TLO Restaurant Review: Geronimo’s Bakery

(Throughout the month of February, every Thursday TLO will celebrate and highlight various Black-owned eateries across the OKC Metro. – Louis) When people learn that I’m a piecemeal restaurant critic for an obscure local social blog, they almost always try to falsely connect with me the only way they know how, by typically asking the […]

Channel 25 declares OKC “The Place To Be” if you’re homeless

It’s nothing new for local news to give us a good dose of fearmongering. Usually, it’s weather-related, but when that’s going slow they’ve to dig into social topics. For instance, FOX 25 (a.k.a. a local Sinclair propaganda affiliate) recently produced a biased, unhinged report about homelessness in OKC that’s full of enough spite and conspiracy […]

Lost Ogle Show (Episode 27) with State Rep Monroe Nichols!

We were happy to welcome Oklahoma lawmaker Monroe Nichols (D – Tulsa) to our Bricktown Digital Media Studios last night for a recording of The Lost Ogle Show! Rep. Nichols represents House District 72 in the Tulsa area, and is Vice-Chair of the Democratic House Caucus. He also serves as senior adviser to the Mike […]