Jim Inhofe goes full Top Gun in re-election campaign video…

Before we get to Jim Inhofe’s video announcement that he’s running for his 5th or 8th or 15th – I think we’ve all lost count – term as a US Senator, let’s practice our sighs.

One, two, three – “Sigh.”

One, two, three – “Sigh.”

One, two, three – “Sigh.”

Now that we have our sighs practiced, here’s Jim Inhofe’s 2020 US Senate reelection campaign video. I’m pretty sure it was produced by Michael Bay and is sponsored by Aerospace America ’92.

Check it out:

Okay, are you ready? 1… 2… 3…


Actually, the video wasn’t that bad. In fact, it was kind of fun to watch a deranged old man who is corrupted by money, power and special interests get loaded up on Ensure and perform aerial acrobatics in the sky. Inhofe should have taken things to the next level and dropped a bomb on a glacier and shot down a commercial airliner spreading chemtrails! His supporters would have really loved that!



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25 Responses

  1. I just threw up in my mouth.

  2. If you have to flash the word “Headstrong” across your ad…. Is that dog-whistle code for stubborn, unrealistic and closed-minded?? Or maybe snowballs DO exist?? I guess you can only say in so many ways that “hey Oklahoma, I am more conservative than everyone on the planet- and oh and by the way – I got my pilot training from Wilbur and Orville Wright”….

  3. Didn’t he do a “Harrison Ford” that resulted in a damaged plane and a trip to the hospital?

    Does he fly to and from DC in his aircraft and at his own expense?

    No disrespect to my elders intended, but is he crazy?

    1. I think he has always been sorta crazy. It has nothing to do with his age.

    2. no, he’s just losing his cognitive ability, like any 85 year old person
      when, not if, cuz lets face it, Oklahoma is stupid and he has an R by his name….he’ll be 91 when his next term is up

      1. I pretty much think it’s just him. Not age. I know legions of octogenarians who are intelligent, lucid and concerned about others

  4. Just because you do a trick in a airplane doesn’t mean you are a good senator. He hasn’t proved he is a good senator.

    1. I beg your Pardon, He does Tricks just ask the POTUS, he will certify he does well as a Senator (tricks for hire) person

  5. I love that for a brief moment the article from The Associated Press about his bid for re-election had a photo of some other pitiful mope instead of one Jack Imhoff
    But being the legit citizen that I am I dropped the associated press an email asking that they check there “stock” photo & issue an apology for whomever that guy, not Jimbo, was. .. but not before I posted it on facebook to live for eternity.

  6. Plant that plane nose down, Jimbo.

  7. I think the old fart shat himself.

  8. A total embarrassment in a state rife with embarrassments like Banjo Boy.

  9. I’m surprised his plane is not set up to “roll coal”. Probably has truck nuts under the fuselage, though.

    1. Definitely has a nut in the cockpit.

  10. That’s a poor imitation of Top Gun. Where’s the footage of Imhofe playing volleyball with Lankford and Ralph Shortey?

  11. God why can’t I win even a small lottery and get out of this shithole?
    It’s like watching “The Stand” except OKC is Las Vegas..

    1. I have said many times to my husband & son that we are reliving “The Stand”. No doubt Trump is the Randall Flagg, the “Dark Man.” But who is Mother Abagail & where is our Boulder Free Zone?

  12. This old whore needs to go out to pasture. He’s done enough damage in his lifetime to this state and nation. What a fucking embarassment.

  13. He probably used a body double.

  14. Oklahomans have been electing this clown to one public office or another for over forty years. I have no idea what appeal he offers.


  15. Senator Snowball can’t stay awake for more than 30 minutes during the impeachment “hearings” ( https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/trump-impeachment-inquiry/live-blog/live-trump-impeachment-senate-trial-coverage-n1119061/ncrd1120536 )

    but, sure, he can perform aerobatics in his airplane…

  16. INHOFE: “Science” would have you believe that it’s actually POSSIBLE for a large piece of metal to FLY THROUGH THE SKY without falling! Don’t you believe it; they’re trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Here, look at this snowball I have with me: does it look like it’s melting because of “global warming?” Of course not! But that’s what the so-called “scientists” claim! So how can we believe them when they say that it’s possible for objects to FLY THROUGH THE SKY?

    Vote Inhofe! I’m Jim Inhofe and I approved this massage, at the massage parlor, which is totally legit.

  17. A ginger pedophile or a dementia riddled piece of stacked shit…don’t know which of these Okie “representatives” is worse. Either way they’re both a total embarrassment to this once great state.

  18. I’m sorry. I couldn’t make it past “we have reversed much of the devastation that eight years of Obama brought us.”. :/

  19. Our world is a beautiful place, especially when viewed from a general aviation aircraft. In the U.S. this unique opportunity is available to any person who is willing to take flying lessons. However, the comments about Jim Inhofe’s recent video indicate that many are insanely jealous of anyone who would make the effort to learn to fly.

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