Derplahoman Senator Wants To Make 2020 The Official “Year of the Bible”

Despite Christianity being the most dominant and influential religion in Oklahoma, with a church on every corner where there isn’t a marijuana dispensary, Oklahoma senator Nathan Dahm – the infamous goofball Derplahoman from Broken Arrow who loves to pander to religious zealots – thinks we need to make 2020 the “Year of the Bible.” 


An Oklahoma lawmaker has filed a bill that would declare 2020 the “Year of the Bible.”

Senate Concurrent Resolution 7, filed by Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, would recognize the unique contribution the Bible has made in shaping the United States, including that biblical teachings inspired civil government concepts found in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, Dahm said.

Before we continue, I’d like to point out that Dahm introduced legislation last year to give all of our wildlife to the “Almighty God,” so low-level pandering stuff like this is right up his alley.

Here’s more:

The resolution also recognizes that many U.S. presidents have paid tribute to the influence of the Bible, Dahm said.

“We have turned away from the foundational principles and truths that established our country,” Dahm said. “This resolution allows us to recognize the influence the Bible has on our land.”

It’s astonishing that some lawmakers can look at the issues and problems facing our state and think, “More Bible can solve this!”

Actually, that’s not surprising at all! It’s how Oklahoma lawmakers have been trying to address and solve issues in this state for the last 75 years, which probably explains why we routinely lead the country in incarceration rate, obesity and teenage pregnancies.

Dahm’s pitch to make 2020 the Year of the Bible rides the coattails of the someone Fox Propaganda calls the “Billy Graham of this generation.” I’ll let this video speak for itself:

It’s a little hard for me to take reading advice from a man who admits to never having read the entire book. Then again, I find it hard to take him seriously when Hall looks like Buddy Pine from The Incredibles before he turned evil.

If Hall, Sen. Dahm, and any other legislator turned part-time preacher wants to thrust the good book onto our new year, I say we celebrate all of it. For every Sermon on the Mount story, we should celebrate stories like that one time when a father who heard voices in his head almost killed his son.

Who knows, maybe Mr. Hall will actually read some of the other stories and realize that maybe Year of the Bible isn’t such a good idea.

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23 Responses

  1. Just another Ralph Shortey waiting to get caught in whatever perversion he thinks the bible will bail him out of.

    WHERE does Oklahoma dig up these MORONS??

  2. Biblical “civil government concepts” consist of: “Obey, obey, obey.” And then turn the government over to unprincipled, hedonistic tyrants. Does have that GOP ring to it.

    1. People who claim that the USA is founded on biblical principles are either ignorant or are lying. Possibly both.

      Eddie, was it you who pointed out the other day this first lesson from the first book of the bible:

      That God’s first priority for us obedience, and that he gets upset if we eat from the “tree of knowledge of good and evil”?

      That first lesson, learned by every churchgoing child, makes a good foundation for an authoritarian and anti-scientific worldview: don’t confuse us with facts – shut up and obey!

      The emphasis on obedience didn’t end with the New Covenant. If you want your jaw to drop in horror, read Romans 13:1-7. It’s totally un-American and was written by Paul himself. Read the Declaration of Independence for comparison.

      1. Yep.

  3. Oh, yeah. And then have your priests, preachers, prophets and other profiteers of ignorance declare that moop the “chosen one of God” — as if any deity worth hesh salt couldn’t have found an even marginally better candidate.

    1. God might even have chosen to speak to humankind for Himself!

      Instead, the bible is a hugely complex mishmash that must be explained to us and interpreted for us in many conflicting ways by God’s self-selected intermediaries – like Mr. Hall.

      Is that any way to run a universe?

  4. More of the same from more of the same..

  5. So tired of the grandstanding and pandering. Please stop wasting time and introduce meaningful legislation for our state.

    1. And how! There are a lot of other way more important issues for the Legislature to deal with.

      I think we’ve established well that this is pandering … but why do they pander so much? Do they fear losing their constituency if they don’t say “Jesus” enough times and in the proper reverent and/or overenthusiastic manner? Last I checked, we’re supposed to be a secular government (although authoritarian Christian Nationalists are doing their dead level best to change that).

      1. No one ever lost an election in Oklahoma by running on issues of the Three Gs: God, Guns and Gays.

        Anti-gay policies may have lost some of their punch in recent years, but God and Guns are still hugely popular here.

  6. The people of Broken Arrow vote for this idiot. Its the Moore of Tulsa. You get what you get.

  7. If you think that neither of these yahoos is smart enough to have written such a resolution, well, you’re right.

    Here’s SCR 7:

    Compare it to Public Law 97-280, passed by Congress in the “moral majority”-tinged midst of Reagan’s first term:

    Almost word for word. The only changes are replacing “nation” with either “state” or “nation and state” in various places, and replacing congressional enabling language with state enabling language.

    I especially like how both now and 37 years ago, “this (state and) nation now face great challenges that will test us as we have never been tested before.” Amazing how that happens under Republican presidents.

  8. How can any hint of Sharia law send our Legislators into attack mode and then think this is a good idea?

    I guess you are only tolerant when it is your belief. Having a government that believes in religion is fine, but dictating which religion that should be, not so good, although part of the Oklahoma Standard.

    If only these bozos would do what they are paid to do, govern the state, as opposed to grandstanding so they can stick around until they are term limited out of office. But most Oklahoma politicians are just con men who can ply their art legally, calling it fund raising.

  9. Did he specify which translation? The 1610 AD “King James Version”, I’m sure.
    Maybe there should be an official Oklahoma Translation or Oklahoma Translation of the Year for the next decade.
    We could be a Top Ten State (TM) in officially-declared religious documents and monuments, though it’d be really difficult to overtake Utah in that regard.

    1. David Green of Hobby Lobby had a chance to do that years ago, but instead, decided to build his Museum of the Bible in Washington DC instead of Oklahoma City. He also discovered that keeping Middle Eastern relics can be a pain in the a%@ cuz other countries like Iraq get really upset when you take away their relics from them under the guise of ceramic tiles or clay tiles (sample).

      1. Now he’s got a bunch of huge empty Hemispheres stores. Maybe he could make each one a museum for different parts of the bible.

  10. I think I want to start one of them “Initiative Petitions” to make Sharia the official “Law Goddess” of Oklahoma.

  11. Pretty embarrassing but what else would expect from a Oklahoma “lawmaker”? Honestly, is anyone here that surprised? Kooks and zealots the whole lot of them. Time to repeal the tax exempt status of churches.

    Personally, I think 2020 should be the year of shutting yer dumb fucking mouth and doing the work you were elected to do and pandering ain’t it.

  12. Daum ass.

  13. Well. Praise the Lard.

  14. Aren’t there way more important issues they should be worrying about? This seems frivolous and ridiculous to me.

    1. The opioid crisis and education take a back seat when talkin’ Jesus.

  15. JESUS the name that should be banned per AOC and the BERN.

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