We talked Oklahoma’s new brand with Amy Blackburn – the new State Director of Branding!

We were happy to welcome Amy Blackburn – Oklahoma’s new Director of State Branding – to our Bricktown Digital Media Studios for a recent episode of The Lost Ogle Show!

We talked all about Oklahoma’s new brand and marketing campaign, including how and why it was selected, the criticism it’s received on social media and in the press, and what in the world Canadians had to do with it. We also talked about the local ad world, the state meal and played a game of This Week In Lost Ogle History.

Check it out:

You can find out more about the new Oklahoma branding campaign at branding.ok.gov and you can buy your Oklahoma merch at shoptravelok.com. You can follow Amy on Twitter at @_amyblackburn. As always, you can subscribe to The Lost Ogle Show on Apple PodcastsSpotifyI HeartStitcher, etc. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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10 Responses

  1. Good job, Amy! Glad you all had her on TLO –great guest.

  2. Oklahoma should stick to branding cattle…. not labeling a people as marketable …. and as for canadians ask Terrance and Phillip……

  3. You have no talent and work for Kevin Stitt. Imagine That.

  4. What eva… they gots tallent….look at the track record….they should just open the border between Canada and the U.S.

  5. Bazz = Troll

  6. yeah Amy!

  7. Yeah, don’t think the state hiring process allows you to just call someone up and hire them without a few little ‘red tape’ regulations like equal opportunity and other labor laws. But hey, they went through the motions of meeting those by posting the job listing on the Dept. of Commerce site for a week in December with hiring preference given to someone with knowledge of the OklaX project. No one in state government other than 2 or 3 agencies was even aware of it. Guess they didn’t want the opinions of ‘overbearing bureaucrats’ (AKA career professionals) on their new logo. Typical dog and pony show for this administration. Image that!

    1. There have been lots of bring them on board from Executive Office in Oklahoma. Some names that come to mind are Preston Doerflinger, one of Mary Fallin’s favorites to run multiple state agencies. Then there was Julia Ezell, Chief Council for the State Department of Health who sent death threats to herself. Then there was the Pharmacy Board Executive Director that had a little problem with bribery charges with the same person who sent death threats to herself.

      For some reason recent Governors have no idea how to pick people with the skills to run state agencies. It isn’t as simple as hiring your buddies who are out of work, or buddies of the people who paid for your campaign who can’t seem to hold down a job in the private sector.

      There are of course others that should be included in the soon to be released Reality Television series The Real Bureaucrats of Oklahoma. Imagine That!

      1. Don’t forget to include the rich buddies that have nothing better to do than start a hobby running a state agency.

  8. First off I am impressed with the guts that it took for Amy to appear on the podcast. She is probably the only state employee that could pull it off with the product she has been given to try to market. She also has been exceptionally unlucky with some of her former employers, namely Saxum and Ackerman, but sadly if you are in that field and want to work in the state your options are limited.

    The campaign looks like a tired retread of something that Ackerman keeps around to pawn off on an unsuspecting client. I hope all the outdoor ads I see around OKC were put up free, as any money spent on those was more of a waste of taxpayer money than the campaign itself. It’s rather foolish to spend money on ads to promote the state to a captive audience that is already here. I am sure the excuse will be they were put up to show off the campaign to those who paid for it, but again a foolish expense if the reason for the campaign is to get businesses and people into Oklahoma to live and spend money here.

    Amy, you sound like a nice person, and you probably should seek out other opportunities in another state. I’m guessing with a good campaign you probably could get the results that were desired by the client. You did do a good job pitching the campaign, it just wasn’t the correct one to do what needs to be done.

    Sadly the campaign is the equivalent of putting lipstick on a pig. You might have improved the appearance of the pig, but you haven’t given anyone a reason to want to buy that pig. Sadly it just isn’t very creative, and calling it the starting point isn’t the right way to launch what is supposed to be a major rebranding, unless you are a consultant from an ad agency selling the package.

    About all it will probably do is get you and the Governor a local Addy or other regional award as you were able to involve enough local people who might be judges for the awards. The Governor will then be happy and the process will be repeated in a few years with similar results. Worst case might be more money putting into this debacle as a Phase II of the Imagine That! campaign and pour even more money into it.

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