Oklahoma Officially Unveils Unoriginal New Brand And Logo

Earlier today, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and his right-hand yes-man, Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell, officially unveiled the new state logo and branding campaign that we first leaked to the masses a little over a month ago.

The live video launch from YouTube is currently not working (imagine that!), but if you want to check out a compilation of updated stock Oklahoma tourism footage complete with an uninspiring voiceover and royalty free background music, they released this launch video. If you don’t want to waste 81 seconds of your life watching it, you can just view the logo below:

As we reported last month, “Imagine That” was used by the OKC Visitors and Convention Bureau way back in the 1990s. That’s kind of sad. You’d think a OklaX super group composed of 100 local marketing and branding professionals working for free under the tutelage of government officials and well-paid Canadians could do better than a recycled two-word phrase from the 1990s that is often used sardonically in modern American conversation, but then again, this is Oklahoma we’re talking about. We are just OK.

On a positive note, the logo mark is colorful and modern and will look pretty on a coffee mug at the airport, but it’s also standard and forgettable. I don’t think anyone from the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream Waters is going to look at the mark in five years and say, “Hey, that tall guy on the ski lift with the thick eyebrows over there is wearing a jacket with the Oklahoma logo! Let’s go there for vacation!”

As an Ogle Mole pointed out, the mark also borrows heavily from the big bad book of logo clichés. Look at how it compares to these marks from an internet list of generic and overused logo designs:

In all fairness, our logo uses stylized arrow points instead of human hands. I guess that’s a plus!

Anyway, The Oklahoman put together a video of the big unveiling, along with a press conference from Stitt and Pinnell. The dynamic duo drops laughable quotes like, “We feel like we came up with a world-class brand” and it’s a “Top 10” brand. Basically, they lied, ignored the truth and told people what they wanted people to hear, just like any good brand does. Imagine that.

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47 Responses

  1. Sounds like they involved everybody in developing the campaign except the state agencies who will be
    Involved in implementing it.

    They have no clue what is going on.

    God help the little people

  2. “Oklahoma-we’re not Mississippi-YET” Imagine that!!

  3. A big dose of OklaX and what do you get?

  4. There are some extremely talented graphic artists/designers in Oklahoma; obviously none of them were consulted for this project. Yes, imagine that!

    1. Why couldn’t they have used school kids across the State. The winner gets a 10,000.00 prize. We could have saved a lot of money. I bet they could have come up with something better. “Imagine That”. LOL

  5. I’m sure that’s the best $5 they’ve ever spent on Fiverr.

  6. I figured Saxum was right in the middle of it all. Am I wrong? Why did Renzi Stone quit the Regents?

    1. Because they didn’t appoint him Chairman.

  7. How about
    Oklahoma is >OK but < Texas
    Could our literacy challenged kids translate this one?

    1. Why are your kids literacy challenged?

    2. The symbols aren’t about literacy as much as about math.

      Deb said nothing about her own kids being literacy challenged. But Oklahoma’s school kids on the whole don’t score that well on standardized tests.

      There are quite a few Oklahoma adults who are literacy challenged.

  8. Oh Dear God! At first glance I thought it was the Walmart logo! Maybe that’s the point. Oklahoma is now the state devoted to training all of Walmarts new associates nationwide.

  9. Nothing to see here folks.
    Imagine that!

  10. Waste of time & money. Imagine that.

  11. We suck. Imagine that.

  12. wait one dang minute. is that rainbow colors on that logo…

  13. I would have suggested BLUNDER DOWN.

  14. What Dat!!!! Check out what’s going on with the re-branding at the the larger state agencies, and you’ll find nothing with substance, just a bunch of fluff and wasted tax dollars.

  15. This looks a lot like the logo used by the tribes on their Oklahoma United commercials.

    1. Oh the irony

  16. How cheesy! Oklahoma! Go figure! :-/

  17. The governor hasn’t done many positive things for the people of Oklahoma. The logo fits in well with his accomplishments. We have the worst looking license plate and now we have the worst logo.

  18. What kind of mentality believes that if you slap a new slogan and logo on the same old product, people will automatically like it more – and want to buy it?

    No one with any sense believes that, but that’s probably a great selling point for ad men and women trying to land a contract.

  19. Are you sure that isn’t the logo for Alcoa aluminum?

  20. Who were the well-paid Canadians?

  21. The opening scene of the gushing “news report” of the event with Stitt and Pinnell reminds me of the intern or the PR guy with the CEO on the unveiling of a new ad campaign. Imagine That! Oh wait, I guess Pinnell is the PR guy, and Stitt believes himself to be the CEO of Oklahoma.

    Also sort of looks like those two idiots that used to do the Sonic commercials. Imagine That!

  22. How in the world does this represent Oklahoma? What a colossal waste of money at any cost. Another successful Stitt project. Thank god we’re running Oklahoma like a business again. . .

  23. Oklahoma hired a Canadian company to brand our state, because why would we want to support an Oklahoma business to do it? Stitt hired a foreign company to brand us and Obama’s, Hillary’s, and the DNC’s law firm that had a hand in Steele dossier to defend “the state” against the tribes. #imaginethat

  24. I thought “Cash Lane” and “Pikepass Only” were our state slogans. I see them everywhere!

  25. So a Canadian company copied the Texas star and wrapped it in a rainbow. I guess being a copy cat is not that bad but Oklahoma flying a rainbow is definitely false advertising.

  26. Logo from Burning Man?





    You’re welcome. And that’ll be $179,532.17 for the slogan.

  28. And to boot…they already pay graphic designers through the lottery and some are Native!! Didn’t even give them a thought, apparently. Why are we spending $200,000 on branding that could have been done BETTER in house!?! So many things wrong with this!!!

  29. The logo looks like a butthole.

    Imagine that.

  30. The logo itself is nice. But it doesn’t seem to mean anything???
    At the same time, who really gives a s&#t. This isn’t going to bring any business to our state.

  31. Damn, I think I’ll dig out my Spirograph toy I had when I was a kid and start designing logos. It could make me rich.

  32. Pinnell even addressed critics by pulling out the “did you see what we had before?” defense.

  33. Gov. Stitt is trying so hard to follow the Trump lead in everything and “Make Oklahoma Great Again” as if we are not already a great state. Trying to erase any presence of the Oklahoma tribes and anyone else who disagrees with him or his methods. Where have we experienced that over the past three and a half years ???
    Imagine that !!!!!

  34. At least it’s not Be Best!!

  35. You want a new tourism slogan for Oklahoma that’s not generic, didn’t involve hours of wasted time and tax dollars, and doesn’t focus on the niche tourist searching for a vacation place that’s home to more astronauts than any other state…

    “Gonna treat you great!”

  36. After seeing this craptacular launch and the success of Tulsa’s new flag, it makes me all the more regretful that I wasn’t able to get the OKC flag changed before I left.

  37. Kind of long, but how about “In God We Trust But Politicians, Not So Much”?

  38. I would have failed my first year marketing class with that piece of junk. Wow, I need to go into business I guess and sell to Stitt.

  39. For a $250k we get a logo that is cut and pasted?


  40. This doesn’t represent Oklahoma most of us know. It was done , like a lot of things Stitt is doing. Behind closed doors. No approval from anyone except his cronies. Very disgusting. I just learned a Canadian firm was paid thousands to come up with this

  41. This looks nothing like Oklahoma it looks more like the Texas star to me was the guy in charge of this from Texas come on we can come up with something better than what we got something that resembles Oklahoma my gosh we’ve spent so much money on the Maps project surely we can come up with something better than what we got

  42. what is the old logo and slogan?

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