Free Queso: Wings Talk With Flawed Laws

With Free Queso, we always try to bring you a different perspective from the food and beverage industry. This week, we stretched out and had our friends Clint and Jeff from the Flawed Laws podcast come out and do a crossover. Think of it like one of those TGIF ‘URKEL IS ON FULL HOUSE TONIGHT!’ things, […]

Conway Twitty and OKC’s Forgotten Twitty Burger

Long before Toby Keith or Blake Shelton ever darkened this state’s dining doorways with overpriced fried bologna sandwiches and Slim Jim-heavy margaritas, throughout most of the sixties and seventies country crooner Conway Twitty made Oklahoma City his base of operations for the thoroughly unique Twitty Burger eatery. Even though Twitty had chart success with classic […]

The OU Seed Sower Statue Is Happy To See You

Is the fame OU Seed Sower statue now sponsored by Patricia’s? On Friday afternoon, The OU Daily went for the low hanging fruit and provided breaking-news coverage over a dildo being placed on the famed OU Seed Sower statue. A sex toy was attached to OU's Seed Sower statue, The Daily learned on Friday. OU […]