Kevin Stitt vs. Native American Tribes with The Frontier’s Ben Felder

After coasting on cruise control for his first 10 months in office, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt recently decided to mix things up – and showcase his political inexperience – by taking on Oklahoma’s Native American tribes, all by himself, in an effort to renegotiate a bigger chunk of tribal gaming revenues for the state. Considering […]

10 things that happen at every rural Oklahoma Christmas

Happy Holidays, my friends! Though we are still a few hours away from Christmas Day, I had the pleasure of celebrating the holiday early during my visit to Western Oklahoma this past weekend. Throughout the years our families grow and make new traditions, but in rural Oklahoma some things never change. Here are 10 things […]

5 Nightmarish Places to Avoid in OKC for Christmas Eve…

I’m on-record as a world-class grinch and don’t like holidays at all, with the major exception of Halloween. I don’t buy presents for anymore, insist that other people don’t buy things for me, and try to Solid Snake my way through the festivities, sneaking around undetected until I absolutely must engage. And as a long-time […]