Miranda Lambert still wants to be an honorary Okie…

Oklahomans have a habit of adopting celebrities that stick around longer than just passing through on the cluttered I-40. I believe we call it the Oklahoma Celebrity Standard. It’s  perk Miranda Lambert apparently enjoys.

Via the Tulsa World:

Former Oklahoma resident Miranda Lambert has something she wants to say:

“I’m still an honorary Oklahoman if ya’ll will have me,” the country music star said during a phone interview. “I was deemed an honorary Okie, and I don’t want to give up that title.”

According to discount Carrie Underwood’s testimony, Lambert was “deemed an honorary Okie” when she was married to country music star and dive bar enthusiast Blake Shelton. I think the only way to lose that title is to go play basketball in California.

Here’s more from the Tulsa World’s conversation:

I have actually property still in Oklahoma. It’s my dad’s baby, so it’s his hunting ranch. He keeps it nice and beautiful. I feel like we are neighboring states, and I was kindred spirits with the people there. Just salt of the earth. That’s kind of where I am from (in Lindale, Texas).

Thanks? Glad we could be part of your humbling experience.

If you want to be an honorary Okie, that’s fine; but, you’re going to have to prove it. Experience what all Oklahomans have to deal with for one year. Have Mike Morgan’s tie scream at you about a tornado. Freak out at the Bell Isle Walmart during an impending ice-pocalypse. Be constantly disappointed in Kevin Stitt. Then, and only then, will I call you a true Okie.