Free Queso: Let’s Eat Less Meat In 2020 With The Loaded Bowl

Tis the New Years Resolution time of year when everyone is giving up booze, buying a gym membership to use for a few days, and doing other weird things that they’ll abandon as soon as possible.

But one of the most impactful things you can do as an individual is stop eating so much meat. Yes, we’re a cattle town, but the benefits to your own body and the environment at whole is to consume less animals. This week, Free Queso brought in Savanah Fitzsimmons and Kaitlyn Burton from The Loaded Bowl, which is OKC’s premiere vegan restaurant:

Whether you are considering cutting meat out of your diet, or just looking for healthier options, this episode dips into foods and cooking techniques that can help you on that journey. We even go into vegan cocktails, which sounds crazy because you’d just assume all cocktails are vegan (Hint: aquafaba is a godsend).

Slight content warning on this episode, Lucas overflowed the swear jar within the first few minutes, so there’s a lot of fuck-bombs being dropped, but what else would you expect from us?

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9 Responses

  1. Have Louis review it. BTW, using the F-bomb doesn’t make you cool or whatever you’re striving for but does make you look extremely unintelligent and low class. Pick up a dictionary for a change.

    1. Yes!

    2. Don’t listen, easy wasn’t it.


      If you actually believe in that science stuff…

  2. Queso isn’t vegan. Cheese is dairy.

    Should the name be “Queso Free”?

  3. It is completely amazing to me that people who refuse to eat something have absolutely no problem eating something that has been chemically treated and processed and chemically combined with other chemically processed and chemically extracted substances to such an extent that it mimics that exact same thing they refuse to eat in the first place. I don’t like eating processed foods, so I try to not do it as much as I can, but 99% of the stuff these vegans and vegetarians demand are the ultimate in processed foods. They refuse to eat lots of things because they are “bad”, but they require that something that looks, feels, and tastes like those very things they refuse to eat be on their plates. I am including things like Impossible and Beyond meat. The advertising says they’re “made from plants”, and that is true, but those plants have been chemically processed, substances extracted, treated, combined and processed again until they are turned into something that human beings have never eaten in history on this planet, and lord knows whether they are good for you in the long run. What a double-standard! It’s just a mystery to me.

  4. The so called environmental impact of eating meat is greatly overstated. People that have never stepped foot on a farm are making decisions based on here say and bad science.

  5. “I cried in my girlfriends arms” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  6. I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but Loaded Bowl is one of my favorite restaurants. Their vegan mac and cheese is better than any real mac and cheese I’ve ever had in my life, and it has a fun vibe.

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