TLO Exclusive: We Were Leaked Oklahoma’s New Branding Campaign and Slogan!

This past summer, Governor Kevin Stitt and Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell announced they were assembling our state’s alleged best and brightest marketing minds to develop a new and improved brand identity and slogan for Oklahoma for free, and all under the direction of Renzi Stone and a Canadian ad agency.

The project was dubbed OklaX, and I, naturally, shared some concerns.

Outside of spending a decade working in corporate marketing and communications for some of our state’s top companies, and then building an independent digital media brand that’s immediately recognizable to hundreds of thousands of people throughout our state, I know nothing about marketing, branding, communication or design.

As a result, I’m not going to share my thoughts on the general absurdity of both asking, and relying on, industry experts to work for free on a high-profile gloryhole project for the Governor. I’m also not going to point out how bureaucratic groupthink, combined with local ad industry mean girl politics, can stymie results and deliver a bland product.

Well, it looks like my concerns were justified. Imagine that!

We have acquired via the Ogle Mole Network a pitch deck for the new campaign and slogan that Governor Stitt will apparently unveil at a prayer breakfast in February. Check this out:

Yep, that’s what our state’s best and brightest marketing minds came up. Imagine that!

The pitch deck contains some sample ads that incorporate the slogan and brand identity. Check these out:

Okay, the logo is decent and colorful and modern and not so bad, but let’s state the obvious – “Imagine That” is a boring, generic campaign and about as memorable as a driving down May Ave. It’s also ripe for parody.

For example:

Seriously, we may need to have our own “Imagine That” fake ad contest. We’ll assemble our state’s best and brightest marketing minds and a couple of Canadians to be judges.

The pitch deck also contains a bunch of marketing b.s. about messaging, tone, etc. You know, all the fancy stuff agencies whip up to help reach their billing goal. Check this out:

Yeah, in Oklahoma success isn’t handed to you. Unless, of course, your wealthy dad buys you an ice cream company and makes you CEO! Then you get to be on Undercover Boss!

As I mentioned, the campaign will apparently be unveiled in February. Here’s what they need “to ensure a successful and impactful announcement.”

For a truly “successful and impactful announcement,’ they may want to add a 4th item to the list – “Come up with a better slogan than Imagine That.”

Here’s the timeline for the rollout:

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll have more on this over the next couple of weeks. You can view the entire pitch deck PDF below. If you get bored and want to create some parody ads, send them our way!

Download the PDF file .

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52 Responses

  1. The saddest thing is, “Imagine That” isn’t even original in Oklahoma. Oklahoma City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau used “Imagine That” back in the mid-90s…

  2. I used to work in a pizza restaurant, but I took a pay cut to teach 3rd grade.
    Imagine That!

  3. The fake ads may somehow soothe my broken heart after the demise of the State Fair Photo Contest.

  4. I love the one about the 39 tribes. You know, the ones he is trying to swindle money from? lol

    1. yeah Governor Stitt he’s a big old Crook and the people should have known it before they voted for him because there was ads and everything on TV he’s corrupt
      Impeach impeach impeach

  5. I think the young selfie couple are celebrating the fact that they are just about to the state line in the Panhandle. Also, keep your hands off Woody Guthrie’s lyrics you Republican fucks!!!

  6. Show a picture of our twitter bird license plate in the background
    Text: “This is our license plate… Imagine that”

    1. You mean our licence plate that features a landscape in the background with plateaus, a geological formation that is in no way associated with Oklahoma.

      1. Black Mesa – beautiful place.

    2. I thought it was a Mocking Jay from the “Hunger Games”.

  7. My tax dollars paid for this crappy campaign. Imagine that!

    1. +1

  8. Oklahoma: Come for the meth. Stay for the fentanyl.

    1. +1000

    2. How much would you have charged the state for that logo? I bet we could have saved some real cash!

  9. “We’re all pioneers” – yikes

    “We’re creating, disrupting and changing how things have always been because we each possess a fierce sense of urgency and independence.” — Wow, that is a bunch of corporate buzzword speak ham-fisted into one sentence. I know Renzi couldn’t have thought that one up on his own.

    If we’re not doing what we’ve always done, why did we just have a sales tax approved in OKC that benefits a bunch of wealthy folks that are involved with the state fair and a recreational league soccer team? Same old, same old…

    1. Oklahoma is a deeply conservative place – in the small “c” sense of the word. “Pioneers” is one of the last words I would use to describe our people.

  10. “look at the dumb ass we elected governor” IMAGINE THAT!!!

    1. Have you seen the White House? Stupidity isn’t just an Oklahoma thing, imagine that!

      1. LIke. Stupid generates Stupid…… Almost as stupid as ‘Scissor Tail” (I used to love to hear them going early in the summer mornings from a tall pole fastened to the peak of the garage roof for an antenna to get radio signals in the ’30s but that’s another story”). Her scissortail on the tag from over 5 feet away looks like a white splotch of bird poop that flew over. The same with naming ‘Frontier Park” or what better, for the impressive Land Run monuments along the River. That’s all she could think of? A 6th-grade girl’s fancy of what was ‘artistic’ and ‘designating’ the ambiance of the theme? Does a scissortail represent the spirit of the Land Run and Frontier? Well so much for Trump LIte, and his gangster mug like appearance defacing our state news..etc. imagine that!

  11. I think the technical name for all these efforts, and especially the notion of taking seriously those insipid PowerPoint slides, is “circle jerk.” They’d have raised more money advertising medical marijuana licenses to Texas residents.

  12. Funny (in a sad way) that the slogan “Imagine That” is so absolutely *un*imaginative and pedestrian…. JFC, you idiots, pull your heads out of each others’ assholes (and get your hands off each others’ dicks) long enough to realize how completely BAD this is, did they not run it by *anybody* at all that’s not part of their circle (jerk)…

  13. It speaks volumes that it’s to be unveiled at a prayer breakfast.

  14. I kind of like “this land was made for you and me” except that we took it from the Natives that we’re trying to further swindle for $.

  15. I love that branded gifts for stakeholders should be produced outside of Oklahoma. Way to support local business!

  16. Rejected Tag Lines:
    WELL, I’LL BE DAMNED! – Churches didn’t like that one, not sure why.
    GOT MILK? – Apparently this one was already taken.
    NO SHIT?! – Full of it!
    I’M A REAL STATE TOO – Too many people unironically waving confederate flags.
    DEEZ NUTS – A black person said it and that upset the previously mentioned group… they’re also armed.

  17. “Unrivalled Distribution Hub”

    Probably should have run spell check on those slides before they came out.
    The word is unrivaled

    Distribution of what? For most consumer or business things just off the top of my head I would put Atlanta, Chicago or Dallas well over Oklahoma.

    But for Distribution of BS, yeah I think this campaign is “unrivalled” distribution leader.

    Imagine That!

    1. Although geographically perfect Oklahoma lost the distribution hub opportunity with the birth of the Turner and Will Rogers Turnpikes.
      Trucking companies didn’t like high road taxes…. Imagine that

    2. Natural gas?

  18. And in other news Governor Kevin Stitt signed an executive order banning all nonessential state-funded travel to California. Not exactly sure why the state was funding nonessential travel to California in the first place. Imagine That!

    I also see he switched to local lawyers to defend himself and the state from his notion that gambling is illegal after he announced Perkins Coie of Seattle would represent. Oklahoma does have lawyers Imagine That!

    Kevin Stitt – One Term! Imagine That!


    Campaign looks like something a Junior College advertising major might come up with. Imagine That!

    1. They most likely consider things like academic meetings “nonessential”–even if those meetings are paid for with grant money that isn’t from the state. Learnin’ stuff is for losers and atheists.

    2. Hey! Don’t insult junior college advertising majors; they could do much better. Imagine that!

  19. what kind of gaping asshole has the audacity and the stupidity to put an actual microsoft project gantt chart in a powerpoint?

    Whoever did that should be fired on the spot.

    1. The Gantt chart lacks lines for the retraction of ads when there is a slew of negative push back on social media.

  20. People Thought Renzi Stone Could Run Our State University System: Imagine That.

  21. Didn’t there used to be a rub & tug named Emajon That in Oklahoma City. Spelled different but pronounced the same. Imagine that !

  22. Suddenly “OKLAHOMA IS OK” seems downright inspiring which is surprising because I thought that set the bar as low as it could go. Imagine that!

  23. I had my expectations set very low for the state’s “rebranding.” So I’m neither very surprised nor very disappointed by this bellyflop. Imagine that!

    I’m still trying to “discover the excellence” here, as they instruct us to do at the MO/OK state line. Not much success so far. Imagine that!

    I thought that the “Native America” tagline that was on our previous auto tags was good. A hell of a lot better than this replacement. Imagine that!

  24. Own a home before you are 30 (and call Gateway Mortgage and tell them Kevin sent you for a really special deal) Imagine That!

  25. Branded gifts for key stakeholders (not you). Should be produced out of state. Using YOUR tax money. What a joke.

  26. Number 1 in number of cannabis patients…Imagine that!

  27. The governor is banned from doing business in several states for shady practices. Imagine that.

  28. My suggestion—OKLAHOMA: It ain’t South Sudan yet, but give it time!

  29. A new Governor who is so bad that we miss Mary in the role…
    Imagine that!

  30. If they wanted a conversation-starter, they should have used the phrase that begins every conversation in Oklahoma:

    “Boy, I’ll tell you what…”

  31. Fer pete’s sake, just use the Ron Swanson technique, Oklahoma: a good place. No one likes a bunch of fal-der-all!

  32. Oklahoma…

    The state with a governor who had never voted for governor.

    Imagine That.

  33. The latest:

    Governor Stitt has arranged for Eddie Murphy to be the spokesperson for Oklahoma’s “Imagine That” campaign. Murphy has relevant experience, having starred in a film by that same name.

    Sadly, the film “Imagine That” was a flop – the likely fate of Oklahoma’s new attempt at “branding” itself.

  34. You get what you pay for… imagine that.

  35. I prefer “Hold my beer”

  36. Better brand/slogan OKLAHOMA “Go figure!”

  37. More good news from wannabe POTUS Stitt. He is headed to DC to announce his new healthcare plan.

    Keep ignoring the legislature AND the people of Oklahoma.

    Your Alligator mouth is overloading your hummingbird ass!

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