Free Queso Podcast: Chelino’s

Episode 10 is a landmark for us at Free Queso, so we brought in the inspiration for our namesake: Chelino’s! One of the longest running local Tex-Mex (or Okie-Mex, if you prefer) chains is about to celebrate their 31st anniversary, so this episode is a party all around.

We were joined in the studio by Chelino’s youngest son, Guadalupe ‘Lupe’ Garcia, who has been working for the restaurant since he was a teenager. He talks to us about his father’s journey to becoming one of the most well-known names in the metro’s food scene. It involved years of hard work, support from other restaurateurs who mentored him, and some luck along the way.

Guadalupe tells us about the major gamble that Chelino took in Bricktown before the canal was even an idea, how it paid off, and the eventual loss of the location. Now that Lupe is taking more responsibility in the company, he’s able to try out new ideas to push Chelino’s into the future, such as their new White Claw margaritas. He also gives us an exclusive sneak peek into some new menu items that they’re about to roll out, with some that are more traditional and others that are contemporary.

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  1. Love me some Chileno’s !!!! Best Okie Mex around.

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