Harold Hamm is hosting a big fundraiser today for this guy…

The guy pictured above and to the left who looks like he enjoys frozen yogurt is Oklahoma 5th Congressional District Candidate David Hill. He’s one of many Republicans looking to challenge conservative Democrat Kendra Horn in the 2020 congressional election.

Hailing from House Kimray, Hill is running on a traditional trust fund Republican platform of doing what’s best for rich people and his rich friends. As a result, he’s scored a big fundraiser from one of Oklahoma’s most successful kingmakers / puppet masters – Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm.

Check out the invite that an Ogle Mole forwarded us:

Wow. Usually when I think of “suggested contributions,” the first things to pop into my head are donating $5 to support a charity at a company potluck, or tossing a couple of dollars into the blender jar to support the “DJ fund” at a strip club. This political stuff is out of my wheelhouse. In other news, you can make a $2,800. $1,000, or even $500 suggested contribution to the TLO Fund today.

From all accounts, Hill looks like he’d be a good Republican nominee. In addition to his gender, skin color, and tax bracket, it’s pretty easy to see why Hamm is supporting him. Check this out:

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Did you hear that? Remember that toxic blend of salt water and chemicals the Oil Overlords injected deep into the Oklahoma crust? You know, the liquidy stuff that lubricated old fault lines and caused lots of earthquakes? Well, they’ve figured out a way to evaporate that sludge instead. And guess what? It’s totally safe! Well, at least it is according to the guy being backed a greedy billionaire who helped Trump dismantle the EPA.

Anyway, now that he has Harold Hamm’s support and bank vault behind him, I think it’s safe to say that Hill is the favorite for the GOP nomination. At the very least, it should secure him a spot in a runoff. That’s a bit surprising. After Kendra Horn rode the blue wave to a purple victory, lots of people figured the Oil Overlords would find a woman to run for the 5th. Then these women emerged and, well, now it looks like they’re going back to old-reliable generational wealth white dude. We’ll see how that works out for them.