Report: This Photo Has Nothing To Do With Coronavirus

With the local and national media covering the Coronavirus pandemic like it’s a mass shooting in a hurricane that just triggered an Amber alert at a Trump rally, I thought we’d go a different route and – at least for a brief moment – put our heads in the sand and think back to a simpler, less paranoid, more misogynistic time, when the social media machine didn’t exist, this website was a fun hobby, and the only thing we had to worry about was identifying Amy McRee’s friends in the infamous pink bikini photo:

Fun fact – One of Amy’s friends from the photo works for Noble McIntyre, while another I think is an anti-vaxxer political consultant. 13 years later, we’re still trying to identify the two ladies on the right and the doofus in the back looking for a catfish. Also, what happened to Amy McRee? I bet she’s in an OKC News Alumni Book Club with Jenifer Reynolds, Heather Unruh and Uze Brown-Washington.

Anyway, wasn’t that a nice little reprieve from Coronavirus hysteria, which – more than likely – is 100% justified? Just like the lump on the back of my neck, maybe all this Coronavirus stuff will disappear like a package of toilet paper if I don’t think about it. That seems to be how the federal and state government is treating the issue.

Actually, we know that’s not how it works at all. This thing is real, terrifying and changing our comfortable and cozy little lives right before our eyes. It deserves our respect, attention and hand washing tutorial videos. That being said, there’s nothing wrong thinking about other things, and maybe going through a nostalgic pink bikini nostalgia wormhole, while waiting in line for the next toilet paper shipment at Target.

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12 Responses

  1. Better hustle up and get your TP.

  2. As I tell my family, do your big business at work or school (if open) and save our TP at the house.

  3. Thank You So Much!

  4. Now, I read that we ( I say we meaning those that shall not be named)and the Chinese are trading barbs regarding the source of this Cyrus and that accomplishes nothing. At such a point in time when we need adults to act like adults…they fail us.

  5. Great post. Why not continue it for the duration? E.g., on Monday you could revisit Jojo and Emily in the OKC marathon.

  6. Nice reminder of how the site used to be.
    More fun and less vitriol.

    The world has changed in exactly the same way so in that regard tlo mirrors reality very well.

    Thanks for the break.

  7. if the media would shut up about the panic buying of goods, stores might have some supplies left for people who don’t go and panic buy

  8. Sounds like our trailer trash guv & Jethro Bodine look-alike has everything in hand. About like the Bonespur Cadet does.

  9. @ Wheatstraw … Imagine that !

  10. Option a,
    #metoo and new social standards prevent us from going too far into the archives of The Lost Ogle.

  11. Stitt helped Oklahoma make the national news again:

    Only 41 cases have been tested so far, meaning the state probably only got 50 kits.

  12. Amy Powers is girl on far right

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