2019 Rewind: February

Welcome back to our retrospective of another year in Oklahoma, as told through the lens of your favorite local obscure social blog, The Lost Ogle! Before we jump into the futuristic and dystopian year that 2020 will most assuredly turn out to be, let’s take a deep breathe and remember our funniest, wildest, and most popular stories of this year. The news cycle is moving so fast that it’s impossible to remember what happened last week, let alone last month.

Let’s get to it!

Lawton Meteorologist fired over “Offensive and Unacceptable” brain teaser puzzle

Published: February 12, 2019

What We Said: Although I can’t stand political correctness and doubt there was any ill intent on Mandy’s part, she has to accept some responsibility for the gaffe. In today’s day and age, you can’t be that tone-deaf and oblivious to the world and still expect to work in mainstream broadcast news. That whole field is developing a zero tolerance policy to anything that might even slightly resemble racism, regardless of context or intent. Just ask that weatherman from Philly about it.

What We Learned: The next time you try to introduce a new segment to local news, it would be wise to avoid blatant symbols of violent racism. Also, spring for some digital effects instead of scrawling it on dry-erase board.

Something weird is going on with Meg Alexander…

Published: February 14, 2019

What We Said: 

“I recently did a story on a 4H… uh… gentlemen… err… high schooler… who… uh… does goats… and… I mean.. he blows them dry… he… uhm… I mean… it is… WOW!!!”

I’m not making that up. That’s a real quote from a real segment on a real not-really-news program.

What We Learned: We can only speculate what was going on with Meg, but it seemed to have cost her her job at FOX 25. Hopefully she’s doing well these days, apparently she’s doing commercials for jewelry stores these days:

OU investigating David Boren to see if he sexually harassed male aides…

Published: February 14, 2019

What We Said: Despite what mainstream Oklahoma Democrats want you to believe, Boren has always been a opportunistic, two-faced hypocrite, and rumors about his sexploits have been circulating on the fringe and in the mainstream since the 1970s. Plus, as the #metoo movement has reminded us, it’s not that uncommon for powerful men in powerful positions to use their power to act inappropriately.

What We Learned: There are icky creeps in every class of people, but the wealthy ones in control tend to be the ickiest of them all.


Enter the $250 OKC Cock Ring Selfie Contest!

Published: February 5, 2019

What We Said: Yep, they erected a 10-foot tall shaft to tower over the OKC Cock Ring. Now they just need to add a couple of boulders to the base and a statue of Serge Ibaka to the top and it will complete.

What We Learned: One of the best things to happen for local immatures and horny people like us is when the conservativeness and naivite of OKC clash and give us cheap and easy dirty jokes.

Live. Laugh. Loathe. – The 2019 Affair of the Heart

Published: February 11, 2019

What We Said: Oklahoma’s bi-annual arts, crafts, collectible and powdered chili-mix extravaganza—sponsored by Braum’s, in case you’re wondering what that smell is—returned to the Bennett Building at the State Fairgrounds this past weekend, with an ocean of “Can I speak to your manager?” hair-dos as far as the eye can see, pushing rental-carts full of metal windmills, life-like baby dolls and so many bootleg Thunder shirts. So many.

What We Learned: I’ve never been to Affair of the Heart, and was pleased to learn it is every bit as tacky and down-home folksy as I always imagined.

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