Desolate stretch of Oklahoma highway could be named after Donald Trump…

I guess compromise still exists at the Oklahoma capitol!

Back in November, State Sen. Nathan Dahm – the ranking member of the Derplahoman Caucus – introduced legislation to name a stretch of Route 66 in Northeastern Oklahoma after our gracious, humble, infallible leader – President Donald J. Trump.

The move received immediate pushback from both evil Democrats and establishment Republicans, who for some reason thought that politicizing a road that Lt. Governor Pinnell sadly described as our state’s top tourism attraction was a bad idea.

As a result, Senator Dahm went back to the drawing board and came up with a plan that both Democrats and establishment Republicans could get behind – naming a desolate stretch of highway in the faraway corners of Oklahoma’s panhandle after our conman president!


A proposed bill that would name a stretch of highway in Oklahoma after President Donald Trump is moving ahead.

Senators Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, and Marty Guinn, R-Claremore, want to rename a 20-mile stretch of Highway 287 in the Panhandle from Boise City to the Oklahoma-Texas state line as the “President Donald J. Trump Highway.”

The bill passed a Senate committee on Tuesday.

I’m not a big fan of President Trump, but I think this is a great idea. Outside of a sewage treatment plant or I.C.E. concentration center, I honestly can’t think of anything more deserving of being named after him than a desolate, empty stretch of apocalyptic road in an area of the state that is literally called “No Man’s Land.”

The only problem is that the bill may be illegal. Via The Tulsa World:

The first question Dahm faced came from Sen. Carri Hicks, D-Oklahoma City: “Is this legal?”

Dahm responded yes. Hicks pushed further, saying the statute defining the process for naming memorial bridges and highways requires honorees to have been dead for at least three years. The statute also says proposals should specifically state the accomplishments of a person upon which a proposal is based.

Trump and Dahm’s bill met neither of those requirements, but Dahm countered that it was irrelevant due to a phrase he included in the amendment: “Not withstanding any other provision of law …”

Sen. Adam Pugh, one of the two Republican committee members who voted against the bill, said he couldn’t support the bill as it stands. Pugh, R-Edmond, said he believes the honor belongs to a “special class of people,” often service members who gave their lives for their country.

“I don’t want to trivialize what I think is a very sacred act,” he said.

Sen. Bill Coleman, R-Ponca City, said he also wouldn’t support the bill because he couldn’t quite understand how it’s legal under the state statute.

Oh, come on you pansy snowflake losers! Since when has something being “illegal” ever stopped Trump and his cronies. Do the right thing and give the man his highway! Best case scenario – Donald Trump highway becomes a tourist attraction for Q-anon conspiracy theorists, the alt-right and poorly educated, and boosts the panhandle’s tourism business. Worst case and more likely the scenario – the highway, like lots of things bearing Trump’s name, goes bankrupt.

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24 Responses

  1. Why not name the City Dump after him. That seems more fitting.

    1. Trump Dump. I like it.

      1. Has a nice ring to it.

  2. And all of the illegal immigrants working horrible jobs in huge pig and cattle feeding operations out in that God forsaken country can drive to work each day on Trump’s highway. How much more American could that be? Imagine that!

  3. Actually the best case scenario is if it becomes legal to name the road after him on 2-21-2023.

  4. Anything void of use or value, name it.

  5. I have driven that stretch of highway. To call it “desolate” is an understatement.

    There was a move afoot in San Francisco a few years ago to name a well-designed wastewater treatment plant after GW Bush, but 70% of the dirty liberal SF voters said no.

    I have mixed feelings. I’d rather see a federal prison named for DJT, in recognition his contributions of so many of his associates who populated those places before he pardoned them all.

    1. At the rate the Trump Administration is going they’ll soon have an entire wing of the Allenwood Correctional Center dedicated to housing them.

  6. Call it The Trump Way and let everyone drive as fast as they want backwards.

    1. Best one so far!

  7. Please DO NOT disgrace our state with the name of our vengeful, incompetent, braggadocio President. It would be a abomination. Name it after a hero. There are plenty of choices. Petey Wheatstraw has a good idea about naming the city dump after Trump…..OH! Wait! That would be an insult to the city dump.

  8. They should name the stretch of Highway 3 between Kingfisher and Watonga after Trump, near where saltwater is bubbling up from the ground due to the drilling and/or saltwater disposal activity in the area. Making Arid Ground Again!!

  9. Four more years: Patrick father’s another kid and names him Donald. Imagine that!

    1. Was his first child named after an Ogle?

      1. Harper Ogle? Hmm, “to harp” – talk or write persistently and tediously on a particular topic. Perfect fit.

        1. Harper Lee would take umbrage to that

    2. ViX has quite an imagination!

      Besides, SSA reports that the popularity of the baby name “Donald” is in steep decline. Imagine THAT!

      1. gotta go against the crowd-think, brah

        1. well, if they had named it the Obama Express all these dudes would be out there daily strewing rose petals

          1. they could name the new turnpike after him.

  10. Thinking they should name SW 29th between Portland and Walker “Senor FAT ORANGE TRAITOR Blvd”! Don’t you know the racist pig would love that…

    1. +1.

  11. Why would Oklahoma make a disgrace mistake in naming something Afte Trump. He not care of us Hard working people who are beneath in his mind

    1. No matter. We vote for him in huge numbers.

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