Oklahoma City Malls Had One Hell of a Holiday Season…

To say Penn Square Mall and Quail Springs Mall have had a rough month is one hell of an understatement.

In case you missed it because you don’t have social media – or were stranded on the Kilpatrick Turnpike May Ave. exit ramp for most of the holiday season while trying to cut across three lanes of traffic and missed it – there was a shooting at Penn Square Mall earlier this month while people were finishing up their Christmas shopping.


Charges have been filed against the man accused of shooting someone inside Penn Square Mall on December 19.

24-year-old Elizha Sanders is charged with one count of assault and battery with a deadly weapon after shooting 22-year-old Gerron Cobb.

According to the arrest warrant, Sanders and Cobb have had issues in the past. They ran into each other at the Foot Locker store and got into an argument. That led to a physical fight.

Geeze, instead of dressing up their employees like officials, maybe it’s time Foot Locker employees pretend to be cops to keep things in order.

In addition to the shooting, there was also a fire at Quail Springs mall while people were returning their unwanted Christmas presents:

Quail Springs Mall was evacuated after a fire started on a grill in the food court before 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

“Wouldn’t expect it, I was just hanging out at the mall, getting ready for work and then – fire,” Angel Lowrey, who works in the mall, said.

The fire started in a restaurant in the food court, spreading to the ventilation system and through the roof. Thick black smoke could be seen billowing out of the building.

The only PR team more in a pinch than the malls has got to be Stitt’s team with the tribal casinos.

With all this dreadful news, and as 2020 begins, maybe it’s time we should reconsider going to these Oklahoma malls. Some would argue that these malls are convenient places to shop while not having to deal with shipping costs. That’s fair; however, at least online I don’t have to contend with a person shooting someone else in a Footlocker or evacuating from a kitchen fire.

Also, the only thing resembling an Oklahoma business are the signs for Epic Charter Schools. And it’s not like they’ve done anything wrong, right? The alternative is to shop online at stores like Amazon. Where else can you buy all the junk you don’t need in your underwear aside from the Bell Isle Wal-Mart?

Where is one to go when malls are hazardous and online shopping is ethically ambiguous? With local businesses booming throughout the metro, people should take a chance and spend your bucks wisely. Take a chance and shop local while avoiding taking a risk at your local mall.