TLO Poll: Do you eat fried okra with your hands, or a fork???

On Saturday night, after finishing up some trivia at Anthem, I found myself all by my lonesome at the bar of a local restaurant not too far from my house. I ordered my late night dinner, and just like I did when I’d accompany my grandparents to Furr’s as a child, I went with a […]

TLO Restaurant Review: Creperie and European Café

“Mon dieu! J’ai une romance douce-amère avec ces crêpes fantastiques!” It was sometime around noon last week when I stood up in the middle of the Creperie and European Café, 2839 S. Douglas Blvd. in Midwest City, and announced to the few surrounding patrons—in perfect French, mind you—this beautiful realization of my newfound queen of […]