Oklahoma City wants to know why the hell you chose to live here…

There are many considerations families mull over when they decide where to make their homes. Factors such as good public school opportunities, quick and easy commute options, and the overall culture of a city are important. So it’s no wonder that Oklahoma City is basically asking residents, why the hell did you move here?

Via Fox 25…

Oklahoma City, Okla. (KOKH) — The City of Oklahoma City is trying to gauge the public on the state of housing and what’s important to you. The city posted an online survey asking people’s opinion to help understand what housing choices and considerations will be important to metro-area households in the coming years.

The anonymous survey asks about your living situation, problems you experience with your home, schools, safety, and proximity to parks, trails, dining, and grocery stores. There’s also a section where you can tell the city what would you change about your current neighborhood.

Look, I am all for OKC inviting residents to give feedback on the city. But by asking for their opinions on mundane things such as dining, schools, and safety, the City is missing out on a lot of vital information. In fact, a few other things the survey should be collecting data on include…

Nominations for the next up-and-coming “district”

I would personally nominate May and Memorial, because the #1 criteria for any OKC district is having horrible traffic.

A short-answer option to disclose if you’ve ever felt personally attacked by Life Church traffic

With having approximately 47 options for church services every weekend attended by what appear to be the least courteous drivers on the road, I could write a dissertation on how Life Church traffic is trying to disrupt the fabric of society by making everyone late to wherever they’re going, as well as feel guilty for not attending to church since 2004.

If we have enough dispensaries yet

Survey says: probably not.

Suggestions for food options

I know the survey technically already asks about this one. But I suggest trying to find a way to make this question a forced multiple-choice response instead of a “free answer,” or else most responses will probably revolve around building more Cracker Barrels or making a restaurant that serves Frontier City street food outside of Frontier City.

Vote for the hottest Mayor Holt selfie.

I know it’s hard to just pick one, but OKC needs to know.

Hayley has felt personally attacked by Life Church traffic. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek