so!!

  4. Stephanie Bice is the only person who can beat Kendra in 2020.

  5. whether you like Harold Hamm or not he has done a helluva lot for OKLA ECONOMY…not to mention the Diabetes center at OU med center

    1. Everyone who works and lives in Oklahoma helps the Oklahoma economy simply by spending the money they make here back into the local economy. I don’t like or dislike Harold Hamm personally, I don’t know him.

      What I don’t like is his adoption of the Oklahoma Standard mentality of his spending money on politicians with the purpose of benefiting only himself. The reduction of the Gross Production Tax greatly benefited him and the oil industry while the state had to reduce funding to pretty much all agencies to make up for the loss of funding. But to be honest if anyone of us were him we would probably do exactly the same thing. The problem is our elected officials should not have allowed this, but they allowed their greed and ambition to rationalize what they did. Perhaps they were paying homage to movie character Gordon Gekko who believed “Greed is Good.”

      Of course he has done good things, problem is most of those things have been for himself to the determent of the rest of the state. But with good PR, and money to the right people you can convince the public to stroke the ego of anyone.

      In Oklahoma we tend to reward and idolize the corrupt, and we also seem to really love con men who stroke our ego. That really is the “Oklahoma Standard.”

      1. then you are a Dumb Okie

      2. Excellent comment, DO. It deserves a better counter-argument than name-calling, but we aren’t likely to see it from Mr. Blaylock.

        One wonders if perhaps Mr. Hamm signs his paycheck.

        1. no he doesn’t, but I bet yours is a government check…shame that you socialist leaning folks are so worried by by a self achiever like Hamm..
          BTW I guess you think he is the only one who benefits from the Diabetes center….What if he had not helped create it..
          WOW you guys are something else..

          1. You lose your bet. Now don’t you feel silly?

          2. Actually Harold Hamm didn’t start the diabetes center, his former employee Jerry Cash did. When it was revealed how much old Jerry had skimmed for his house in Nichols hills, the landscapers, the koi fish, the Mercedes, and the Jerry and Sherry Cash Diabetes center, Harold lost it. Jerry eventually went to jail, Harold moved into Jerry’s house, and ever so quietly the name changed on the Diabetes center…look up Quest Energy.

      3. Carnegie built libraries, and Capone ran soup kitchens. Even Eva Peron had La Peron Fundación. There are some folks with great amounts of money who are motivated by generosity and love. But there’s also a lot of folks who do it for the publicity, or for the ego boost of seeing their names engraved in concrete.

    2. Yeah only because he has DIABETES himself!
      F….r hasn’t done a philanthropic thing in his life if it didn’t directly benefit him. You’d never know he started his Empire in Enid. Never did a damn thing for the town that gave him his start. On the other hand an Oil Man from 100 yrs ago still has parks etc he built for his community they sre still enjoying.

      He’ll be dead and and gone in another 10 or so years and no will miss or every think of him again. The only Legacy he will leave was I was
      Greedy and thought of no one but me!

    3. The reduction in GPT has done more to harm Oklahoma’s mid and long term health than anything a democrat has ever done in office, an a unequivocally flimsy premise.

      1. You mean let’s lower the tax on an asset that is depleting, and the faster you do it the less taxes you will have to pay? That was basically the argument.

        You can only get oil out of the ground where it is located, so no reason to lower the tax on an item that is in Oklahoma, and will cease to be there once it is pumped out. Unless it automatically regenerates itself, and I don’t think it does there is absolutely no reason to give a reduced tax rate to get it out faster. But evidently Mr. Hamm convinced our fearless leaders this was a good idea, possibly as he was passing around the crack pipe, or more than likely campaign contributions.

        Hamm might be a great CEO and evangelist for the oil industry but not so much a public benefactor to improve the state which has rewarded him well from his humble beginnings. He has done far more for the industry than for the state.

        Naturally nobody has to give back to society, but there are a lot of wealthy people that do. After all it is a great goal to leave the world a better place than it was when you arrive. Sadly Mr. Hamm appears to believe the ones who leave with the most are the winners. Perhaps his humble beginnings scare him into his ruthless behavior.

  6. also, by describing Hamm as generational wealth shows you don’t know what the hell you are talking about…He was born and raised dirt poor in Lexington, Okla..

    1. You may want to re-read the last paragraph. I was describing Hill – the KimRay guy – as generational wealth. Not Hamm.

      “After Kendra Horn rode the blue wave to a purple victory, lots of people figured the Oil Overlords would find a woman to run for the 5th. Then these women emerged and, well, now it looks like they’re going back to old-reliable generational wealth white dude. We’ll see how that works out for them.”

      1. I bet Blaylock is actually Hamm. #okieconspiracy

        1. … or on his payroll.

          Can Hamm operate a computer?

        2. I bet you are actually ole Kal..from Kals Korner

          1. Nope. Ole Cal still here. A couple of years ago my Lexington high school classmate Harold took time to speak to my class of senior learners in a program sponsored by OU. In it he offered a brilliant assessment of the world’s energy outlook. Then he caught a flight to Dubai where he was the featured speaker at a world energy conference attended by billionaires and gave much the same presentation. Harold still eats in local cafes down here in southern Cleveland County and greets old friends with wit and courtesy. He is as common a fellow as I know who happened to make a bunch of money in the oil patch. He is smart as hell and may end up being the last man standing after the current energy crisis plays out in Oklahoma. We disagree on many things but Harold has always been a gentleman toward me.

  7. What would be appropriate is for Harold Hamm to have the guts to put his own name on the ballot.

    1. I think running Continental Resources is enough of a job..

    2. Harold Hamm doesn’t have the right “look” to be credible as a representative of the trust-fund wing of the Republican Party. He looks more like the troll under the bridge.

      Next year tens of thousands of Oklahoma voters who are being ground into powder by wage stagnation and increasing wealth concentration, working at low-wage jobs with no medical insurance coverage, will support the interests of plutocrats in opposition to their own economic interests by voting for a Richie Rich like David Hill, and against Kendra Horn. Why? To “own the libs,” or some other such nonsense.

      The USA in general, and Oklahoma in particular, have rates of unemployment that are near historic lows. Those struggling to get by working one or more low-wage jobs are not unemployed, but all is not well in their lives. I hope that they recognize why.

      1. Do you mean like the way the pro MAPS4Ever campaign has the tagline “Love Your OKC” saying that if you Love OKC, you vote yes, and if you don’t you are some sort of traitor, or a no says you hate OKC. I guess you can’t vote no to have them rework the proposal.

        Yeah, get a rallying flag and people will flock. Sad but effective.

        1. I agree that the tagline is deliberately manipulative, as are so many political ads. Sad – and apparently effective.

          Consider: “OMG – Alexandria Ocasio Cortez!” Is she running for Congress in the 5th District?

          I can’t speak to the merits of OKC’s MAPS programs. But if they actually improve a community’s livability and economic development in exchange for a small sales tax increase, I can make a case that they actually benefit low-wage workers in the long run.

          The MAPS programs are certainly more positive actions than was reducing the gross production tax on Mr. Hamm’s oil production.

        2. Remember “Right to work”? This will be just as effective. Rubes will punch the ticket using the same “intelligence” that they do in supporting their football teams of choice. Wrap it in bacon, Jesus or the American flag and you’ll have success getting votes. Stupid people are easy to “govern”.

  8. Oh boy, guess I can look forward to another political phone survey. I got one about a month ago and it was clearly being paid for by Stephanie Bice. It was fun, never do they expect a 45 year old white guy to support “liberals”. Hammbone and the GOP can throw in the towel now, District 5 loves Kendra Horn. The more smear ads they run should be an indication of how worried they are that she is doing a good job unlike that pos Steve Russell or the new pos they’re backing.

  9. Who can forget the image of Harold Hamm holding court at the Legislature, working with the GOP to deny teachers a pay raise?

  10. You all crack me up! SMH

  11. The Hill Kimray empire (handed down to him by his Father-In Law Garman Kimmell) has always been about two things: Christianity and far-right politics. I remember wayy back when Kimray was the largest advertisement in the local John Birch Society magazine. Tom Hill was the founder of the “Character First” program that holed up in the old Holiday Inn downtown for years. Except Tom knows it really means, “Jesus First.” Interesting that the national headquarters of the John Birch Society has a website with a page devoted to Kimmell with a mention of Tom Hill: “He passed his passion for the JBS and its often-courageous stands on to his son-in-law Tom Hill, a faithful proponent of the organization, and his other kinfolk.” https://www.jbs.org/garman-kimmell/ Make no mistake, David Hill would be a disaster for the 5th Congressional District. The family has been steeped in far-right politics for decades.

  12. simply amazing…all the lil diems scared of big bad Harold Hamm..LMAO

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