5 Lessons Learned as an OU Student

After spending my entire life in school, I’ll be graduating in May from the University of Oklahoma. Well…sort of. Via OU Email:  You have successfully completed your Commencement and Convocation Reservation Form. We look forward to celebrating your accomplishments with you! You may make changes to your reservations through the first day of dead week […]

7 local treats for your Valentine this year

Normally, this is the time of year when we come up with a list of really cynical and awful date ideas for Valentine’s Day. After all, it can be a real bummer of a holiday for a lot of people. If you’re single, it sucks for obvious reasons, and if you’re in a relationship, there’s […]

Cocked and Loaded: Taking Aim at the Original OKC Gun Show

Growing up with both my father and mother as law enforcement officers in a small Texas town, I have seen firsthand the bloody mess that improperly handled firearms can do when in the wrong—and right—hands. They are instruments of death that, sadly, have become fraudulent symbols of freedom, typically by a group of people that […]