Oklahoma To Bring Back Botched Executions

Happy Friday everyone, let’s talk about the death penalty in Oklahoma. Sure, there are better ways to start this article; but it would be irresponsible for me to rehash old jokes that didn’t work and inject them into the site. Speaking of that…

Via KOCO.com:

State officials announced Thursday morning that Oklahoma has found a reliable supply of drugs to resume executions by lethal injection.

Gov. Kevin Stitt, Attorney General Mike Hunter, Department of Corrections Director Scott Crow and other state officials made the announcement at a news conference at 11:30 a.m.

According to the attorney general’s office, the state will use an updated version of the previous protocol that includes recommendations by the 2016 multicounty grand jury. The three drugs that will continue to be used are midazolam, vecuronium bromide and potassium chloride.

Let me start by saying the death penalty is a complicated, problematic issue despite the side you stand on. Any carte blanche response to this can be misguided because they don’t represent all the factors at play.

But Oklahoma in particular has a terrible reputation for the state-murder business. In 2014 and 2015, two botched executions put Oklahoma in the worst limelight imaginable. And yet, despite all this, the state is going to push ahead with the same drugs as before.

But sure, I bet your death drugs are sure to work this time. Say what you will about Oklahoma, their blind optimism is inspiring.

Here’s more:

State officials have said in the past that they wanted to use nitrogen gas instead of lethal injections amid a shortage of the injection drugs needed. However, the 2015 law allowing the state to develop a method for nitrogen hypoxia specifically states that death sentences shall be carried out by nitrogen hypoxia, only if the drugs for lethal injections are unavailable.

According to the AG’s office, the updated protocol includes several of the recommendations by the 2016 multicounty grand jury, such as a verification of execution drugs at every step in the process, more training for the execution team and more.

That’s amazing. Remind me to stay away from the Embassy Suites when the Oklahoma Execution Training Conference is happening. That would be a great conversation at the hotel bar.

“So, what are you in town for?”

“Six Sigma Execution Training? You?”

“I’m here for the EHS conference.”

Seriously, does Oklahoma not understand there are plenty of ways to kill someone quickly and humanely without training? Since you’re so gung-ho on killing inmates, have they considered a firing squad? A guillotine? Perhaps even getting run over by Kevin Stitt in a tractor? If you really want to kill someone in pure Oklahoma fashion, have them sit through another re-branding meeting. They’ll due in the cruelest form known to humankind: boredom.

If, or when, the drugs fail again, we’ll all be left saying, “Imagine That…”

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41 Responses

  1. I guess the push to reduce the prison population wasn’t moving along quite fast enough.

  2. Who will be training the “execution team”? No one from Oklahoma has any record of success at the task. The executioners with the best recent record of success are all employed by ISIS, and I don’t think that CPB will let them into the country to help us.

    Still, I understand the Governor’s passion about this issue. It’s one of the first steps to making Oklahoma a “Top Ten” state – at least in executions.

    Imagine that!

    (Patrick omitted mention of good, old-fashioned hanging as a tried and true method of execution. Hanging has deep roots in Oklahoma’s Old West and Confederate heritage. And cynically speaking, it’s even economical – you can re-use the rope. If it was good enough for Saddam Hussein…)

    1. Patrick failed to mention it because the piece was written by Brandon.

      1. Oops. My bad.

  3. Lethal injection, especially in Oklahoma’s hands, might seem cruel and harsh, but don’t forget the circumstances. These people are paying a price that pales in comparison to what their victims suffered.

    ON the other hand, our system needs to prove beyond a doubt these people are guilty. Too many cases being dismissed across the country due to inept or headstrong prosecutions. One wrongful death is too much.

    1. That’s my stance. I think there’s so much pressure to produce convictions, especially with DA’s and judges being pseudo-political positions, that it creates an incentive to solve crimes more than it does to ensure that the right person was caught. I’m not saying everyone in prison is innocent of the crimes they were convicted of, or even most of them, but I do think that if we’re going to have capital punishment should only be applied under the most intense scrutiny possible. I’d much rather people who commit heinous acts be in prison for the rest of their lives than to mistakenly execute anyone.

    2. Thumbs up tp you! Let us not forget what Clayton “Botched Execution” Lockett did to his victim She was in the wrong place at the wrong time! He took her out in the country dug a hole pushed her in shot her then buried her while she was still breathing! He deserved any pain & suffering he got!

  4. Governor: How many inmates are on death row because there is no physical evidence to tie the inmate to the murder ? How many inmates are on death row thanks to jail house snitches ? Unless there is absolute proof someone committed the crime, there should be no execution. Make sure you convict the right person and not just some person.

  5. Let’s try it on a few of the repub criminals at the capital (starting with kevin “alfalfa” stitt). If it works on them I’m down for it on the murderers and future repubtards!

    1. How ’bout we star with Roger Stone?

      1. Yeah, he’s a real menace. How about adding in these congressional perjurers? James Comey (lied about the timing of his decision to clear Hillary Clinton), James Clapper (lied about warrantless surveillance), John Brennan (lied about the Steele dossier & it’s relevance to Russian interference assessment), Loretta Lynch (repeatedly lied to congress about the Clinton investigation), Eric “Stedman” Holder (repeatedly lied about the fast & furious scandal) as well as failing to answer a congressional subpoena, Lois Lerner (lied about the IRS scandal), Cheryl Mills (lied about the Hillary Clinton investigation), Huma Abedin (lied & made false statements to the FBI regarding the Hillary Clinton investigation), Andrew McCabe (his entire testimony was a lie). You gonna have to order some more drugs.

        1. Wow! You drank ALL the Kool-Aid!

          But you forgot to mention the grave miscarriage of justice in the case of Michael Flynn. Our fair and independent AG has, just today, ordered that the circumstances of Flynn’s FBI interview (in which he admitted to lying) be investigated – again. Of course that’s in addition to the AG ordering the DOJ to ease up on Roger Stone’s sentencing, right after Trump tweeted about it.

          I heard that Barr has a new tattoo of Trump on his back! 😀

          Eric “Stedman” Holder? What was on your mind when you made that reference?

          1. It sounds like they have an endless supply of the kool-aid. The least Trump could do is give them a hand job.

        2. And… breaking news! Today Barr’s DOJ has announced:

          “… after careful consideration, the Government has decided not to pursue criminal charges against Andrew G. McCabe, arising from the referral by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to our Office of conduct. Based on the totality of the circumstances and all of the information known to the Government at this time, we consider the matter closed.”

          Another conspiracy theory bites the dust. 🙂

        3. Cry me a river. Old lumpy hannity keeps you informed perfectly and you can sure hang your hat on a midget, propagandist, opinion journalist. Oops he’s not even a journalist. My bad.
          Amazing how all this you said earned not one single indictment, let alone a conviction.
          The current crop of pigs in the donald administration are being jailed like rats.
          Propaganda, it sure works on the uneducated and those who only care about the tax cut for which they will receive. Really sick folks.

      2. In that regard I’d sure hope they’d screw it up again.

    2. And what do YOU suck?

  6. I am not a fan of capital punishment, but when it comes down to how to do it effectively, nothing beats a bullet in the back of the head.

    I’ve never understood this bullshit with the electric chair, the gas chamber, lethal injection, etc.

    If you’re going to engage in this bizarre practice, at least do it quickly and efficiently and stop making a goddamned Broadway production out of it.

  7. The execution drugs are not the problem. They will work quickly and painlessly if given correctly. The problem w the botched execution of a few years ago wasn’t the drugs. It was the fact that the idiots didn’t realize the IV was what you refer to as “infiltrated”. The IV wasn’t in the vein and the medications were injected into the subcutaneous tissue. That would be a horrible way to die.

    1. What things horrible happened to innocent victims that put him there in the first place? We’re they given a choice?

  8. I say as long as we can prove without a shadow of a doubt we bring back the firing squad and public hangings that would be more effective

    1. That’s very “pro-life” of you. 🙂

      1. Well if someone killed someone especially if someone killed a child then yes they deserve the death penalty.
        Yes I am pro-life but im also pro rightful punishment.

        How I see it is if you are old enough to know better and the consequences of your actions and you still murder someone you have no place in society and the rest of us law abiding citizens shouldn’t have to pay for you to live and eat and shower for free.

        P.s. I also believe child molesters and rapists should receive the death penalty… Any problems with that graychin

        1. No problem here. You believe what you believe. Just don’t be telling people who disagree to move. That’s not the country we live in, so far.

          1. I have not told anyone to move just made a suggestion on how they feel about some of the laws here in oklahoma I just wanted them to know that they have options.

            And both of those places I suggested have the strictest gun laws in the u.s. but the highest gang violence and gun related deaths and are democrat controlled.
            Not to say that disarming law abiding citizens and making laws that criminals wont follow anyway has anything to do with that.

    2. For ALL to see including young kids. They need to learn early.

      Wouldn’t be long, most of this nonsense would stop.

  9. The Anti-Abortion crowd at the Capitol are the same crowd who attend executions, cheering for DEATH. It’s time to abandon the death penalty and punish the old-fashioned way of having inmates serve life without parole, grown their own food and make their own clothes like they used to do, With Macy and Gilchrist’s prosecutions we HAVE executed innocent people in Oklahoma — or at least people who were wrongfully convicted due to that evil duo.

    I’ve witnessed an execution in Oklahoma and it’s not an easy death – no matter what you hear.

    “Why do we kill people who kill people, to show people it’s wrong to kill people?”

  10. This article just makes me think about Richard Glossip.

  11. Let’s not forget what started this whole discussion, a botched execution. Let me remind you of that execution. Clayton Lockett is the inmate. He botched the execution of his victim in Perry. Remember after stealing her truck and raping her friend, he made her dig a hole then he shot her in the back with birdshot. As she rolled to the ground moaning in pain the shotgun jammed. He cleared the chamber fired once more missing her and the hit her over the head with the shotgun. Then he rolled her into the hole and had her friend bury her alive. They talked about how the dirt was still moving and they could see her breathe coming up through the dirt. Lockett said leave her buried she’ll die, sure enough she did by the time law enforcement arrived two days later.

    So, the fact that it took 45 minutes for him to die at Bid Mac doesn’t phase me or anyone in Noble county. It was almost appropriate. He should have actually suffered for at least a few hours.

  12. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  13. I believe the first man they plan to execute, Richard Glossip, is innocent.

    I reviewed this case in 2015. Back then I still trusted a little in authority. I really believed Mary Fallin would review the new evidence and do what she could to stop the execution. There were too many issues and doubts. For one, the actual killer got life for implicating Glossip in the scheme. Glossip got death. Glossip has always denied involvement.

    Instead, Mary Fallin denied the final appeal before she’d even had time to read it. Cases like this turned me against the death penalty in all cases.

    I’ll go through the motions and contact the Governor, and I’ll hope for the best. Since he isn’t Xanax-addled like his predecessor, that we know of, there’s always a chance Gov. Stitt will take a minute to review this wet mess of a case. Prater is determined to get this done, no matter what. Scary.

    It is almost impossible to undo this shit. Ask my heroine BAE Kathleen Zellner. She represents Steven Avery, of Making a Murderer infamy.

    1. We’ve likely killed innocent people before and now we are poised to do so again. Although I can weirdly understand Fred’s Old Testament logic, what about the cases that are more complicated? I’d never defend Lockett (I think his crimes are horrible) but no matter what he did our laws give us rights… that’s where we live and what we do. The goal of punishment is rehabilitation when possible or removal from society.

  14. Happy Day After Valentine’s Day. Having been to death row several times over many years……the first in 1979 and the last in 2005, I have met such truly awful characters like Roger Dale Stafford of the Sirloin Stockade slaughter, one or two inmates later found innocent of the murders they were charged with and on one trip anti-execution actor Mike Farrell. Also met several big Mac wardens, H Unit officers and supervisors and hundreds of other inmates down there. All those experiences were eye opening, unpleasant and I guess educational. An even more depressing setting was F cell house where the protective unit was located. Men there spent years never coming out of the cells for fear of injury or death. In summary at one time nearly 130 men and one woman were on death row (the woman in the city at Mabel Bassett) and now it is down to 57. After all these years my attitude toward the death penalty is little changed from my first trip down there. It costs a fortune to house, guard, litigate and eventually kill a few dozen heinous criminals and then also some men who just made violent decisions usually under the influence of drugs or alcohol. More than 1,000 inmates are serving life without parole a punishment chosen by voters way back 30 years ago. I suggest the 57 now sitting on death row have their sentences commuted to that punishment, convert H unit to a mental health or health facility and put the always controversial ‘death row debate’ behind us. Then we can move on to really important issues like debating Speaker Charles McCall’s push to place the phrase “In God We Trust” on public buildings, signs, roads, elevator shafts and anywhere else funded by tax dollars. When that becomes law it will give our Supreme Court some more stuff to do as they deliberate the constitutionality of the phrase placed over the entrance to their chambers. It will also help re-elect Speaker McCall because he is clearly at risk of losing during the upcoming elections since he has only $700,000 in his campaign account. Oh and McCall also is for Stitt’s 2.0 alternative to medicaid expansion. The 2.0 stands for at least two more years before even that watered down version would ever become law and meanwhile thousands more innocent, sick, elderly and often rural residing Okies will die due to the lack of adequate health care. So I ask you. Who are the real murderers and criminals in Oklahoma? I just report. You decide.

    1. The state’s incarceration rate speaks for itself….. justice is played out in the courtroom like a rude documentary…. if any one posting here has ever had false charges brought against them … they will understand…. the system is like quicksand…. there is no qaurter

  15. Aborting a life has been a norm in society since the dawn of conception…. in the womb or without… it’s a human tradition

    1. Let’s just stick to the born in this conversation.

  16. imagine, there’s no heaven….. it’s easy if you try…. Now imagine a hangman noose, 20000 volts direct current… a bullet from the firing squad… or better yet the guillotine …. or gas in the shower while you wait…. execution is dirty business….. society has been writing wrongs since the dawn of time……

  17. The state’s incarceration rate speaks for itself….. justice is played out in the courtroom like a rude documentary…. if any one posting here has ever had false charges brought against them … they will understand…. the system is like quicksand…. there is no qaurter

  18. I can’t believe that I actually read this, “more training for the execution team.” What’s there to train about an execution??? Are they gonna create a TikTok video that goes:

    You put the needle in, you pull the needle out, you put the needle in, and the prisoner shakes all about.
    This how you do an Okie execution, that’s what it’s all about. Clap, Clap!!!

    Can we please go back to a more sane timeline???

    1. What’s the difference between that and a bullet?… a noose, the electric chair, gas, oh let’s not forget the headmens ax…. my favorites are the Guillotine, and throwing the criminals to lions… I’m talking the colosseum… think “the running man”

  19. What’s the difference between that and a bullet?… a noose, the electric chair, gas, oh let’s not forget the headmens ax…. my favorites are the Guillotine, and throwing the criminals to lions… I’m talking the colosseum… think “the running man”

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