Stitt of Wrath: Governor Bans State-Funded Travel to California

With his gubernatorial honeymoon officially over – and while taking heat and criticism from all sides of the political establishment for the clumsy way he’s dealt with Native American tribes on the gaming compact – Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt has turned to a tried and true Republican method to save face and garner support: pandering to pro-life folks.

Yesterday afternoon, Governor Stitt signed an executive order banning all “non-essential” state funded travel to California. The ban was in response to California banning travel to Oklahoma for the draconian, unconstitutional legislation our lawmakers routinely pass in an effort to ban abortion.

Here are details via KFOR:

As families are celebrating the New Year, a few Oklahoma horses will be on one of the biggest stages on New Year’s Day.

Express Ranches has been asked to provide its giant Percherons and a sleigh for the cast of the Broadway musical ‘Frozen’ as a part of this year’s Tournament of Roses Parade.

In addition to the sleigh, an Express Coach with eight Clydesdales will also be a part of the parade. Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt will be in the ornately designed Express Coach.

“Hundreds of equestrian groups apply every year to be included in the parade’s elite line up of equestrian units, but only and a handful are selected,” said Josh Minshull, general manager of Express horse operations in Yukon. “We couldn’t be more honored and thrilled to be invited to bring two entries for this year’s parade.”

Oops! My bad! That’s a KFOR article about Governor Stitt and his wife taking a non-essential trip to sunny California four weeks ago to ride horses in the Tournament of Roses parade. It’s a good thing he waited until after that visit to take such a valiant stand against California’s abortion laws, otherwise he would have had to spend it here in boring pro-life Oklahoma with the rest of us!

Here’s the actual Oklahoman article about his California ban:

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt announced that he is banning state-funded travel to the State of California in response to a city’s action in October of 2019.

On Thursday, Gov. Stitt announced that he signed an executive order banning state-funded travel to the State of California.

“California and its elected officials over the past few years have banned travel to the State of Oklahoma in an effort to politically threaten and intimidate Oklahomans for their personal values. Enough is enough. If California’s elected officials don’t want public employees traveling to Oklahoma, I am eager to return the gesture on behalf of Oklahoma’s pro-life stance. I am proud to be Governor of a state that fights for the most vulnerable among us, the unborn,” said Gov. Stitt.

Boy, I bet California leaders are shaking in their flip flops! Granted, it’s probably because they’re laughing at us, but a shake is a shake.

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17 Responses

  1. boy, who cares what California leaders think..Stitt for tat..

  2. This idiocy is really detrimental to people trying to get actual work done. I have to travel for work often on Federally-funded projects and I don’t get to pick the destination — its where the particular meeting or project site happens to be located. The funds go to OU and thus becomes subject to both Federal and State rules. Sucks trying to keep track of all the red tape, yet alone the political BS, and don’t get me started on the software that OU has to try to automate the red tape. Thankfully there’s nothing on my calendar in California coming up, but my last trip and next trip are to very Blue states.

  3. #PanderToTheRightWingLunies

  4. Half of the population of Okla went to Cali in the 1930’s. Looks like it’s time to do it again.

  5. Did the State pay for Stitt’s Rose Bowl trip? If not, maybe Stitt is a bit less hypocritical than he appears. But only a bit.

    In any case, Stitt is pandering shamelessly on another one of the “G” issues: Gynecology!

    It’s sad that our elected officials like Stitt think they can curry favor and increase their popularity by this kind of pandering. It’s even sadder that they are probably right – because it’s likely how they got elected in the first place.

    1. I would guess that Bob Funk & Express picked up the tab for that (he road on the Express Clydesdales’ float/carriage entry), unless he had some sort of state business to attend.
      Just curious, if banning state funded travel to California (epicenter of the cancel culture) is pandering to the right, then what is it called when California bans state funded travel to AL, KS, KY, MS, OK, NC, SD, TX, SC & IA?

      1. Intolerance of discrimination against LGBTQ people.

  6. Like Californians travel here for anything other than “primitive studies”? No one WANT’s to come to Oklahoma for anything.

  7. One of the travel ban exceptions is for “business recruiting trips,” a most dangerous proposition since it could (somehow?) entice Californians to come to Oklahoma. That could result in pushing the state into the 19th or 20th century. Be careful now.

    1. Can’t wait to start pooping in the street. We need to get our cholera & typhus #’s up.

      1. Obviously you have never been to Poteau.

  8. I wrote this once and it didn’t seem to take. Pardon my redundancy if two messages float into place later.

    One of the travel ban exception is for “business recruiting trips,” a most dangerous proposition since such trips could (somehow?) convince Californians to relocate to Oklahoma. Enough of them show up and they could push the state into the 19th or 20th century. ¡Cuidado!

  9. Well, there went the California economy.

  10. There is an alternative method, as described below:

    The kinfolk said “Jed move away from there”
    Said “Californy is the place you ought to be”
    So they loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly
    (Hills, that is. Swimmin pools, movie stars.)

  11. I’m sure California is so sad right now lol.

  12. San Shit-cisco

    (Sung to “San Francisco” – Scott McKenzie)

    If you’re going to San Shit-cisco
    Best take care or there’ll be shit in your hair
    If you’re going to San Shit-cisco
    You’ll be mystified at all the Liberals there

    For those who come to San Shit-cisco
    there’ll be needles and piles of shit there
    Sidewalks are brown in San Shit-cisco
    Careless people took massive shits right there

    Laughed at by the nation ’cause of public defecation
    Bowels in motion
    The stench of defecation causing a conflagration
    Shit is in motion; a homeless potion

    For those who come to San Shit-cisco
    Look around and stare at shit dumped everywhere
    If something squishes in San Shit-cisco
    You’ll know it is fresh defecation there

    If you come to San Shit-cisco
    by Summertime you will be fleeing there

  13. Vix, and company….. I’ve got to disagree with your take S.F. There is a huge misconception about shit in the streets…. Sure as shit your going to see some fucked up things there…. but s.f. And California as a whole is nothing like what your saying…. Let’s read….. brisbane, daly city, colma, tiberon, napa,sonoma and South San francisco…. All suburbs of s.f. Proper…. The homeless stay where they are supported…. That’s why it’s a mess downtown climb mount brisbane and what do you see…. One of the greatest cities on the earth…. If Stitt wants to close the door on Cali…. Then let him it won’t be the first time Oklahoma has dropped the ball on cultural exchanges…


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