We had Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. of the Cherokee Nation on The Lost Ogle Show!!!

After a quick break for the holidays, The Lost Ogle Show returned this week with special in-studio guest Chuck Hoskin Jr. – The Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

On the episode, we discussed with Chief Hoskin the tribal gaming compact dispute with Governor Stitt, what it means for the tribes and the state, and where things go from here. We also talked about Elizabeth Warren and DNA testing, the differences between tribal politics and national politics, and whether sports betting and online poker are in Oklahoma’s future.

Give it a listen:

You can learn more about Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. on the Cherokee Nation website, and follow him on Twitter.

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3 Responses

  1. Excellent. Please get GovTub on next.

  2. The really sad part about all of this dispute was the local media never really covered the story in any details from both sides. They did a fine job of taking the handouts from the Governor and only presenting his side of the story.

    As always there are two sides to the story, and the Indian Nation did a fantastic job of giving their side in this podcast. The Oklahoma Governor has already wasted a half million dollars of tax dollars for out of state lawyers fees, with much more to come to defend his misguided opinion on negotiating this compact.

    The only possible reason Governor Stitt took this negotiating tactic was that he wanted to show that he could make Oklahoma a top ten state for the bully pulpit. Evidently he appears to love this method of negotiations. I hope he will learn and admit he made a huge blunder, as opposed to doubling down as the Oklahoma Standard requires which he is doing now.

    Perhaps Kevin Stitt is Mary Fallin 2.0 and will continue to pillage the state for his political gain. Sadly the state will be the one to lose because bully Stitt picked on the wrong group to try to shake down.

    A recall petition to remove the Governor would be fun, but probably as likely as Governor Jethro learning from this experience. With luck Kevin will be a one term guy, but given the state’s infatuation with the previous Governor this probably will not happen.

  3. Glad I voted for Hoskin. I think he’s been great for the tribe so far, and I’m glad to see my generation stepping up in leadership.

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