7 Libelous Statements About Epic Charter Schools…

Earlier this week, our friends at Epic Charter Schools – the fishy online school district being investigated by multiple law enforcement agencies – filed a libel and slander lawsuit against one of their fiercest critics at the State Capitol, State Senator Ron Sharp. He’s the dandy from Shawnee who kind of looks like Commander Data’s […]

Free Queso Podcast: Vanessa House Beer Co

Welcome back to Free Queso, the podcast where we give you the inside scoop on the Oklahoma City food, beverage, and hospitality scene! We were honored to have another great local brewery on the show. Listen to our talk with Andrew Carrales from Vanessa House, who come over to our Bricktown studio to dish out […]

Oklahoma Insurance Agent Asks When Americans Can Hunt Down Kendra Horn…

Are you looking for additional insurance coverage in preparation for the next American Civil War – a bloody, insurgent conflict that will likely take place in the next decade or so? Perhaps you want an umbrella policy to make sure your property is covered from damage by roaming, vagabond gangs of skinheads, or maybe you […]

Let’s Listen to the New Fowler VW Blackwatch Christmas Album!

There are some Christmas traditions we can do without—like opening new credit cards to afford buying presents for 20 step-cousins you know absolutely nothing about. But instead of grinching over those parts, let’s look at one of Oklahoma’s most original and fun holiday traditions: Listening to the new Fowler VW* Christmas album. Christmas in Color […]

Heavy Petting: Painting My Late Dog’s Portrait with Wine and Palette

Though it has become an oft-told tale—usually relayed by cruel stepmothers trying to impart life-lessons to their very chubby children—the week I had my now-legendary stroke, my dog of so many years, Hoogie Fowler, shuffled off his fur-covered mortal coil as well, leaving behind a bloated corpse that was soon soaked with my very hemorrhagic […]