FYI – Jim Inhofe Wants To Rule You Until He Dies

Here at TLO HQ, there’s nothing we love more than Jim Inhofe news. Just do a quick search for ‘Jim Inhofe is still an idiot‘ and you’ll see the myriad of ways that he trips over his own pant legs by trying too hard to appease his fellow anti-science conservatives and lake house timeshare investors. The Venn diagram on those two groups is nearly a perfect circle, but you know what I mean.

You’d think by this point that Inhofe would be ready to retire into a comfy life of air conditioning and cheeseburgers, but apparently he still might want to be in charge. From the Tulsa World:

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe will formally announce on March 6 whether he will seek re-election to a fifth full term this year, his staff confirmed Tuesday morning.

Roll Call reported the date Monday evening.

“When you chair, arguably, the most significant committee in the United States Senate, once you are a candidate you are not looked at as the chairman as much as you are a candidate, and we have a lot to do,” Inhofe told Roll Call. “There are a lot of people that are going to be running against me, if I make that decision.”

Currently chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, the 86-year-old Inhofe has served 34 years in Congress, more than anyone in Oklahoma history.

Yep, Jim Inhofe is 86 and… wait… according to Wikipedia, the guy is only 85. The dude is literally so old that his age is up for debate!

For context, Inhofe has been in Congress for nearly my entire life. Every elected office should have term limits, and this is why. Imagine working at a place like Crest Foods or something, and the manager has been there for three decades, telling you to shave your sideburns. Sure, being a Senator is pretty high up there, but wouldn’t it get boring at some point? Are there no other ambitions left? Run for president or learn how to paint or something. Power must be very addictive. The story continues…

Despite his age and years of service, Inhofe has shown little interest in slowing down. He spent last week on Senate business in Africa and Europe and has raised $2.1 million in the past year.

Several people have announced candidacies for the Senate seat, the most visible being Democrat Abby Broyles, an Oklahoma City attorney and former television news reporter.

Broyles, a recent TLO Show guest, has been going in hard on Inhofe, and not without good reason:

I know WHY rich people want to be involved in politics, and that’s to protect their wealth. It’s just insane to me that Jim Inhofe is one of the wealthiest Congress members with an estimated $4.5 million and still wants to work, at 85 or 86 years old. If he’s re-elected, that means he’ll be 91 or 92 at the end of his term.


Not to go full ageist on you, but would you let your 91 or 92-year-old grandparent dictate anything about your life? If they gave you wardrobe advice, dating tips, or television suggestions, would you take them seriously? What about if they wanted to talk about climate change? Inhofe is old enough that he would have had to ask his grandchildren to hook up his VCR back in the 1980s.

I’m not proposing a Logan’s Run scenario here, but Inhofe would have been in his mid-30’s during the Summer of Love, and obviously he didn’t come out of that as someone who has ever used the word ‘groovy.’ There’s a certain point where you gotta just sit down and let the new generation take over, and if Oklahoma voters don’t want that to happen, we get what we deserve.